Baby Deathclaw Commander for New Vegas by tarrant
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Added: 15/11/2010 - 03:04AM
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Baby Deathclaw Commander for New Vegas - version 1.1

Adds a viable deathclaw egg to the world. See what happens when you keep it in your inventory for a few hours.

Version 1.1 made by Tarrant Nov. 15 2010

Possible spoilers below:


Where is the egg?
The egg is found in the Quarry with the other deathclaw eggs.

Care and feeding:
It will be willing to eat once every game hour. It grows as you feed it, this includes its size, damage output, and health pool. You know it has stopped growing for you when it does not eat your food any more. It will take 50 feedings for it to be full size.

It changes its appearance as it grows, and in the end has the black male deathclaw model. It is not full scale however.

Basics about a special ability it can get:
It begins to gain a special ability due to an event which either you can trigger by giving
it a certain item, or, it can get the item on its own, depending on which enemies you fight.

Details of how to trigger special ability it can get:
fight Nightkin with it present, or, feed the deathclaw a stealth boy

Future things planned for version 2:
It will use its special ability in an increasingly good way, the longer it has it.
After it is adult-like for a while, another event will kick in. Details some other time.