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Please note: This mod is a collection of my experiments created while I learned GIMP, GECK, nifskope, and Blender. These outfits aren't particularly great and there's more than a handful of bugs in them. However, I don't want to take the time to fix these things now since I'm working on new stuff that is better overall. So download and enjoy if you want, or use it as a modder's resource. But if you need to save the room in your load order, I'll understand ;)

[size="4"]1. Forward[/size]
New in UPDATE 11/5:

- A Courier's Raider Mask is added to go with the Raider disguise that no longer requires any OWB textures.
- The Bearclaw Sniper Suit is fixed so that the helmet-less version no longer takes the mask slot, thus no longer preventing the wearing of other helmets with it.
- An NCR Sniper Suit is added--just the Bearclaw suit without the invis effect when in sneak mode.
- The Courier's Raider Disguise now works with not only fiends, but also with Jackals, Vipers, Scorpions, and regular raiders. (thanks to Shantih)
- TWO new outfits (12 is the new 10!)
**** 1. The first comes thanks to the permission of EViLKeNn and his executor mod. A bloody apron is placed on a relatively simple outfit. This outfit is done by request.
**** 2. I'm pleased to present my creation of the Resident Evil 4 merchant! You can wear his outfit (and big backpack) for now.

In this armor pack, ten new outfits are planted in a chest atop the Nevada State Patrol station. There is no rhyme or reason for this location. Let's face it: When it comes to new armors, don't you just want to try them on and keep playing your game?

So thanks for checking this file out. If you want to improve upon anything within the file, or include any material in your own mods, feel free. Just be sure to check the legal/licensing section first. I borrow from the work of several others--standing on the shoulders of giants, as it were.

Please remember to endorse this file if you feel it deserves it.


[size="4"]2. The Items[/size]

1. NCR "Bearclaw" Sniper Suit - This is an armor that takes its inspiration from a work of fan fiction I'm writing. "Bearclaw" is a classified NCR special forces team. You've never heard of them because they're the last thing you never--ever--see (well that, and the fact that I made them up). The 1st Recon you meet in New Vegas functions as a smoke screen under which 1st Recon Bearclaw operates. Did you really think a sniper squad made up of a stuttering youngster, a traumatized and horny lesbian, a crippled old man, and a former Khan with psychological problems would make up the NCR's best recon team? Not necessarily. The Chinese Stealth Suits you find in Hoover Dam were stumbled upon accidentally by soldiers not authorized to know of Bearclaw. The suits were en route to modification into the NCR Sniper Suits before being misplaced. You have the option of wearing the full suit and taking on NCR faction status, or removing the helmet along with faction status.

2. The Gunslinger's Gear and Hat - This outfit represents my attempt at creating the outfit of Roland Deschain, the Gunslinger, from Stephen King's Dark Tower series. Honorable mention goes to JaySuS for creating outfits similar to this one, but none of which I felt really captured Roland sufficiently (though that wasn't JaySuS' intent). You have the option of wearing two normal gloves, or take Roland's hand as it was after his encounter with the lobstrosities. The story has his right hand being affected, but in game it will be his left--for obvious reasons.

3. The Courier's Raider Disguise - This outfit allows you to mingle with fiends. Just keep the helmet on or you'll blow your cover! The title says it all. If you ever needed to infiltrate Fiend territory quietly, now you can.

4. NCR ReSalvaged Power Armor - Not satisfied with the vanilla NCR salvaged power armor? I wasn't either, so I took a shot at creating a new one. If you like it, let me know. I can upload an optional esp to replace the vanilla version.

5, 6, and 7 - The Anger, The Straps, and The Lost from Brink! I didn't care too much for the overall gameplay of Brink, but the character customization was awesome. My favorite part was building my characters in the customization menus. These three outfits and two pieces of headgear are my attempts at creating a New Vegas version of three of my builds from Brink. Nice and punk! Wear them with attitude.

8. Wasteland Hardcase and Hat - A friend pointed out to me that this outfit has already been done... but not in a sleeveless version! This outfit places an SLCPD vest on the Merc Grunt outfit and chops off the sleeves so you look super tough and ready to endure the desert heat. I also enjoy the backwards hat. I hope you do too.

9. Wasteland Hardened Medic - The Wasteland Doctor and Surgeon outfits were two of my favorites from the vanilla game. They seemed to have the right feel to me for my character. This outfit is a spin on those outfits, but with a bit more gear. You'll be ready to explore, survive, and revive.

10. New Vegas Nomad - Fear and Loathing in New Vegas, baby! Put this outfit on and go see the sights.


[size="4"]3. Requirements[/size]

1. TG's Armor PAck for many of the textures in the NCR sniper suit
2. Honest Hearts and Old World Blues for a few various textures (HH is currently required to run the file too)
3. Breeze's male bodies, unless you don't mind the skin textures looking a bit off.


[size="4"]4. Credits and Licensing/Legal[/size]

As I mentioned before, I feel I'm standing on the shoulders of giants in this mod. I rely on the work of several modders, without whom this pack wouldn't exist. I'm still learning the modding process, stumbling my way along. If I produce anything good, it's due to the work and generosity of others (along with a little patience and effort on my part). So, I say that to say this: If I miss anything or anyone in this section, I will feel terrible and will want to fix it ASAP. If you see uncredited work, please, please tell me. It would be an unintentional error I'd want rectified immediately.

With that said, credit belongs to the following individuals:

1. TG - for meshes and textures in the NCR sniper suit (permission granted in original file)
2. Geonox - for meshes and textures in all the Brink related armors from his Riot Armor and Wasteland Outfits (permission granted in original file)
3. KOR - for his part in the gunbelt found on The Straps (permission granted in original files)
4. Shanith - for the script making the Courier's Raider Helmet work as a disguise (used with permission)
5. ClothesMinded - for his Army of Two Ballistic Mask and Jack of Blades hood mods from FO3 (used with permission)
6. AlexScorpion and/or TumbaJumba (are they the same person?) - For models in a backpack that isn't included in the esp, the pants for The Lost, along with a few various meshes (permission granted in original files)
7. EViLKeNn - for permission to use the apron from his executor companion mod.

Also, thanks to a few of my friends for testing this pack before release: Shanith, Nivea, and CyrusAmell. You're all awesome.

UPDATE** - Nivea provided the update file in which she fixed some errors. Many thanks to her. Give her kudos!

Also, WolverineHowlett has done a great job with some of the screenshots you can see in the image section. He's also the one who has provided a compatibility patch for Roberts.

[size="4"]5. Known Bugs/Issues[/size]

- Some of the armors are not set up properly for targeting in VATS (not an issue if you don't put these on NPCs)
- There is still some clipping in first person mode on a few of the outfits. This will be fixed soon, probably in the next day or so.
- Anything significant you find, let me know!


[size="4"]6. FAQ[/size]

Q: Why are there no female variants? Are you sexist? Why do you hate women?
A: I personally have no interest in creating female outfits. There are plenty out there. I don't play as a female character. If a female asked me specifically for a female version of an armor of mine for her character, then I'd consider it.

Q: Will you do X variant of Y armor? It would be really cool!
A: It doesn't hurt to ask, but aside from fixing bugs, I want to move onto other projects now that this is released (Caesar's New Regime: A Legion Fit for an Empire!!).

Q: Hey, you can mod. Will you make _______ outfit for me?
A: Again, it doesn't hurt to ask, but probably not unless the idea strikes me as something I'm personally interested in. There's a mod request section in the forums for this sort of thing.

Q: Wait a second! Such and such armor you've made isn't lore friendly at all!
A: I personally think all the armors in this pack rest well within Fallout lore. If you disagree, then you disagree.


[size="4"]7. Future Update Plans[/size]

This is as much a checklist for me as it is information for you...

- Bearclaw sniper suit that does not require TG's textures (or at least only a small number of them)
- Optional esp for ReSalvaged Power Armor Replacer (just waiting on improved textures)
- Full pants version of The Anger (I think the shorts are better, but I've gotten multiple requests for this)
- New texture on The Lost jacket with patches and a more punkish look
- The Straps without requiring HH
- female versions (thanks Hengebobs for the model work!)
- outfits distributed across the Mojave instead of just dumped in the footlocker
- A new shop for the RE4 merchant.
- and .... you tell me