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NCCS is an easy to use system for creating your own companions; which operates in the CM style.

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We've had so many player issues since the recent game/GECK patch that I've decided to add a link right here.

NVGECK v1.4 update

Until you have patched your game and GECK to at least 1.4, please do us all a favor and do not report any "problems" with NCCS. Mods made with v1.4 of the NVGECK are not compatible with previous versions of the game; and mods made on older versions may not work right with v1.4 of Fallout New Vegas.

As well, v1.1 and v1.3 of the NVGECK will not load correctly once your game has been patched to 1.4; so if you're having problems getting the NCCS master to load to create your plugins, that's probably it.

The new, NCCS-specific companion creation guide has been uploaded. You can find the archive under Main Files, right next to the NCCS master.

If you're not doing it already, I really suggest popping by the NosCo Modding Blog from time to time; all the announcements about new features, and discussions of said features (as well as FONV and video games in general) is going on over there.

Please note: current version of NCCS is a beta. While it's been fairly thoroughly tested, features are as yet still somewhat sparse. New features will be added as they're deemed ready.

For those of you who prefer "the wheel", ttomwv has helpfully written a plugin that adds that functionality to NCCS - at least for people using one of the default twenty companionscripts.

If you like the wheel, you should definitely check it out.

*V0.8: Note: The companions' backpacks have been removed in this version! Please remove all items from the backpacks before upgrading to v0.8.

Replacing the backpacks is a set of communal containers: one each for armor, general, reloading, survival, and weapons. Containers may be accessed from any companion in your party.

Sorters also added, for general, reloading, and survival. Use the appropriate dialogue commands to initiate sorting. Sorted items go into the aforementioned communal containers. A message will pop up to let you know when sorting is complete.

Added a campfire for crafting, and sleeping if you have the Home on the Range perk. Campfire will remain in its place until you leave the cell, at which point it will return to its holding location. Campfires can only be set up outdoors for safety reasons.

New containers, sorters, and portable campfire can all be accessed from the equipment menu.

Companion scripts updated again; this time to add code to spawn casings and/or spent power cells in their inventory when combat ends, to simulate recovering ammunition components similarly to how the player does. The code only functions for vanilla game weapons at the present time. A sorting option has also been added to collect the reloading components from the companions' inventories and deposit them directly into the reloading container. Companions will auto-sort their collected components periodically.

Companionscript has also been altered to keep NCCS companions from getting shelled by artillery on approach to Nellis even after the Player has made it in and made friends.

Companionscript has also been altered to allow NCCS companions to repair their own weaponry. The level to which they'll repair a weapon is limited by the companion's repair skill. Companions' repair abilities are automatic, but limited. Most companions will still benefit from your repairing their weapons periodically; but this will keep their weapons from going zero condition and breaking. Most companions' weapons will stay below 60% when they're left to repair them on their own. Companions using the new repairer class will be able to keep their weapons between 70% and 100% when their repair skill tops out.

"Operator" class and combat style added. This is a renamed copy of the combat style I use for one of my personal companions. It is not designed to "grow" with the player, but to be essentially a killing machine. Has been scaled back so as not to be overpowered, but is still extremely skilled. Because of the way the companions' scripts handle applying the "learn and grow" combat style, be sure to use the operator class and combat style together.

Repairer package added. Simply add the NCCS Repair faction to your companion, and they will gain a new dialogue option that initiates the repair menu. This new option can be found on the first dialogue level; above the system options. For the option to appear, the companion must be recruited (have had the 'join me' command used on them), but need not be in your party -- they will offer their services even when sandboxing or otherwise removed from your party; provided they have not been fired. For best results, they should also be set to the NCCS Repairer class, or another class with Repair set as a tag skill. Note also that at the moment, the repairer class does not work correctly; and for some reason is not turning in repair skill values as high as it should. Investigations as to why this occurs are ongoing. Repairer package also includes a portable workbench interface; identical to the one used by the static workbenches -- the command for which should sit just below the repair menu entry in the companion's dialogue.

Reloader package added. Add the NCCS Reloader faction to your companion, and they will gain a new dialogue option that brings up the reloading interface just like at a static press. This new option can be found on the first dialogue level; above the system options. This package operates independently of class, and can function with any class. For the option to appear, the companion must be recruited (have had the 'join me' command used on them), but need not be in your party -- they will offer their services even when sandboxing or otherwise removed from your party; provided they have not been fired.

Medic package added. Add the NCCS Medic faction to your companion, and they will gain a new dialogue option that allows for medical treatment of the player. This new option can be found on the first dialogue level; above the system options. This package operates independently of class, and can function with any class. For the option to appear, the companion must be recruited (have had the 'join me' command used on them), but need not be in your party -- they will offer their services even when sandboxing or otherwise removed from your party; provided they have not been fired. The medic companion can treat your health, limbs, radiation, and cure addictions.

Some dialogue resultscripts were repaired.

Legion and NCR companion placeholders were removed so as not to give people the impression that the factions did anything. After some recent issues with players misunderstanding the different between companion system and opposing army maker, the Legion and NCR companion options aren't likely to ever be implemented.

Also updated my premade companions pack, so that the equipment menu functions correctly with the new options, and to make use of the new packages. Artemis uses the medic package; Samantha uses the repairer and reloader packages; and Ted uses the reloader package. Rin was switched to the Sniper class and combat style.

Added much new dialogue. New dialogue responses will appear based on companion's alignment, gender, special skill packages, and more. Setting the alignment of your companions will now actually do something.

*I : General
*II : Companion Features
*III: Known Issues
*IV : Installation
*V : Uninstallation


*I : General:

Hello, (valued customer name), and thank you for choosing the NosCo Companion System!

The NosCo Companion System - or NCCS as we like to call it for short - is your source for simple to create yet very personal companions. Our mod contains a premade framework that has all the troublesome work of companion NPC creation done for you. Packages, dialog, scripts, class, AI data, and combat style are all done.

To create your companion, you need only edit a few details, and create a new face, and your companion will be ready to go. (This statement not valid in Wonderland, Middle Earth, Outer Mongolia, some parts of Rhode Island, or where prohibited by law; no warranty expressed or implied; side effects of NCCS use may include eyestrain, loss of sleep, lack of a social life, and derision towards all other companion systems)

In NCCS, there are no companions added to the game by default. There are no cells added or modified, and no races or classes are modified in any way. Potential for conflict with other mods is very slight, as there are only two game settings modified; both settings have to do with the number of followers the player is allowed to have.

Refer to the file 'NCCS Companion Creation Guide', available for download next to the master archive for complete details on creation.

Also included are two companion plugins; one by me (Nos), and one by Herculine, our resident expert on the creation of companions so disgustingly cute you'll end up in a diabetic coma if you use them too long. The plugins are completely independent of each other, and neither needs be run at all, if you don't find them to your liking.

*II : Companion Features:

As this is a beta release, companion features are still limited. They will be expanded, as time goes by, and the mod - and game in general - become more stable.

NCCS companions do not use the "Wheel". They operate via normal dialog commands, just as in Oblivion and Fallout 3.

Currently, companions using the NCCS can be hired, follow, stay, sent to the Novac motel room, Atomic Wrangler room, and Lucky 38 suite (note: options only appear if you have acquired the room in question); and fired. As well, you can order them to equip or remove a Pip-Boy 3000, sunglasses, clear glasses, and/or a slave collar. Following is slightly different than before, as it now includes three options: "Stay Close" (distance 150 - this is the default setting), "Give Me Some Space" (distance 250), and "Keep Your Distance" (distance 350). This setting is persistent, and should remain even after being told to stay and follow again.

You may check/modify companion inventory at any time from the equipment submenu.

You may check on your companion's stats and skills at any time via dialog. The stat check will also show aggression and confidence. Checking is done from the personal submenu.

You may change an individual companion's aggression and following distance at any time from the behavior submenu.

Companions will heal themselves when injured, provided you leave stimpaks in their inventory. They will also heal when you sleep. Currently, they do not heal you when you're injured.

Companions do not loot enemy corpses, as these AI packages have been found in the past to be extremely problematic.

By default, no companion will have any hiring requirements beyond you asking them to join you. They will also not refuse to rejoin your party if you've previously fired them.

Companions may use power armor by default.

Companions can use most vanilla game weapons, as long as you remember to include ammunition.

Companions have access to three classes: General Ranged (tag Guns, Energy Weapons, Explosives), Sniper (tag Guns, Energy Weapons, Stealth), and Melee (tag Melee Weapons, Unarmed, Explosives). Class can be changed at will from the behavior sub-menu. Combat style is automatically updated to match class. The class list will only show entries that your companion can change to; and not the class that they currently are.

Companions may be ordered to utilize their Pip-Boy lights, if they're wearing one. There are two sets of orders: one for single companions, one for your entire party at once. These commands are accessible from the behavior sub-menu.

By default, companions are essential, and thus can only be knocked unconscious - never killed.

Companions will ignore friendly hits from you, but may not from other NPCs. Please be aware of this if using vanilla followers and NCCS companions in the same party.

Giving your companions explosive weaponry or a Fat Man is a very bad idea.

Companions do not understand what a trap is, or that it should be avoided. Be aware of this when moving through potentially trapped areas - especially if you have the Light Step perk.

For quick orders, activate your companion while sneaking. A menu will pop up, granting access to class changing, a follow/reset command, stay command, and inventory access. Companions can not be hired or returned to the party after being told to stay in this way; and must still be hired or returned to party via normal dialog methods.

As of Beta v0.5, companions may now sit when you do. This will vary based on the exact seat you choose; and the random "mood" of the companion in question. Companions who do not sit will still enjoy a refreshing Nuka Cola.

*III: Known Issues:

Unfortunately, FONV is even less companion friendly than FO3 was. There are numerous problems in the game with navmeshing that cause problems for all companions; even the ones included in the game, itself. The NCCS crew is no different in this regard, and will have unavoidable problems following you in places. Normally, they'll attempt an alternate route to catch up to you... but there are certain places in the wasteland that are so badly done that they "break" companions - leaving them either stuck, or "jumping" or teleporting after you slowly. When this occurs, there's no way to snap them out of it I've found, except to save your game; exit FONV, restart the game, and reload your save.

Even with the newly improved code, there are still incidents where companions won't follow you immediately through a cell-change door. There's nothing I can do about this - the engine is flagging them as in the same cell as you, but not moving them immediately; so the script won't fire. There's nothing to be done on a mod-wide scale to rectify this that I'm aware of; fixes will require a real patch from Bethsoft (yeah, right).

In other instances, companions can become "stuck" after combat ends - standing still, and keeping their weapon drawn even when you holster yours. This can normally be fixed by tapping the wait key and giving it an hour. In particularly bad cases, even after waiting you'll still need to speak to them and tell them to follow again.

Companions will occasionally make odd choices regarding equipping items. There's nothing you can do about this. If you want your companion to use a specific weapon or outfit, give them that one and no others. Make sure you also give them appropriate ammunition, if it's a weapon.

Companions will oftentimes charge into combat against targets you're trying to snipe from a distance discreetly. This behavior seems to be triggered by the enemy's compatriots targetting you; it doesn't occur unless you're detected. This is another behavior that happens to ED-E, as well, so I think it's an engine thing. I haven't found any way to stop it without completely breaking the companions' combat abilities. If you know of one, I'm happy to try it out.

When told to remove their equipped pip-boy, the companion's forearm will be invisible. This is an engine thing, and not something I can fix. The arm will go back to normal the next time they change clothes. Removing their armor, closing the share window, then opening a new one and returning the armor/clothing will reset the displayed body and fix the problem.

There is some... debate raging - okay, maybe raging is too strong a word... - between my partner and I regarding companion scripts. She's having excellent luck running them all on one script, where my experiences are mirroring the ones in FO3: two companions in your party work fine on one script, three work okay for the most part, but once you hit four things start having problems more often, and only get worse as you go further. If you notice repeated problems with your companions stopping/getting stuck after combat, you may want to try switching one or more of them to different scripts. The companions in my pack (NCCS Nos' Premade Companions) all have their own individual scripts, and shouldn't pose any such problems; nor eat into your safety margin for your own companions. Testing is still ongoing; once a better concensus has been reached, the creation guide will be updated to definitively state which method is better.

Lastly, there are parts of certain quests where you're teleported to a new area. Scripts attached to these move the vanilla followers with you; but not mod-added ones like NCCS. Recent script improvements should now keep the companions with you at all times, but I have not tested with all quests.

As always, any bugs you encounter that aren't listed here should be reported in as much detail as possible, so that I can attempt to fix them.

*IV : Installation:

To install, simply extract NosCo Companion System.rar to your Fallout New Vegas\Data\ directory. Other than the ESM files, there is one texture file that needs to go into Data\Textures\NCCS\ If you extract with paths intact, it should end up there automatically.

To run, you need only check the appropriate files in your load order. FOMM is, as always, recommended. Remember that the NosCo Companion System master must be loaded before any companion plugins.

*V : Uninstallation:

To remove, delete the NosCo Companion System.esm file, as well as textures\NCCS\

Once removed, you will not be able to use any NCCS plugins.

You can reach me here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=956857

You can reach Herculine here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/modules/members/index.php?id=1464967

Or keep up with new developments at the Nos' Mods blog: http://nosmods.blogspot.com/