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Adds various pieces of miscellaneous armor.

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Name: Satchels 'n' Stuff
Author: Watto44
Version: 2.1

Full version requires NVSE: Download here.
Lite version does not require the script extender.

YET ANOTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE: I've uploaded yet another hotfix for SCAV. I'm not sure if this one will fix existing faction problems (I hope it will) but it is COMPLETELY safe to use with a new character. (Or a character that never scavved a piece of faction armor.)

You should only reset the factions if you've been experiencing problems with them.

1) Download and install the new version and load your savegame.

2) MAKE SURE you aren't wearing ANY faction armor. To be absolutely sure, nude up before continuing.

3) Activate the "< Scavenger's Field Kit >" and choose "Fix Faction Armor".

4) Select "Reset"

5) Enjoy not getting slaughtered by your friends. :)

Note, you should only have to do this once. However, if you encounter problems and need to reset again, either: a) open the console and type in "set SCAVFactionReset to 0" then repeat steps 2-4, or b) disable "SCAV.esm" and "w44Satchels - Full.esp", load your game, save it. Then re-enable the esm and esp files, load your game and repeat steps 2-5. This option will strip you of all your scavved items.

Please let me know if you're still having issues.

IMPORTANT NOTE on upgrading from pre 2.0 versions:

1) Before installing the newest version, load your save, unequip any items added by Satchels, save and exit. If you do not do this you may be stuck with their equipped weight forever. :(

2) On updating you will loose all your current Satchels items. Use the bag in Doc Mitchels to reacquire them or get crafting. (For the full version, the cheat bag can be toggled on and off in the Satchels 'n' Stuff menu.


Adds various pieces of armor, letting you to customize your looks.

The full version allows you to scavenge armor found in the mojave for scraps, and then use those scraps to craft the various pieces of apparel.

The lite version has all the armor pieces in a duffle bag inside Doc Mitchel's house in Goodsprings.

Feel free to post suggestions for more stuff to be added, with the name of the armor or NPC who was wearing it if possible.

For more items, check out pintocat's excellent Tailor Maid - NV.


Before upgrading from a pre-2.0 version, make sure you create a "clean" saved game. See above.

1) Go into you Data folder and delete the old esp. (...Steam\SteamApps\common\fallout new vegas\data\w44Satchels.esp)

2) Download and extract the satchels archive into your data folder.

3a) IF USING THE FULL VERSION: Make sure you have NVSE installed, activate both "SCAV.esm" and "w44Satchels - Full.esp".

3b) IF USING THE LITE VERSION: Activate "w44Satchels - Lite.esp". Make sure "SCAV.esm" is NOT activated.

ONLY USE ONE VERSION OF SATCHELS, either full or lite.

4) Enjoy customizing your look. :)

Play Guide

While some items can be purchased from vendors (Chet in Goodsprings, Michelle in 188 Trading Post, and Blake in the Crimson Caravan) and a few very rare pieces can be found in the wasteland, most items must either be crafted using the scavenging system (full version) or taken from the duffle bag in Doc Mitchel's house in Goodsprings (lite version).

To craft an item you must first scavenge ingredients from armor you have found or purchased. To scavenge a piece of armor, first equip it and then use the "< Scavenger's Field Kit >" located in the armor tab of your inventory. Following the instructions to scavenge that piece of armor, but note that not all armor can be scavenged.
WARNING: The armor will be destroyed in the scavenging process.

Different types of armor give different types of "scraps". The higher your repair skill, the more scraps you will get from scavenging.

The types of scraps you can obtain through scavenging are:
Scrap type (example armor type it can be obtained from)
Cloth Scraps (Field Hands Outfit)
Aramid Fabric Scraps (Merc Adventurers Outfit)
Silicon Carbide Plate (Combat Armor)
Heavy Tech Scraps (Power Armor)
Leather Scraps (Leather Armor)
Light Tech Scraps (Radiation Suit)
Metal Plate (Metal Armor)

Once you have the necessary ingredients, use a workbench to craft the armor piece you want. There is no repair requirement to craft these pieces, and all recipes are visible as soon as you install the mod.


The NVSE team: by Ian Patterson, Stephen Abel and Paul Connelly
(ianpatt, behippo and scruggsywuggsy the ferret)


New in 2.1:
Acoustic Guitar
Duffle Bag
Spiked Collar
Desperado Belt
Western Riding Spurs
Ranger Patrol Back Protector
Ranger Patrol Hip Protectors
Ranger Patrol Knee Pads
Ranger Patrol Knife
Ranger Patrol Pauldrons
English Riding Spurs
Itinerant Worker Pack
Gyrocopter Pilot Goggles
Shoulderless Centurion Armor (Full Armor)
Shoulderless Combat Armor, Reinforced Mk II (Full Armor)

Fixed in 2.1:
Scavving factional armor should no longer break your game. ><
Minor tweets to a couple of models, but I forget which ones.

New in 2.0:
Scavenging system implemented.
Some items added to the mojave.
Some items added to vendors.

Remnants Arm Guards.
Remnants Boots.
Remnants Breastplate.
Remnants Crest.
Remnants Pauldrons.
Bandito's Face Mask.
Troopers Belt.
Troopers Pauldrons.
Troopers Vest.
The Searcher's Armor. (Full armor.)
Mercanary Soldier's Armor. (Full armor.)

New in 1.3:
Combat Vest (2 versions).
Reinforced Combat Boots.
Reinforced Combat Vest.
Handy Leg Bags. (They're handy.)
Rangers Tabard. (A sleeveless version of the coat, by popular demand.)
Optional file to remove shoulders from both versions of the reinforced combat armor.

Changed in 1.3:
Removed the collar from the male ranger's coat.
Ranger's coat now points at the correct female mesh. (I really mean it this time. >< )
(From 1.2a) Body slots have the changed to be consistent with Tailor Maid FNV.

New in 1.2:
Belt bags, with and without radio. (Called Scout's Bandonleer and Scavenger's Bandoleer respectively.)
Poweder Ganger's bandoleer.
Two cleaner versions of the merchant's belt. (Prospector's Bracers and Traveller's Bracers.)
Vault 34 Security Vest.

Changed in 1.2:
Face Wrap moved to the choker body slot so you can wear glasses.
Ranger's coat now points to the correct female mesh. (Whoops, thanks orbmace.)
You've finally let go of your mother's apron strings. (ie. the Field Hand's Pack has been cleaned.)

New in 1.1:
Centurion: Pauldrons; kilt; boots; and arm guards.
Enclave: Boots, full leg protection; and arm guards.
Trader's loose goggles and belt.
Legion Flag.
Field hand's pack.

Initial Release (1.0):
Ranger's Coat
NCR Mantle