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This mod adds a number of new armors to Fallout New Vegas

Permissions and credits
Name: TG's Gear Collection
Author: TG (thatguy10)
Version: 1.1
Date: 10\27\2010
Category: Armors

I have also added some new screenshots of mod progess. here, give it a look and feel free to ask questions or comment on them if you would like.
The next patch is still a little ways away but will be a big patch adding not only new armors, but also weapons, camo varations, stores(some of which are very large locations), factions, spreading items around to npcs and loot lists, as well as existing vendors lists, and will use multiple esps, to allow the player to choose such options as no stores, or no loot lists, etc. It will also be laying ground work for adding several companions, player housing, and quests, but those will most likely not be added in the next patch, but the one after it.

!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!!!!!!
Read the Instructions. If you are not upgrading from version 1.1 which already contained the files in part 2, YOU MUST DOWNLOAD PART 2 AS WELL. Part 2 contains the textures files, so if you are having issue with the color or textures on the armor not working right make sure you have downloaded both parts before asking for assistance for the issue.

I want to extend a huge thank you to all the members who have been providing me with excellent feedback on how to improve the mod as well as all those who have given their endorsement of the mod! I would like to encourage everyone to continue providing feedback criticism because it will help me to develop the mod to really meet the wants of the people playing it. Also feel free to post pictures if you would like (just know if it would change the mod to adult only I won't let it go up).

14 December 2010
Since I have been so pressed for time recently, and I didn't want to make everyone wait for the fixes I already have, I am currently uploading a patch. It is 90% bugfixes only, and I didn't get all the issues fixed I wanted to in this patch, but instead of everyone waiting for me to get time to finish it, I'm uploading what I have already.
What is included:
-Fixed 1st person bugs, both invisible limbs and visible clipping. The only exception I am aware of is on the pmc outfits, the upper arm, a couple of inches above the elbow up to the shoulder, is still invisible, but this is only visible when punching and with some melee weapons.
-Fixed some of the issues with the various headwear clipping, some of the fixes might be more effective than others.
-Most helmets and Alexscorpions NVG mod should now be able to be equiped at the same time.
-Fixed the invisible face with the green protec helmet.
-Fixed weighting issues on male tactical vest outfits causing parts to move incorrectly.
-Attempted to make armors breeze compatible, but have not been tested so this fix is not garrenteed.
-Fixed texture issue with black IBH.
-Fixed several typos.
-Fixed a few other misc small issues.
-Since the current available armors are completely devoid of legion gear, I added a couple legion items in a chest with the others. These are not completely finished, but I figured I could throw them in anyways to help fill the legion gapa little for now.

If you are upgrading from version 1.1 you only need to download part1, overwrite when prompted. If you are downloading from version 1 or from a clean install you need both part 1 and 2.

29 November 2010
The mod is currently removed and in the process of being re-uploaded. This is not the new patch,it is merely a corrected version, with the light power armor removed as I was made away of a resource issue in the armor. Currently the "light power armor" is still in the game but since the mesh and texture files has been removed it will not appear on the body and instead the body will simply become invisible as the armor isnt there. This issue will be fixed when the armor will be completely removed in the next patch. My apologies for the inconvenience.
10 November 2010

-Female only version of Patch 1.1 added. Does not require other parts to be downloaded
-Alternate location Hotfix available. It moves the armor to behind the gas station to prevent conflict with tactical weapon pack mod.

NEW VERSION IS UP! (meaning coming soon armors are no longer coming but already here!)
A few important notes to regarding the new version:

-I just created and edited quite a few armors, and do not feel I should leave the current set of screen shots up as they are not entirely accurate... or all that flashy. I also however, do not want to go and take a whole bunch of screenshots of all the armors, plus I would probably run out of ideas of where and how to take cool screenshots maybe five or six of them. So its your turn! I'm going to disable approval needed for posting screen shots and ask that all of you guys take cool screenshots of you characters in the armors, with the armors and accessories from other mods, or whatever you want that in some way shows others what the armors look like. Only a couple rules. First, I do not want to see any adult material posted, if you do they will be deleted after proof is created and you will be reported to a moderator, I do not want this mod to be labeled adult only. Second do not post pictures of bugs, if you wish to send me a picture of bugs in the mod(which often times helps a lot) host it in the image sharing section and either send it to me in a private message or post the image in the discussion thread of the mod.

-The location of the armor has been moved from the general store in Goodsprings to the carport attached to the gas station in Goodsprings, which can double as a very simple player home and storage space. This location is temporary, but in an effort to provide patches and updates in a timely manner, was deemed and appropriate compromise between previous location and future plans.
-Unfortunately the new version is a larger file than before, and a small incremental patch would not suffice, so you must download the entire file. Given the nature of the first patch I didn't have a choice, but hopefully from now on bug fixes and additions will be supplied in small update form. Also when time is permitting I am hoping to break the mod into a female only version, and a male only version, to be downloaded as alternatives to the larger file containing armor for both genders.

-All helmets and gloves are have male and female meshes.

-To Avoid confusion, Armors do not have both male and female versions. If an armor is labled (female) on the end, it is designed to fit females. If it is not, then it is designed to fit males. The exception to thiswould be gloves and head wear, which can be properly used by male of female characters. This does not mean, however, that males cannot equip and wear female armor and vice versa, Instead if a female, for instance, attempts to equip a male armor, it has been setup so that it will simply display the male version with a male body, and the female head and hands. This was done as some were interested in being able to do so, and it allows both sexes to equip some of the more ambiguous armors such as the chemical response suit. This does not mean that if you equip and armor and it fails to properly fit your gender, it is bugged(unless of course the labeling dictates otherwise); it simply means that you are attempting to equip an armor of the wrong gender. The armors are intentionally separated by gender, and unlike in the previous version, allows players to equip the armors if they choose to and are not bothered by the fit difference.

TG's Armor Collections Fallout 3 version

This mod add a number of new Items and Gears to Fallout New Vegas. Currently there are 120+ pieces of equipment(not counting both male and female models of gloves and head wear independently) added, a large portion of which, are based on the excellent feedback and requests provided by the community here at Nexus. As it is still currently a WIP(work in progress), the only things included in the mod at the moment are armors and clothing.

General Information.

Current location the goodsprings gastation is temporary. New shops and adding the items to loot lists is in progress.
All armors contain separate body, gloves and head/mask meshes. So this means, that gloves and helmets can be mix and matched as desired regardless of what is seen in screen shots.

Equipment stats, as it stands, are roughly based off of vanilla armors, and are in no way currently set in stone. So if you have any suggestions about changing any of them please inform me, as I will gladly change them to appeal to the general consensus.

Equipment might be slow on some computers, especially if given to a lot of followers. I have done very little optimization to the armors. This is so they can be used as a resource for others mods if anyone would like to use them. If this becomes a problem for people optimized version of the armors can be produced.

Also, since this is my first mod, criticism and suggestions are welcome. I love taking requests and suggestions regarding the mod, new meshes, textures, stats, whatever (If you have any type of ideas it never hurts to ask). The communities input has been a wonderful aid to the creation of this mod andencourage everyone to continue providing ideas, suggestions, etc. All I ask is that you go easy on the negative endorsements, since its still technically a work in progress. Please, let me know about any problems or bugs and then give me a little time to fix them before you give me a negative endorsement, (this way, I can make it better for everyone who wishes to use the mod).

In time I hope to add more armors as well as various melee and ranged weapons. I have also started working on new furniture and world object meshes that will be used when a shop is created for the armors(as well as provided additional resources for other modders).

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Quick Tutorials
Most of my meshes are very modular(such as kneepads are their own part, most pouches are their own part), and therefore can have simples customizations that can be done to them without 3d modeling programs or complex steps. And not that I'm against fixing adding such requests to the mod, but I provide these as a quicker alternative than waiting on the next release. So I won't have to retype them every few pages in the discussion sections I'm going to post a few of the more common solutions. These all involve nifskope, available here . And as always if you have any problems or need additonal help feel free to post in the comments section or send me a PM.
-To delete and item:
1.open up nifskope(newest version recomended) and right click on the item (not in a list but on the actual rendered model) it should become covered in a white mesh
2. in the right-click menu go to block->delete branch
3. if you like way it looks then go to save as and save it( if you change the name you will have to re-add the item to the game, if you overwrite the exsisting file you wont have to use the geck but it will replace the orignal
4. in certain situtions this can mess up the armor that was created and cause the game to crash, simply replace with a back up of the original or delete the mesh file all together to fix.

-To find and change textures:
1. open the armor you want to edit(it might not be the same name as what shows up in the game but just keep trying till you find the right one, all the vault armors should be in the data/meshes/tg/armor/vault folder)
2. click on the part of the mesh you would like to edit the texture for, it should turn have a white mesh appear over it if it is the one you clicked on(since some are laying on top of each other you might have to click a couple times till you get the right one)
3.once you have selected the correct part of the armor, in the block list (by default it is typically on the left side of the screen) a nitristrip with a number in front of it should be selected, this is the "branch" of that piece of the mesh where all data associated with it is stored. Click the arrow infront of it to expand it, then expand the BSShaderPPLightingProperty tab underneath it(make sure you are still at the right one because sometimes the list will jump you up or down when you expand for whatever reason)
4.under bsshaderpplightingproperty you just expanded, you will see BSShaderTextureSet, click on it, and in the block details window(by default, usually at the bottom of the screen) you will see Textures, click the arrow infront of it to expand it, and here you will see the file list for the textures used.
5. while you are here you can not only use this to see the Textures, but change them as well, if you click on the flower it will even open of a window so you can navigate to the Textures, instead of just seeing the file location
6. if a texture shows as white in nifskope its either wrong, or it goes to a default vanilla textures which is currently packed in a bsa and therefore not accessable by nifskope(but it will be by the game)
7. if you change a texture, remeber to save it, overwrite the default name if you wish to replace the current file, or change the name, in which case you will have to use the geck to add the file in

New Vegas
A Stiff Drink
A Pocket Full of Dreams
A Jaunty Tune
(I guess what I'm trying to say is nothing. Except for New Vegas of course, which I would assume you have or why else would you be downloading this file.)

Extract files into Fallout directory. Both part 1 and part 2 are REQUIRED.

If you are upgrading from a working version 1.1, and you have already downloaded part 2, the files are the same so you only need to download part 1.


Simply delete

None that I'm aware of. This mod does alter the exterior car port of the gas station in Goodsprings (temporary), and as such, any mod which alters this location might be at risk of conflict.


Since its still a WIP, there might be a few minor issues with clipping, bone weighting, dismembering, or vats. I'm working on fixing all of them I'm aware of as well as adding new items, so if you find any please send me a message and let me know so they can be fixed.


1.0 10\27\2010 - Initial Release
1.0 11\07\2010-1.100000000303213202331

[email protected]
or better option:
Send me a private message on the Nexus forums.

-Dragonskin Tactical Outfit by antistar (hatch operator glove textues, security pants texture, modified textures for ptvest chest rig adn tactical outfit long sleeve, black vest and modified vest textures)
-Scavanger Armors by tumbajamba
-Cri Squad by tumbajamba
-Tactical Vest by Ohnomelon
-Thigh Holster by Alexscorpion
-Sneaking Suit by Alexscorpion
-Jill Valentine BSAA Outfit TYPE 3 by Redline_C64
-Tomb Raider Outfit Type 3 by redline_c64
-Ninja Balaclava Ski Mask by Sparky84
-yoko's gun belt by Backsteppo
-gunrunners grunt by Earache42
-Scorpion Sneaking Suit Retex by whyT
-MP5 SD Special Forces SAS Gas Mask
-Unique Armours Retextured by Tubal
-Camouflage Textures by Jaysus
-Tough Chick Armor by Quetzlsacatanango
-Gypsy Outfits by Azar
-Fallout 3 ReadMe Generator by InsanitySorrow
-The absolutely awesome community that has help with generating idea, bug testing, feedback, and support.

Since mods are often reused by multiple modders other than the original creator, it becomes difficult to keep up with who made what sometimes. If I failed to credit someone, please know it was in no way intentional and I'm very sorry for the mistake, which I will happily correct. If you are aware of anyone not credited in this mod please inform me and I will quickly add them to the list.

Tools Used:

-a hammer.....

Since this is not only provided as a standalone mod, but also a modder's resource feel free to use any part of this mod, which I created, without permission so long as you provide the appropriate credit for my work. If you wish to use a part of this mod that I did not originally create, you must seek the permission of the original author.

Although you don't need to ask my permission, I would appreciate it if you let me know just because I would enjoy seeing other peoples ideas and knowing someone else can get some use out of it. Although letting me know isn't required.