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Perk \"Trees\" or \"Paths\" - almost like classes. Seven SPECIAL-based \"classes\" comprising 7 interdependent perks each. MUCH more coming! Includes optional perk every level.

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Perk "Trees" or "Paths" - almost like classes. Seven SPECIAL-based "classes" comprising 7 interdependent perks each. MUCH more coming!

Part of the XFO package for New Vegas. Currently, only SPECIAL is completed, but I'll be coming out with paths for each skill (many with two each).

Readme at XFO-NV.com Follow the links or go straight to http://xfo-nv.com/index.html#Group4

Current rundown:

The Beloved (CHA):

Basic: Forgiveness (CHA 7, five ranks)
You have a face that no one can stay mad at for long! ... And allies that can be pretty persuasive! Your infamy with any faction will slowly fade to nothing (From Vilified to Neutral in a month at rank 1; in a week at rank 5)

Expert: The Bard's Muse (CHA 9, lvl 12)
News of your deeds has traveled far and wide -- and continues to! As you gain fame in general, a fraction of that fame will spread to all factions with whom you already have fame. (req Forgiveness(3))

Master: Dire Paragon (CHA 10, lvl20)
Those who respect only power prostrate before you and those who admire heroism dote upon you. Your greatness is undeniable. You will slowly gain fame with all factions. (Req Forgiveness(5), Bard's Muse)

The Ninja (AGI)

Base: "As the Night" -- requires AGI 7, 5 ranks, level 4.
Description: Like the shadow of a cloud, you escape the eyes of your enemies. With each rank in As the Night, you slowly master the elusive art of the ninja: when unencumbered (50% of total encumbrance), unarmored (less than 10 DR+DT from clothes), and wielding only a one-handed (or unarmed) weapon, and sneaking, you will blend in with your surroundings, 10% per rank.

Expert: "As the Wind" -- requires AGI 9, level 12, Night (3).
Description: You have become one with the elements, and you flow with the wind. When unencumbered, unarmored, and wielding a weapon in only one hand, you will move 15% faster than normal and sneak 30% faster than normal!

Master: "Assassin" -- requires AGI 10, level 20, Night (5), Wind.
Description: You have become one with the dark. You have attained perfect understanding of the life-force that flows through all. You are silent death. Your sneak attack criticals with one-handed melee weapons or unarmed will slay almost anything!

The Jack of All Trades (INT):

Base: "Jack-of-all-Trades" -- requires INT 7, 5 ranks, level 4.
Description: Scientia Potentia Est! You've got the brains to fill in all the gaps. With each rank of Jack-of-All-Trades, you gain 2 points in every skill.

Expert: "Wasteland Wisdom" -- requires INT 9, level 12, Jack (3).
Description: Understanding is worth more than the most intense training. Twice as much, actually. (You get two additional SPECIAL points.)

Master: "Comprehension" -- requires INT 10, level 20, Jack (5), Wasteland Wisdom.
Description: You get it! The whole crazy world has come into focus; and when your light turns on, it stays on. You may Tag! three additional skills!

The Gunslinger (AGI):

Base: "Gunslinger" -- requires AGI 7, level 4, five ranks.
Description: You're a gunslingin' quickdraw! With each rank of Gunslinger, you will have more AP to use with pistols. (About one extra VATS shot per rank)

Expert: "Dance!" -- requires AGI 9, level 12, Gunslinger (3).
Description: When using a pistol, you are adept at blowing away your enemies' legs in VATS. Stop 'em in their tracks, pardner! (Higher accuracy and MUCH higher crit chance on legs)

Master: "Trick Shot" -- requires AGI 10, level 20, Gunslinger (5), Dance!
Description: You've become the Prince of Pistoleers! At this point, you could shoot the gun out of someone's hands with your eyes closed. And so you often do! (95% accuracy on weapons in VATS)

The Commando (PER):

Base: "Commando" -- requires PER 7, level 4, five ranks.
Description: All that time you spend shooting Nuka Cola bottles off of distant fences will not go to waste! For each level of commando, your accuracy in VATS while using rifles increases by 10%

Expert: "Tripod Arm" -- requires PER 9, level 12, Commando (3).
Description: Your rifle has become an extension of you and you an extension of the Earth. Sniper and hunter rifles will no longer waver or spread at all when you are still and crouched.

Master: "Sniper" -- requires PER 10, level 20, Commando (5), Tripod Arm.
Description: At this point, you tend to aim for the pupil of your enemy's eye -- and split it right down the middle! Sneak attack criticals to the head in VATS will now do significantly more damage. (Triple damage x Triple damage = 9x!)

The Iron Fist (END):

Base: "Iron Fist" -- requires END 7, level 4, five ranks.
Description: Through relentless training, you have honed your body into a hardened weapon, and honed your mind to ignore pain. For each rank you will gain 3 points of damage and 5% damage resistance while unarmed. (Yes, I will change this to be better in-line with NV.)

Expert: "Iron Skin" -- requires END 9, level 12, Iron Fist (3).
Description: You are slowly mastering solidity of form and fluidity of movement. When unarmed, you will be impervious to critical hits!

Master: "Iron Body" -- requires END 10, level 20, Iron Fist (5), Iron Skin
Description: Upon mastery of the Iron Style, you have pushed the mantra "Mind Over Body" to its limits.When unarmed, your bones will never break!

The Fighter (STR):

Base: "Fighter" -- requires STR 7, level 4, five ranks.
Description: You prefer a more... personal feel to your battles. For each level in fighter, you will do greatly increased damage in melee -- but you will be less accurate with guns. (+20% Melee dmg, -10% VATS accuracy, +20% gun spread.)

Expert: "Berzerker" -- requires STR 9, level 12, Fighter (3).
Description: Pain is the fuel that ignites your rage -- woe to those who stand in your way! With Berzerker, you will do greatly increased melee damage as your health wanes below half. (From +20% dmg at 50% HP to +100% dmg at 15% HP)

Master: "Slayer" -- requires STR 10, level 20, Fighter (5), Berzerker.
Description: You are a whirlwind of death before a river of blood! Half of all of your melee strikes from here on will be criticals. (50% crit chance exactly -- IE, don't take with Finesse)