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Fixes Veronica getting stuck after end of her personal quest

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At the end of Veronica's quest "I could make you care", she can opt to stay with the Brotherhood, in which case you'll be accosted by four power armored and zealous Paladons right outside. After the dust settles and she talks to you, she'll moments later talk to you again... and then stand there. I just ran afoul of this bug and some quick tinkering identified the culprit: a special "forcegreet" variable was not deactivated, making the ForceGreet AI package she has remain active. This AI pack has priority over the others, and thus she remains stuck.

This mod gives you a "Veronica Fixer" ingestible (IE: aid category) item, upon which the offending quest variable will be cleared and the AI pack will be invalid. It will then force the Veronica actor ref to re-evaluate AI packages.

Why does Veronica still return to Lucky 38 or her original location if fired? Because the bugged AI pack also has a condition for her to he hired, which obviously fails when she is not, and thus she walks off when fired.

You can safely deactivate this mod after it's done its thing (after gamesaving beforehand of course)