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This mod adds new gameplay possibilities, such as slavery, infiltration moves, etc.

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Old Name: Reactive People - Ultimatum

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Here we are guys. This is the Ultimatum version of Reactive People.
What's Project Ultimatum? This is a mod that tries to enhance the gameplay in a drastic a lore-friendly way. It allows you to use more tactical approaches. Try it, you should not be disappointed!
I am making this mod by myself, alone, but you people can help me by giving feedback! Also, if you liked it, vote for Files of the Month or endorse it if you think it's well deserved!

1. Features
2. Requirements
3. Install
4. Conflicts/Issues
5. Credits


1. Features

Reactive People allows you to make your enemy surrender. Just aim at him, and if you're close enough, if he does not have weapons and if his health is low enough, he will surrender. Each surrendered enemy gives you XP.
When you unholster, all the people around will unholster too, which makes sense because they don't want to die.
Your companions will also unholster; this feature is 100% compatible with all companions mods. Guaranteed.
Warning, aiming at an innocent will give you negative reputation, according to his faction.

This mod already includes all Reactive People mods, like Sneak & Diversion. You can so whistle, which will create a diversion. You will be able to sneak this way.
You can also force an enemy to surrender, only if he did not see you and if you're aiming at him. You will earn XP.

While in sneak mode, you will be able to inject some narcotic to your enemy. But where are those narcotics? Well, you have to craft it by yourself. You will earn XP fore each enemy injected, but there is a chance that you fail, depending on your Sneak skill.

The funny part. All your surrendered enemies can be slaved, if you have a slave collar. Slave collars can be crafted by yourself.
Just talk to a surrendered enemy and slave him. Warning, you will earn bad karma.

You can push people.
It depends on your Strength.

Wanna live as a ghoul? This mod provides new playable ghoul variants. Being a ghould makes you an ally to most of others ghouls, even the feral ones. When you become too much irradiated, you will become a glowing one. It will allow you to use a radioactive push ; radiations heal you, but you loose charisma.
What will you choose?

New ghouls races:

* African American Ghouled Child
* Asian Ghouled Child
* Hispanic Ghouled Child
* Caucasian Ghouled Child
* Asian Ghoul
* Hispanic Ghoul
* African American Ghoul

Vanilla Ghouls are playable only if you have a mod that makes them playable.


List of vendors:

o Collars :

Miguel (Westside)
Cliff Briscoe (Novac)
Torres (Hidden Valley)
Mick (Freeside)

o Narco. :

Ralph (Freeside)
Dixon (Freeside)
Old Lady Gibson (Gibson Scrap Yard)
Johnson Nash (Primm)
Jack (Red Rock Canyon)

This is made by script so don't worry about incompatibilities. I repeat, this mod is compatible with everything!
2. Requirements

This mod only requires NVSE and the latest Fallout New Vegas patch (currently
The Mod Configuration Menu is really recommended, go download it!
3. Install

This mod already contains all previous Recative People mods, so disable those mod and use only this one!

4. Conflicts / Issues

* Unfortunately, nVamp uses an old version of this mod; please open nVamp in FNVedit and delete all entries related to Reactive People.

5. Credits

* Thanks to Pelinor for having helped me about scripting.
* Thanks to Odile, BlueDanube and Aronstk1912 for their promo pics.
* Thanks to FuryJack who translated this mod to russian.
* Thanks to all people who helped me for the other Reactive People mods.