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About this mod

Sunny Smiles is now a fully featured companion, with voice and lip-sync.

Permissions and credits
SunnyCompanion 2.6

You know she's too good for Goodsprings!
Yes that's right, Sunny Smiles is now ready to share your adventures in the wasteland.

What is this mod?
Sunny Smiles is now a fully featured companion,
with voice and lip-sync.

She behaves and talks like any normal companion,
and with some added options.
Cheyenne is available as an optional companion as well!

Her look and scripting is vanilla, and those that have tried my earlier companions know that's how I like it.
This mod is designed for maximum compatibility and stability.

To hire Sunny you must have completed the Goodsprings quest, Ghost Town Gunfight.
If you killed/let her be killed, obviously you won't be able to hire her at all.
You also need to pass a fairly easy speech check, or have the LadyKiller perk.

* Companion Wheel
* No companion limit
* Default waiting mode is Sandbox, guard is an option
* SetEssential Toggle in Tactics Dialogue
* Unlimited Weapon Toggle
* Set home, go home

Notes about Cheyenne
* Cheyenne is not a standalone follower, she will always follow Sunny, NOT you.
If you are looking for a standalone dog companion, look elsewhere.
* All relevant CompanionWheel Commands are available.
You can tell her to Wait, Change Follow Distance and Aggression with with the wheel.
For obvious reasons changing combat style has no effect.
* If you tell Sunny to wait, Cheyenne will wait by her side.
* If you fire Sunny, Cheyenne will leave with her, and join you again if you hire her again.
* If Sunny is killed Cheyenne will leave you forever.
* If you change the essential flag on Sunny, Cheyenne will also be essential.
* If you set Cheyenne to follow long distance she uses a different AI-package (accompany).
Try it out and let me know which you like best (long or short).
* You can only change if Cheyenne is a follower or not when you are hiring inside the Prospector saloon.

OBS! I strongly recommend installing the dog eye fix for Cheyenne,
if you are disturbed by eyes floating i the air. Get it at:

Any mod that changes Sunny Smiles has the potential to mess with this mod.
If you have problems getting her to follow it's almost certain you have a conflicting mod.
As always, if you have problems, first try to load this mod after any of the interfering mods.

What is changed?
Sunny Smiles (AI,dialogue,scripts,some stats),
Cheyenne (AI,dialogue,scripts,some stats).
Added a teleport marker in GSProspectorSaloonInterior
No existing companions or their scripts have been modified.
All her involvement in existing quests will work as normal.

Known issues
I haven't tested her extensively, I know there will be problems with equipment in casinos and such,
the Ultra Luxe is especially troublesome because it can trap modded companions like this one.
Just leave her outside of places like that if you want to be safe.

The "passive" mode on the CompanionWheel does not work - the default companions also have the same issue.
There's simply no easy way to fix this without really messy scripting.

To install:
Simply unpack the 7zip-file in your game folder, or use a mod manager.

To uninstall:
Fire Sunny back to the Saloon.
delete SunnyCompanion.esp
and all voice files in \Data\sound\Voice\SunnyCompanion.esp

To upgrade:
To upgrade from 1.x to 2.x you must follow these steps.
1. Remove and store any items from her inventory that you want to keep.
2. Travel to Goodsprings.
3. Fire Sunny, save, and exit the game.
3. Delete the entire mod including soundfiles.
4. Load the game and save again (without the mod), exit game.
5. Install the new version, and load the game.
6. Go to the Prospector Saloon and hire her again.

You don't have to ask permission to release your own modifications based on this,
but do give proper credit where it is deserved. Drop me a message if you like anyway, it's fun to know where this is used.

News in update 1.1
* Added teleport script to ensure she reaches the location when you fire her
* Toggle Unlimited Weapon also toggles CompanionAmmo
* Removed weight from companion weapon
* Removed fire weapon comments if she's hired

News in update 2.0
* Cheyenne is now available as companion! Read the details above.
* Independent HomeMarker, you can now set a home anywhere you want.
You have three options for her to go when you fire her, Goodsprings, Lucky38 or Home.
* The wheel actually changes aggression now,
(Not that I have noticed any real effect on the AI behavior,
maybe that's why they didn't bother to implement this on the original companions)
* Fixed: Missing OpenTeamMateContainer from one random response
* Added Cherchez La Femme option when hiring
* Added new sounds for new dialogue and replaced some old sounds

News in update 2.1
* Adjusted Cheyennes health to be more in line with other companions.
If you are upgrading from 2.0 you only need to replace the esp, otherwise follow the upgrade instructions.

News in update 2.2
* Added dialogue to change whether Cheyenne should follow or not when you rehire Sunny. This new dialogue is only available in the Prospector Saloon in Goodsprings,(i.e. if Sunny has been fired with the option that sends her to Goodsprings). Before your could only make that choice once.
* Now Sunny is removed from GoodspringsFactions upon hiring, and only get her factions back if fired to the Prospector Saloon.
* Fix: Cheyenne would get a companion wheel when hiring Sunny for a second time, even if you chose to only hire Sunny before.
* Fix: Cheyenne would still follow you when fasttraveling if you only told Sunny to wait, now both will stay.
* Sunny and Cheyenne now comes with with their own unique perks.
Sunny has Survivalist Expert that increase your survival skill by 10.
Cheyenne has a perk "The Dog Trick" that increases your charisma by 1.
Note: If you are upgrading from 2.x it's sufficient to install it by overwriting all the files in this mod, otherwise follow the upgrade instructions. To get the new perks if Sunny is already hired you'll have to fire and rehire Sunny.

News in update 2.3
* Fixed: Sunny could become hostile, if fired while set to "be aggressive" with the wheel.
* Added dialogue option to turn off the new perks if you don't want them.
it's under the same tactics menu as the other toggles.
Note: If you are upgrading from 2.x it's sufficient to install it by overwriting all the files in this mod,
otherwise follow the upgrade instructions. You may have to use the dialogue to turn the perks on again if she's already hired.

News in update 2.4
* Fix: A existing dialoge topic was changed by mistake.
* Fix: Sunny should now be properly marked as ally when hired (this does not change combat behaviour in any way)
Note: If you are upgrading from 2.x it's sufficient to install it by overwriting the files in this mod.
If Sunny is already hired you'll have to fire and rehire Sunny for her to become flagged as ally.

News in update 2.5
* Fix: The Top Level flag was removed from the FollowersTactics topic by mistake.

News in update 2.6
* Fix: Yet another dialoge bug, topic 0015D7F9 was modified by mistake,
it could cause the hire topic to not appear (in combination with some other mods).