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Added new icons in game

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version 1.42
Added New Icons +39 for for items (Ingestible)
Added optional 2 New Icons for Perks, +3 for items, +3 for apparel, +1 for weapon from mod New California
version 1.4
Added 3 Perk Icons from Fallout 4 for Perks: master trader, animal friend, rad resistance.
version 1.31
Added optional 3 New Perk Icons for mod New California
version 1.3
Added optional Challenge Perk Icons (author 6RavenD9)
Added optional Only misc items (1esp and 144icons for misc items) - reworked main file
version 1.2.1
Added optional 3 alternative icons for skills
Added optional 25 alternative icons for perks
Project FNVIcons version 1.2
1.Added new icons in game:
1.1 jumpsuit vaults: 3/11/19/21/22/24/34/76/77/87/92/95/100/101/106/108/112
1.2 armored jumpsuit: 3/11/13/13 old /19/21/22/24/34/76/77/87/92/95/100/101/106/108/112
1.3 vault security armor: 34/ 34 old / 101
1.4 tunnel snake outfits: default/for vault 101 and Butch
1.5 vault lab suit: default/for vault 101
1.6 misc item and ingestible
2. The correct way for textures in sections is added: Reputation (glow), Menu Icon
3. Added in Help Manual : Crafting and Repair
4. Added fixes for clothes from Vault Pack