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Adds Re-textured drinks to all the Strip casinos.

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Casino Brand Drinks adds re-textured drinks to all the casinos on the strip, giving them each their own brand:

The Tops beer: A light beer adding only minor bonuses.

Liquid Sin: A cinnamon vodka adding fire resistance.

Lucky Number 38: A honey whiskey with a little bit of luck
Watch out! It hits you fast.

Ultra Luxe 2070: A fine wine that was already 7 years old when the bombs fell, not many of them left, you will have to pay a lot for them....or just steal them.

Voltage: Someone in Vault 21 had the bright idea to try and ferment primary reactor coolant. Drinking this will supercharge you regenerating action points, but you will get a massive surge of pipboy feedback and radiation. I would just leave them on the shelf.

For an update I would like to add drinking and shot glasses with engraved casino names to replace all the plain ones you see in bars. Plates, silverware and other branded items are also an idea. I would like to hear feedback on what you would like to see.

It crashes the game on my computer. I will keep looking for
a solution, but for now just drink them using the pipboy.
(I am open to any suggestions as to a solution as well)

This mod may conflict with any that alter the drinks in the casinos or their bartenders inventories.

To install the mod, place Casino Brand Drinks esp in your Fallout New Vegas Data folder and check mark it in the launcher.
You will also need to place texture files needed for bottles. Extract the included texture folder to your Data folder and have it overwrite into the data texture folder.

This is my first attempt at re-textures, so I am still learning and open to all the help and suggestions anyone wants to give.



Tools Used:

FNVEdit by ElminsterAU

If you would like to use this mod in any of your mods, just give me credit for the textures.