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Tweak New Vegas trough a simple and easy user-interface. No need to mess around with the ini files anymore!

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Fallout New Vegas has a huge amount of configuration variables you can change to customize and optimize your gaming experience. Most of these variables can't be accessed trough the game launcher so you have to mess with a text editor - or use the New Vegas Configator. This tool let's you tweak the game's configuration variables trough a simple user interface. Variables have helpful descriptions explaining what each variable is used for. You can also create several different configuration presets and switch between them in seconds. An absolute essential for the tinkerer within you.

This utility is compatible with Steam and most mods.

There's a version for Fallout 3 as well: Fallout 3 Configator
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Version 1.6
  • Hotfix: Changed the load order of configuration files. This improves reliability when used with configuration files that have conflicting data.

Version 1.5
  • REWRITE! The program has been built from scratch with new tools. Benefits:
  • A proper UI with actual sliders for easy tweaking. Window fully resizeable.
  • Greatly increased speed and stability. Works for virtually everyone.
  • Now edits all three files at once: Fallout.ini, FalloutPrefs.ini and Fallout_default.ini
  • More useful and informative descriptions.
  • Note: you can install over the previous version to keep your presets.


New Vegas Configator comes with no warranties. Always take backups before installing this utility. You must understand that not every tweak is compatible with your setup. I don't take any responsibility for any damages the use of this program may cause. Use at your own risk.