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Well fortified ranch/player home in prime location between New Vegas and rural Nevada.

- water purifier
- moonshine distillery
- energy drink distillery
- fully navmeshed
- lot of other scripted features
- underground bunker
- and tons of other stuff, take a look inside.

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Name: Red Rock Ranch (RRR)
Version: 1.90
Release Date: 10/27/2010
Category: Buildings / Player Home
Author: Northfield (scripting by Dynastia)

Hi all, thank you all for downloading and commenting on my mod the last few years. I know the mod could use a few finishing touches and perhaps a more lore friendly version as well as a NMM install, but I simply haven't had the drive to make those changes - perhaps some day I will :) anyway, everything is working as it's meant to, so it's not imperative. I've updated link for working mannequins. Thanks again.

The mannequins and the weapon wall portrayed in the gallery and video need feng shui
and "Fred & Marge"
- to work as intended.

::: Description :::

Well fortified ranch in prime location between the buzz of New Vegas and the prime hunting areas of the Red Rock Canyon National Park in rural Nevada. It is well stocked without being a God home, suitable for the average to late game character.

A little quest is required to get the key. Read the note by the front door to get a clue. The key is NOT in the mine but in a cave nearby, head towards the river.

::: Features :::

- Fully equipped operating room with Auto-Doc for medical recovery and plastic surgery
- Average-sized armory with named storage containers for easy reference
- Fallout Bunker with all the amenities of a pre-war home - designed for living underground for months at a time without outside contact
- Hydroponics and storage room (respawning plants) - grow your own food, including a cannabis plant for all you addicts ;)
- Outside corn field for even more self-suffiency.
- PLENTY of storage.
- Lookout / shooting range from the roof - might be lucky to get one of those pesky geckos in your sights.
- Fully Navmeshed.
- Oven scripts - cook your meals indoors instead of in the cold Mojave nights
- Spa area with hairstyling kit - style your hair in the latest New Vegas fashion.
- Electrified fence to keep the riff-raff out.
- Switchable search- and floodlights.
- Combat vehicle (not driveable).
- Lots of radios.
- Bedroom beds with the "well rested perk"
- Dakota and Boo Boo - resident guard / pet dogs
- Armory/Display room for all your collectables ;)
- Scripted water purifier
- Scripted energy drink distillery
- Domesticated milkable Brahmin - mmm cold Brahmin milk for your cornflakes!
- Mountain lodge in the Sierra Nevada where you can go on holiday!
- Lots of idle markers for use with companion sandbox mods.
- Anvil for repair of weapons and armors at the cost of caps
- Scripted infirmary and Laboratory
- Switchable indoor lights
- Weight and cardio training facilities - be prepared for your wasteland endeavours
- Moonshine distillery
- Furnace where you can destroy unwanted junk

::: Story :::

The owner left his safe haven of RRR looking for family and fortune in the Capital Wasteland - but unfortunately (for him, fortunately for you) he "seemingly" met a terrible end at the hand of the Legion. But perhaps other dangers lurk in the wasteland?

Pre-war story:
The ranch was built by a billionaire eccentric who foresaw the coming apocalypse. Meant to look like a standard home on the surface, but with a hidden bunker beneath. For some reason the original owner never made it to the ranch.

Real-life inspiration:



::: Recommended Mods :::

- Fred & Marge Mannequins
For the armory mannequins.

- Feng Shui
For placing weapons on the weapon wall in the bunker armory

- Fellout
Make those nights darker. The outdoor floodlights look way cooler with this.

- Portable turrets
For added protection around the ranch.

- 4GB Fallout New Vegas
For performance boost (for 4GB systems):

- Unique Items and Collectables
For added clutter:

- Chryslus corvega - Post-Nuclear edition
Fast travel mod for immersion, use it with the compatability patch and park right beside the RRR :)

::: Disclaimer :::
Use at your own discretion! I am not responsible for any CTD's or lost gear. I always try to keep the mod bug free and updated, but if anything happens because of a patch or a conflict with another mod, it is not my fault!

::: Known Issues :::

The truck you take when going to the hunting lodge will take all the items you choose to use as fuel, so only have the axact amount you wish to refuel it with in your inventory. (and for God's sake remember fuel for the return trip ;))

Might not be compatible with the mod "Populated Wasteland".

In case of instabilities try disabling all mods except RRR, start a new game and see if it works. Also you could try and use FNVEdit which is a conflict detection utility. You can also use it to create a "merged patch" to increase stability, I would highly recommend this.
Find it here: http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34703
Instructions: http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8629

Please try this before you downrate my mod.

::: Install :::

Extract to desktop. Copy texture folder, meshes folder and EITHER the .esm or .esp to data folder. DO NOT USE BOTH!

You will need the main files and the latest version. (only the main files if this is your first install).

Thank you for downloading, and happy gaming.

::: Version History :::

- Initial release

- Fixed the quest markers making players unable to start a new game
- Had to remake much of the exterior, but it turned out to be well-made
- Redid the navmesh, hope it solves the problems some had with followers
- fixed several clipping errors

- Atmosphere and clutter pack
- Added fast travel button to bunker

- Complete overhaul of bunker adding many new features and clutter
- Bug fixes

- Added respawning hash plant to hydroponics
- Fixed clipping errors in bunker bedroom and spa
- Added wooden rifle cabinet
- Made monster fridge respawn energy drinks - four per week. Put a small distillery on top of the fridge for immersion
- Made quest clues permanent
- Added display room. Enterable through secret door in the bunker office (ready for mannequins)
- Added utility storage for deeper immersion. A place to store repair parts, tools, etc.
- Gave bunker and ranch bed the "well rested" perk
- Added two guard dogs / pets :)

- Boo Boo changed to a Husky
- Many lockers named for easier reference
- Added water purifier in utilities room
- Added Monster energy drink distillery in "recreation" room
- Tweaked navmesh

- Added various clutter items
- Added Queenie the Brahmin
- Added Auto-Doc
- Added Hairstyling Kit
- Added shooting range to Display Room
- Added fruits and vegetables in Hydroponics
- Tweaked exterior navmesh (should hopefully take care of CTD issues some players reported)

- Added scripts for fruit trees
- Added infirmary and laboratory
- Added anvil for repairs
- Added mountain lodge and truck
- Added Searchlights
- Made floodlights switchable
- Corrected and added idle markers

- Added script for the truck so it cost you a little to travel to the mountain lodge (remember fuel for the trip home)
- Made indoor lights switchable - that took forever!
- Added training facilities in the spa - thank you so much for the resources RegentEagle
- Tweaked outdoor navmesh - again, sigh ;)
- Added clutter + fixed several clipping errors and discrepancies
- Added moonshine distillery + many other things to the mountain lodge
- Added weapon storage and weapon wall for bunker armory, use with mannequins and feng shui
- Added starting kit with weapons and survival gear - find it in the armory

- Expanded the bunker armory
- Fixed TV's
- Fixed Spa
- Fixed training equipment textures
- Added more clutter
- Added security terminals
- Fixed water
- Added video
- Fixed several clipping errors
- Added script to furnace, it will now destroy junk you leave in it on the next cell load