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An attempt to populate major locations around New Vegas.

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ATTENTION ALL USERS: Due to my inactivity, I haven't been able to make any updates to the mod, thereby making it incompatible with the latest version of FalloutNV. Unfortunately, I have been very busy with my life and I don't have the time to either mod or even play. I'm in contact with another modder to decide on the fate of the mod. For now, I advise everyone to stop using my mod. I am very sorry for the inconvenience my mod has caused (the Fallout engine can be so finicky...), and I hope that time will permit me to return and do the much needed fixes to make this mod great and playable for everyone.

Make a new save dedicated to this mod. I have tried to reduce the chance of the mod corrupting save games, and so far (with the latest version) it's working. However, it's better to be safe than sorry at this point.

I also recommend you download these great mods:

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If there was ever a mod I could never live without, it's this mod.

- Populated Casinos: by xMrAx:

- Military Expansion Program: by Scarecrow23

The very mods which inspired me to create Populated Wasteland. As a sign of deep respect for the authors, I will not modify the locations these mods have covered.


In an attempt to add more life around the New Vegas, I have populated a number of major locations throughout the Mojave such as Helios-One, Caesar's Fort, and Nellis AFB.

Several new idle markers and a sandbox AI package will give the new NPCs something to do, giving the impression of a lively environment as opposed to them simply walking around aimlessly. They will relax, do push-ups, patrol, tend to their crops, repair items, etc. However, with that said, they still lack a proper daily routine package. This means that some NPCs will continue doing their assigned tasks without having to stop for sleep or food. After I finish with my additions, I will come back and add the proper AI packages.

Please understand that this was originally meant as a personal project of mine and I had no intentions of releasing them publicly until now. I am relatively new to the GECK and its functions. The mod itself certainly is not perfect, but it has been something I've been able to accept and live with; and with this release, I hope you do so as well :)

This mod can be a strain to your computer. I play with a laptop fitted with an NVIDIA GeForce 8700M GT, 4GB of RAM, a heavily modified and tweaked Fallout.ini, and GameBooster, and I can run my mod smooth as silk with no errors or crashes. I tried to balance out performance with the right amount of NPCs to make these locations believable. Since I am usually busy with other things, I won't be able to make lite versions of my mod, I'm sorry. However, I will allow other modders to make these versions themselves and release them.

Since this is a learning experience for me, I welcome any suggestions/tips you might have in terms of modding. I might also accept requests as long as they are within reason (lore-friendly, placement should make sense, etc. etc.)

Locations Modded (Changelog)

Version 0.3e (NOTE: This version should be considered as the Director's Cut. I will make a lighter version for those having lag in Freeside at a later date)

- Having rolled over from 0.4 to 0.3b, crashes regarding save games and uninstallation should now be gone.
- Freeside locals now have proper faction tags. This should prevent them from running into the no-entry area in front of the Strip.(I still need some more tests on this. On my playthrough, they avoided running into the securitrons. Not sure how it'll be like for everyone else.)

- Gave most NPCs generic dialogue accordingly.
- Added sleep routines. NPCs will now sleep at night. The following areas have NPCs with this new routine:

The Fort
Grub 'n Gulp
188 Trading Post
Mojave Outpost

- Adds more militia guarding the perimeter. The guard towers are now finally manned.
- More citizens by the outer walls. They will roam, water the crops, etc.
- Added more citizens inside Westside.

Mojave Outpost:
- Added more caravan traders and brahmin. (NOTE: The caravan traders don't actually trade anything.)
- Added a few more NCR troops guarding both entry ways to the outpost.

Camp McCarran:
- Added sandbags and NCR troopers watching the freeway which acts as a border between McCarran and Fiend territory. (NOTE: They are currently placeholders for version 0.4)

- Added more Powder Gangers in and around NCRCF.
- Several PGs will watch over the I-15.

- Adds more convicts around the town. (NOTE: There are now convicts by the residential area near the south end of Primm)

Mojave Wasteland:
- Added more geckos near Primm.
- Added more rad-roaches at the sludge-filled road towards Primm.

Version 0.3b

- Lessens the number of NPCs at Freeside.
- Removed the thugs who are spooking locals into the no-entry zone by the Securitrons.
- Thugs have a chance of spawning with a 9mm, 357 revolver, or a caravan shotgun.

Version 0.3

- Added tons of new NPCs to Freeside which includes more locals and NCR squatters.
- Increased Kings presence in the area.
- Added more respawnable thugs hiding in alley ways and around corners - firefights are commonplace in Freeside now. More common that in vanilla anyway...

188 Trading Post
- Added a couple of lanterns in front of the stands.

Version 0.2

188 Trading Post:
- Adds a number of NPCs. They will roam and peruse through stands and even pay the Forecaster a visit.
- Adds 3 new vendors with their respective stands. (NOTE: I tried giving them the ability to trade and sell items to the player, but failed. For now, they are simple placeholders until I learn how to add the proper dialogues.)

Helios One:
- Added a few items for aesthetics.
- Removed the two guard towers. Apparently, they would trigger a crash whenever you wait around Helios.

Version 0.1c

Cottonwood Cove: (EARLY STAGES)
- Added a number of legionnaires and slaves.
- New light sources
- Included walls and more banners by the entrance.

Version 0.1b

Grub 'n Gulp
- Added NPCs as requested.
- Added a few minor objects and fixed NavMesh

- Replaced cloned settlers with randomized ones. They will no longer copy their originals' routines.

Helios One:
- Fixed NavMesh. NPCs will no longer walk into tent walls and sandbags.

Version 0.1

- Added several new NPCs near the front of the plant as well as a few inside the fence. There will be a few patrols who will guard the perimeter of the plant along the fences and sentries who keep a watchful eye over the outskirts to the north. The rest will simply relax by a fire, do push-ups, and even repair weapons using an anvil.
- Added two tents in front of the plant for the new NPCs with some rows of sandbags as fortifications.
- Added two watch-towers overlooking the west side of the plant. (NOTE: The NPCs I assigned to the guard towers refuse to walk up to their positions. I have yet to fix this strange behavior. For now, they would rather stand watch right below the towers.)
- Added 3 new light sources in forms of lit barrels.

Caesar's Fort:
- Populated the mess hall tent with more legionnaires.
- Added a few more blacksmiths as well as workstations.
- Added more sparring legionnaires.
- Added a small formation of veteran legionnaires complete with a centurion and standard bearer. (You would hear talk of veteran legionnaires coming over from Arizona and I wanted to reflect this somehow.)
- Centurions who oversee the camp.
- Added a handful of legionnaires scattered over empty parts of the camp.

Nellis AFB:
- Added several more artillery pieces near the front gate. I also added 3 additional pieces guarding the east flank. Each battery is also accompanied by an artillery crew.
- Added more farmers.

Camp Forlorn Hope:
- Added a number of NCR trooper refugees who roam around the base. They will hang around fire places, lean on walls/tents, and generally act melancholy. (NOTE: They are all clones of the original NCR troopers who roam the camp. They are also unarmed.)

- Added more settlers who populate the buildings north of the saloon. They will either tend their crops or sit lazily under the blazing Mojave sun. (NOTE: The new settlers are clones of the originals. I also took down the barriers from the doors of those houses, but you cannot enter them.)
- Added severl new light sources in forms of lit barrels.
- Overall, I tried to make Goodsprings more lively while retaining its humble yet uneventful feel.

More locations to be populated soon...

Planned locations:
- The Strip
- Mojave Outpost
- Westside
- Jacobstown
- Primm
- Novac


- To install the mod, simply drag it into your:
C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas\Data

Then, simply activate it through the NV launcher or through NVMM. IMPORTANT: Make sure to place the mod at the bottom of the list order.

- UPDATE: To uninstall the mod:

1. Save your session and exit the game.
2. Deactivate the esp file.
3. Load the game and enter a cell without any nearby NPCs and wait three game days. (HARDCORE: Make sure you have an ample supply of food and water, and make sure the cell has a usable bed.)
4. Save the session.


- My mod might conflict with others that modifies the locations listed above. However, I've yet to experience any problems myself, you can never be too sure. Report any such conflicts to me and I will add them to this list and hopefully have time to make them compatible.

Known Issues/Weird Stuff

- Make sure you have a backup save of a session before using the mod. There seems to be an issue where there would be leftover NPCs even after the mod has been deactivated. You can also follow the uninstallation instructions above.


A big thanks to Obsidian for bringing back the good ol' classic feel of the Fallout series.
Thanks to Bethesda and their GECK for making all of this possible.

And to you, the public, for... downloading this mod, I suppose :P

Since this has been a personal project, one of which I have spent much of my time making, I'd appreciate it if you do not re-upload or modify it in any way without my permission.

...Oh, if your computer randomly explodes to high hell... it's not my fault. Download at your own risk.

Not that your computer will explode, mind you.