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Adds a Perk so you can cure your poisoned companions

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[size="5"]Name: Companion Cure[/size]
[size="3"]Version: 1.0 Release
Category: Companion, Game Play Changes
Date: Mar 03, 2011
Author: RickerHK

Sometimes a stimpak applied at the Companion Wheel will kill your companion if they are poisoned. Also, these same companions are not inclined to use antivenom, even if it is in their inventory. This mod adds a perk to the player that allows antivenom and stimpaks to be applied to a companion that is poisoned, bypassing the Companion Wheel in this case.

Copy the RHKCompanionCure.esp to your Data directory and enable in FOMM

[size="3"]USE IN GAME[/size]
Activate your poisoned companion. The perk will detect that they are poisoned and display the menu. Antivenom and stimpaks are pulled from the companion and player inventory as needed.
Any companion that is set as Player Teammate, or is in the Teammatefaction, can be cured. This includes all Vanilla followers and most other companion mods. A restriction is that actors that have not been placed in the editor (example PlaceAtMe and random spawned actors) cannot be cured.

I got the idea after reading about problems with poisoned followers on the Bethesda Forums.

You may not re-host this mod on any other site, under any circumstances.

With this mod loaded, as with any other mod in your load order, it's possible your computer will spontaneously combust, trigger a real nuclear war, or worse yet - cause your save game to be corrupted. Use at your own risk.