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Made by DaiShi

This Mod adds H&K L30 Gatling Laser to the classic arsenal.
Base stats are the same as Gatling Laser and all 3 version is modable with vanilla weapon mods (althou one uses a workaround)

There are 3 versions
-Classic HK L30 Gatling Laser (non-replacer, holster).esp
-Classic HK L30 Gatling Laser (non-replacer, no holster).esp
-Classic HK L30 Gatling Laser (replacer, no holster).esp

The non-replacer versions are on a desk in the Silver Rush
It looks like my script for holstering weapons interferes with the new weapon mod systems so the version that has holstered weapons use "H&K L30 Gatling Laser MOD Conversion kits", these are under the AID tab and only usable when u have the L30 equipped and the appropiate mod item in inventory.

Update 1:

Some weeks ago Ridiane've sent me a reworked holstering script that will hopefully remove the issues some ppl have with it. Ive now uploaded the updated esp.

Known issues:
-Im experiencing some sound issues when tring to fire while the barrels are still "spinning down", this is most likely not the fault of the custom audio file, since the vanilla minigun does the same.

Unzip in Data folder choose an .esp (and ONLY ONE), and fry some enemies.

- gostyralu: for Fallout 2 Weapons Sounds Ressource, thx i didnt have to search for the sounds myself. (
- Nopheros: for Laser Pointer for Silenced 10mm Pistol, i used the laser pointer from this mod. (

Have Fun! And use the mod as u like (give Credit plz)

The still layered original texture files for most of my mods are availible on my website, if some1 want to make a retexture.

(and sorry about my bad english)