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New armor replacement for NCR forces.

Permissions and credits

I apologize for not having updated you guys with the news sooner. I have informed several people who messaged me privately about the following, but I suppose they did not relay the message for me. I made a promise a while back to return to the mod; time permitting. However, my hard drive killed over nearly a year ago, and the source files were subsequently lost. I can not 'continue' the work without them. I still may return sometime to address many things about this mod. Until then, I wish you all luck, and you can find me on the Skyrim Nexus site, which is where I spend most of my modding time these days. One last thing. Despite what the rest of my description page may or may not say, feel free to utilize the mod in your works without any hindrance from me. I only ask that you credit me for the original files.

The following changes are in the works:
- Upgrades to all variants of the helmets, including two additional helmets completely modeled from scratch.
- Overhaul of the armors with aesthetic differences between the various armor models. I will keep the essence of the current armors, but the look will be much fresher.
- New, custom modeled Svc. Rifles for the NCR, with a unique, rusted variant to be found in the wasteland via an unmarked quest.
- Various bugfixes, texture fixes, icon fixes, and other tweaks to optimize the experience. Compatibility has always been a primary objective, so I foresee no issues in that department. If you do come across them, placing my mod last in the load order will likely solve all your problems.

Introduction -

I wasn't very impressed with the direction obsidian took regarding the gear outfitted for the NCR. I hadn't found any mods prior to this one that fit what I was looking for in terms of individual trooper protection, intimidation factor, and overall appearance. Essentially, this mod aims to address those issues.

I felt that I couldn't be alone in my ideas of how the NCR should be. With that in mind, I set out to create this mod using armor pieces from various other mods and resources. I have acquired the permission of any person who's work I used in the creation of this mod. As such, I am very grateful for their works, which laid the foundation for this mod to come to fruition.

I hope you all enjoy this mod as much as I do, and I am more than willing to hear suggestions and feedback. I fully intend to improve this mod by any means necessary, and as such, it is still a work in progress. Although, I assure you, that this mod is fully functioning at this time, and I have yet to encounter any bugs/glitches.


Update 1.5 - Corrected some clipping issues. Added new, custom world models for both variants of the armor. (Previously used the vanilla NCR armor world models.) The Lore version received a new texture update focusing on bringing them even more in line with the vanilla NCR color scheme. I am willing to upload the old ones as an optional texture pack if people prefer them. The helmets were delayed until version 1.6, as I have run into a few problems with the model of the Haz-Op helmet. It's still coming soon though.

Update 1.4 - Corrected minor texture pathing issue with the black gloves added in version 1.3. Solved a similar texture pathing issue with the lore version sleeves on male uniforms.

Update 1.3 - Released the new "Lore-Friendly" version! Corrected several bug issues related to the original version. Added black gloves courtesy of Antistar. Removed unused files and data entries for optimal performance. Removed balaclava from helmets until issues are resolved. Enjoy!

Update 1.2 - I have corrected the issue with the helmets not falling to the ground properly when dropped from your inventory. The texture for the helmet isn't pretty, but it should suffice for now.

Update 1.1 - I have included a non-faction variant of the armor located at gunrunners. I'm not sure if it will always appear, as it's part of the leveled lists. This needs confirmation. I also replaced the American flag on all NCR variants of the armor with the NCR flag, as per request. The non-faction variant still has the American Flag.

Requirements -

- Archive Invalidation Invalidated
- Fallout Mod Manager (Only Recommended)

Installation -

Installation is simple, and akin to nearly every other mod out there. The steps are as follows.

1. Extract the .rar to a temporary folder, (usually your desktop).

2. Copy the Data folder and paste into your Fallout: New Vegas installation directory. This is typically located in: Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\ folder.

3. This next step may vary dependant upon whether or not you use Fallout Mod Manager.

Option A: Fallout Mod Manager Method: Open up 'FOMM' and place a check in the box next to NCR Rearmament.esp

Option B: Open the Fallout: New Vegas Launcher and select 'DATA FILES'. Then place a check in the box next to NCR Rearmament.esp.

4. Load up Fallout: New Vegas, and enjoy!

Uninstallation -

Uninstallation is easy. Simply delete all files located in the Data\ folder that are associated with my mod. Task Complete!

Troubleshooting -

- Some people have made the mistake of installing both files together. You need only install one or the other. They are seperate, but differ only in aesthetics. The Lore version is nearer to the wasteland scavenged color scheme and texture of the vanilla game. The original version is black and steel for that special ops touch.

- Some people have reported crashing. So far, each case has been related to load order, and is an easy fix. Simply place my mod after any mods that alter the number of wasteland spawns, like IWS, or any mods that alter the NCR inventories. A good rule of thumb for compatibility issues is the further down in the load order, the less complications there will be.

- There may be an issue involving certain NCR npcs still wearing the old goggles helmet as opposed to the new one. I believe this is a compatibility issue with mods that alter the wasteland spawns. My current workaround is to load my mod after any mod that changes the wasteland spawns or any mod that alters the NCR inventories. That should solve any issues.

- There is a texture issue with the gloves that I will be soon addressing. I do not need to be informed of this issue anymore.

Credits -

I would like to thank the following individuals for their contributions and/or inspiration for my work.

Corehound - For my initial inspiration for my mod, and I use a lot of the same model pieces as his Anchorage - Reinforced US Infantry mod.
thatguy10 - For the base helmet and goggles from his TGs Armor Collection For New Vegas mod.
Andragorn - For the backpacks from his AA Armory mod.
jackoO- For his original Military Equipment mod.
Bunsaki & Ken1945 - For their Original Ghost Armor mod.
tumbajumba - For the goggles, helmet, and mic from his CRI Squad mod.
Vltor92 - For a texture from his NCR Berets mod.
Antistar - For the gloves from his Dragonskin Outfit mod.

If I have missed anyone, please let me know immediately. I do not wish to upset anyone who's work I may have inadvertently forgotten to request permission for.