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Greatly reduced ranged weapons and ammo to fit wasteland more. Use only with M.A.D. mod (weapons damage multipied x4). Vendors collection adjusted, various containers adjusted, NPC weaponry adjusted, PC weaponry adjusted. Ranged weapon and ammo reduced by 80% and more. Changes gameplay dramatically ( enforces peacefull solutions, re-think any

Permissions and credits

M.A.D. M A X ? WTF? Some M.Gibson face texture?

Nope. In short, its set of mods (MAD and MAX) that :
a) makes Guns very, very deadly weapons.
b) makes Guns and Ammo very , very rare .( Can you dig it ? ;)

-Your need for more realistic post-nuclear world.
If you like more stuff in FNV , a lot of shooting , energy weapons , powerful armors and super-heroes -
this is NOT for you.

- M.A.D Core Gameplay ( http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39477 )
NOTE: Please bear in mind that MAX mod is intended only to use with mentioned MAD mod (otherwise your experience may vary). Read description for details.

Not required, but *strongly recommended*:
- Expensive Wasteland - all prices x 10 ( http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36419 )
- Adventurers New Vegas : Econ and Items - more junk than valuable things in junk places; trash bins have trash init(
http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34890 )
- Endurance and Health Overhaul - slower HP progress for PC and NPC - use low ver.(
http://newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=38643 )
- MAD - Day of the Dead.esp (A LOT OF FUN! Gotta love it : )
- Hardcore Mode ON.
I've played with it almost whole game (without most advanced places in game) and it's more than 'playable' :), although
sometimes hard indeed (you >will< avoid ghouls eventually ;). And you become value Stealthboys and sneak A LOT!

Other recommended MODs to use with MAX:
- Advanced Herbalism
- Active Wasteland ( http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37804 )
- Magazines Reworked
- Realistic Headshots ( http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=35037 ) . Yes even with M.A.D.,
head of some leveled NPC withstand a close-in shots from a 10m pistol from behind - so, just to be sure ;)
- Imps TimeScale Adjuster ( http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34718 )
Recommended / most realistic (IMHO) settings (must sleep once a 24h, drink, eat as per near realistic
proportions, 7h sleep for removal of mid-sleep deprivation penalty ):
Hunger: 2,5 , Dehydration: 3.0 , Sleep Dep: 4.5 , Sleep Rest: 0.5 , Timescale : 30 (default).
- Improved throwing (especially for Recipes like how to make a spear from pool cue, knife and wonderglue etc.
NOTE: I found thrown weapon recovery sometimes buggy. Occasionally thrown weapons are multiplied in corpse after
opponent killed - use with caution).
- MAD - Realistic Interior Lighting.esp (!!!)
- MAD - GunsAddon.esp (Remember about Meshes and Textures folder update)- LOAD AFTER MAD CORE GAMEPLAY.


- Removed 90% of Guns & Energy Weapons from game (this includes: containers, NPC vendor collection, NPC
inventory and armament and loose items lying-in-the-world/not-in-containers ).
- Removed 100% percent of Energy Weapons & 'fancy weapons' early on and 'a bit later on' in game storyline.
- Greatly reduced Ammo (this includes: same as above ); most NPCs (lucky and rare gun-owners) have literally *FEW* shots .
- Added more bullet components in-game (but still, not too much!) like : various primers (especially to
places where there were ammo before); crafting is more important now than ever.
- Added more standard melee weapons of the wasteland (especially to NPCs who had Guns before).
- Slightly more decreased general stuff (food, misc items of value) in general containers (adjusted
carefully for compatibility with Adventurers New Vegas mod).
- Explosives NOT reduced - Powder Gangers are now *very* dangerous with their dynamites (the simpler weapon
, the more chance surviving the nuclear war).
- Robots HP and DT rebalanced to Fit the mod. They still prove to be strong enemies nonetheless the damage
muliplier of M.A.D.(especially protectrons strengthened).
- NPC use ammo (with M.A.D. mod).

Quest modifications (and overall gameplay) for game balance:
- Sunny Smiles won't give you Varmint Rifle and ammo to shoot bottles(sic!).
- Ranger Jackson at Mojave Outpost won't give you Caravan Rifle and ammo for killing few critters.
- No thanksgiving in wasteland.
- Broken 9m submachine gun in Doc's house in Goodsprings needs much more repair skill.
- Added Mini-Guest with Easy Pete (This Ol' Prospector can now teach you a thin' or two - to sweet this
new, harsh wasteland ;).
- Running speed with holstered weapon decreased (comparing to M.A.D.) from 1.5 to 1.35, which is more
realistic (IMHO).
- Gun condition almost does not affect damage (minimal factor: 3% - 8%), but still afects spread (chance to
- Melee Weapon condition affect damage (default setting left).
- Spread is more dependent upon your gun skill.
- Movement speed with crippled legs greatly reduced. With one leg crippled you walk with 65% normal speed,
and with both legs crippled 25% (better don't go out of home without doctors bag).

- ED-E has limited Ammo(!)
And - when out of ammo - he sometimes broke and hangs* when in combat (now believe it or not, but this
game's bug is actually a well-considered *feature* in my mod [no shit! ;-] ; this experimental robot
prototype has faulty programmed OS that, sometimes, hangs (nothing unusual, right? ; ); which is exactly
the truth for the game developers whom did not predicted 'Ed-E out of ammo';

*he stops like he's sad and let attackers beat him to death unless you help him - which is a nice thing
actually as it makes something of a bond between you two ;). Again, consider this a feature :)
Eventually it's not permanent : when fast-traveling between locations and releasing him from any threat he
un-hangs somehow. // Maybe someone can help me add him some "reset switch" ;) ? //

- ED-E : recipe added for ED-E ; skillful enough player can adjust standard Energy Cells for use of ED-E
at Workbench (Adjust SEC to ED-E ZapGun).
- Ammo: Small Energy Cell Robot is now playable.
- and other little, cute tweaks that will kick your as good in wasteland ;)


1. For those who likes challenge.

2. For those of you who likes to think about Science-Fiction more of a science, than fiction ;).
After all the source of this 'whole mess' - the inventor-of-splitting-the-atoms-himself once said :
"I do not know what weapon will be used in World War 3, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and

Well - ain't what Fallout is all about , pardner ? ;)



For most fun and pleasure play this mod from the very beginning of storyline of Fallout New Vegas.

NOTE: This mod is intended to play only with MAD mod - which you can get here (
http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=39477 ),
and other strongly recommended mods mentioned in requirements, which makes whole experience *one and

INSTALL (for newbies):

1. Download the file and extract the archive.
2. Place the .esp file in "Data" folder in your game directory (and other recommended files for best

3. Use mod manager (like FOMM) to set the correct order of all the mods (very important!):
-Fallout.esm (Master File)
-MAD GunsAddon.esp( <--- if used place it before MAD Core Gameplay!)
-MAD Core Gameplay.esp
-Endurance and Health Overhaul.esp
-Realistic Headshots.esp
-Adventurers New Vegas.esp
-Imp's Timescale ...
- [ ...other mods... ]

Remove :
-Tribal Pack, Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack
from Data Files - as they add precious equipment to players inventory (and spoil the whole idea!).

NOTE: In my game they load up even when I unselected them - in that case close Mod Manager,
navigate to Data folder and move(not copy) the files (TribalPack.esm, CaravanPack.esm, ClassicPack.esm &

MercenaryPack.esm) to some other directory than Data folder (i.e. create folder in Data named

"UselessCrapThatRuinMyFun" and move them there).

5. Launch the game.

Still to come:
- More weapon & ammo adjustments,
- Adjust the settings for late game-play with advanced weapons and armors,
- Important NPC & quest re-balance,
- New hand-made melee weapons and their increased appearance in-game.
- Quests that adds more flavor to this unfriendly place ?
- R&D - Melee weapons /unarmed combat , perhaps some hand-made ,crafting melee based world overhaul
- Empty-starting-inventory in the beginning of the game for tough moth&#*ers,
- Mod bugfixes,
- No promises ;)


This Mod was primarily created for myself, and I never suspected I'd throw it here , on Nexus. It's not
perfect and there might be some bugs out there I haven't found out.
However I found out its quite successful mod and it might interest some of you, who's are as fastidious as
me about gameplay and your favorite SF world implementation.
If you like it, endorse it - or not ( I really don't care ; P ), although it might help other gamers out
there - who's primarily using "Endorsements factor" as their choice ; ).

Regardless of your experience I tried to follow my basic principle of this mod as best as I could, entirely
for *MAXimum wasteland satisfaction*.


Enjoy the mod and, please, leave your feedback! I'd very like to know your opinions.

www.monosyntetik.com (music for smoothskins ; )