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Adds more people to the WASTELAND. A 'half-size-continuation' of PROJECT 13 - POPULATED WASTELAND as the author is on mod-hiatus and was kind enough to pass the reigns.

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Many of you may use an awesome mod called PROJECT 13 - POPULATED WASTELAND by ARN13.

POPULATED WASTELAND added more people to the WASTELAND. ARN13 added some wonderfully detailed set-pieces that brought much-needed life to the Mojave.

ARN13 is on mod-hiatus for now, and has graciously passed to reigns to his awesome mod to me (and my circus of freaks... ha).

The original PROJECT 13 - POPULATED WASTELAND will no longer be updated or supported at this time.

We intend to continue his work in the same spirit, however, we will be mostly focusing on CIVILIAN POPULATION. We think that by now, the MILITARY of all factions has been extremely well-covered so there is no need to become redundant.


ADDS : A new settlement on an overpass. Fully NAVMESHED so companions usually follow.

ADDS : Overpass meshes in the archive. MUST be added to your DATA -> MESHES folder or you'll fall right through ;)

ALTERS : The FREESIDE THUGS now no longer RESPAWN. Kill 'em once and they're dead. Should reduce the WARZONE feeling upon revisiting FREESIDE and should reduce the amount of civilians chased into "the grinder".

ADDS : As an OPTIONAL file, I've included the ORIGINAL POPULATED WASTELAND as an ESM. Those of you lamenting the loss of the extras, have at it. Anyone that experienced slowdowns with the original will experience the exact same thing with this ESM. You MAY combine the two but you'd best be prepared for massive slowdowns and "twins"... this version will NOT be developed further, but is added as a courtesy.

ADDS/REMOVES : A few other things I can't recall right now.


Adds some vendor functionality at 188 Trading Post.

A couple other things here and there.


Removes some redundant NCR and FIENDS from around McCARRAN and the ROCK CRUSHING PLANT. If you miss them, nab the FIENDS mod and the MILITARY EXPANSION PROJECT mod... plus INCREASED WASTELAND SPAWNS adds some here also. No need to kill our computers, so BADFROG took 'em out.


Gilead Maerlyn gets his HELIOS ONE wish fulfilled. No more add'l NCR.

Added a few things here and there.


One of the main critiques of POPULATED WASTELAND was that it added too many NPCs and slowed many systems to a halt. For the first release, we've removed just about HALF of the NPCs. We think you still get a great feeling of additional population with less performance impact.

Secondly, we've made it into an ESM file which should help prevent some other errors/crashes.

That is the sum and substance of what has been done to the mod. We have not begun to move things around or add to it in any way just yet.

What we need from you folks is your feedback. In order to move forward, we need to determine what has to "go" and what is working fine.

We'd like to know what you might like to see added, what should be removed, if you're having problems with this new version and/or if this version works for you. And then, we move forward.

So please, even if you've been unable to use POPULATED WASTELAND in the past, have a second go at it and then let's hear from you in the COMMENTS section!

- MyGoodEye


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