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A hi-res and highly detailed version of the original Pip-Boy texture.

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NOTE: This mod was originally created for use with Fallout 3. I do not have New Vegas, nor have I tested it with NV. I have had several other users who have confirmed that it works and have requested that I upload it here. The original upload can be found here:


-----> Omni's Hi-Res Pip-Boy 3000 v1.0 <-----

For the purists out there who want a better looking Pip-Boy without straying from the original design or having it be some crazy colors! I've completely remade the base texture and added tons of new details!

Note: This mod does not change the pip-boy glove, as I play with it turned off. If you would like to remove the Pip-Boy glove as I have simply press "~" to bring up the console and type "player.removeitem 25b83 1" This will remove the glove permanently or until you repeat the steps using the command "player.equipitem 25b83 1"

-----> Installation <-----

Use the ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated mod found here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=944

Place the "textures" folder in your Fallout 3 Data folder.

Note: If you are not playing the english version of the game you may need to rename the folder "english" to whatever version you are playing.

Play the game!

-----> Change Log <-----

V1.0 - Created all new hi-res texture based off of the original one.
- Recreated text so it is as sharp as the new textures (no pixalated edges from enlarging).
- Improved design includes:
- New scroll wheel to match dial.
- New "glass" buttons.
- New geiger counter.

-----> Coming Updates <-----

- None planned.

-----> Credits <-----


Note: This mod is not to be used in any "mod packs" or recompilations of any kind. It is also intended as a nexus exclusive and is not to be re-uploaded or uploaded to any other site without my permission.

If you use this mod in any way, please credit me accordingly and link back to the original file. Also, send me a link to what you make! I'd love to see what you come up with.