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Improved Sound FX v0.821
By: dDefinder
-Gunshot Distance Tweak merged with main file (Delete "Gunshot Distance Tweak" if you have it)
-Merged 4 major DLCs for base and WMX
-Fixed GRA weapon sounds missing

-(GRA)Volume changes and sharing fix for Gun Runners' Arsenal
-(GRA)New sounds for Anti Material and Bozar rifles
-(GRA)The Smithy uses Plasma Caster instead of Tesla Cannon sounds
-(GRA)Pistol Energy weapons from GRA uses ISFX sounds instead of default
-Update for WME DLCs and base WME sharing fix

Improvements to overall sound effects. Added plugins to fix gunshots sharing the same sound file and increase gunshot and effects volume. Another plugin to increase gunshot volume over distance and attempt to fix a bug with gunshots disappearing at a certain distance.

--Currently Changes--
-All conventional weapon gunshots including ones from DLC.
-Most energy weapons
-Heavy weapons (Rocketlauncher, Minigun, Tesla cannon, ..)
-Replaced muffled Distant gunshot sound to a more realistic gunshot crack
-(esp) Increase volume to all weapon sounds
-(esp) Medium range gunfights are now less quite
-(esp) New impact sounds that are louder can be heard at mid range
-(esp) Fix weapons that were sharing the same gunshots sounds (hunting and snipers, smg and pistols, and silencers)
-(esp) Attempt to fix a game bug with sounds disappearing at a distance
-More gory dismember and decap Sounds. Like bones cracking/breaking and dismemberment bleed out sounds
-Reduced overly loud poison/addiction sound.
-Better detailed weapon break sound
-Fixed bolt pullback sound not matching the animations for lever-action guns
-Remove bolt pullback sound when drawing a weapon
-Melee weapon draw and hostler sounds are now more general instead of all sounding like baseball bats
-Missile, grenade, bottlecap mine, robot decap. and nuke explosions
-Bullet Whiz-by
-New bullet impacts with increase volume and distance
-Better ragdoll noise

"Extract" data folder into your fallout NV directory:
...\Steam\steamapps\common\fallout new vegas

Activate with FOMM or the launcher

Improved Sound FX.esp
Improved Sound FX - Weapon Sharing Fix.esp

DLCs are found by opening "DLC esps" and moving them into the Data Folder and activate.

--For using with all DLCs--

Improved Sound FX - Merged Major DLCs.esp (For all Major DLCs) ---> DO not use with other DLC plugins expect GRA.

--If you only have some of the DLCs--

Improved Sound FX - DM.esp (Dead Money)
Improved Sound FX - HH.esp (Honest Hearts)
Improved Sound FX - HH Sharing Fix.esp (Honest Hearts)
Improved Sound FX - OWB Sharing Fix.esp (Old World Blues)
Improved Sound FX - LR Sharing Fix (Lonesome Road)
Improved Sound FX - GRA (Gun Runners Arsenal)

If you have Weapon Mod Expansion/Extended, FOOK, or Project Nevada.
open either FOOK, WME, WMX, or Project Nevada and move files into the Data Folder and activate.


ESP Descriptions
Improved Sound FX: (MAIN ESP)
Will fix a few sound sharing weapons, increase volume to gunshots, reload, and jam. This should be activated.

Improved Sound FX - Weapon Sharing Fix:
This make 'This Machine' and Sniper Rifle, Light Machinegun and SMG, Service Rifle and Varmint Rifle, pistols and smgs to no longer share the same sounds with each other. Dynamite will use unarmed sounds when equipping instead of grenade.

(Both should be used)
Those are separated to resolve possible conflicts with other mods which can be fixed if merged with the conflicting mod.

Improved Sound FX - Merged Major DLCs.esp:
This is used if you have all 4 major DLCs (DM,HH,OWB,LR). Do not use any of the other DLC plugins besides GRA if you have it.

Improved Sound FX - DM:
Use with Dead Money. Changes sound volume and apply distance fixes for these weapons

Improved Sound FX - HH:
Use with Honest Hearts. Changes sound volume and apply distance fixes for these weapons

Improved Sound FX - HH Sharing Fix:
Fixes .45 pistols from sharing sound with 9mm pistols.

Improved Sound FX - OWB Sharing Fix:
For Old World Blues, Cyberdog Gun sharing with SMGs and LSER sharing with RCW.

Improved Sound FX - LR Sharing Fix:
For Lonesome Road, SMMG sharing with SMGs, Increases volume for some weapons.

Improved Sound FX - GRA:
Includes both volume changes and sharing fix for Boza and Anti Material Rifle(GRA).

Follow instructions inside its respective esps files which can be found as a separate download.

--Project Nevada--
Improved Sound FX - Project Nevada:
Makes new weapons added by Project Nevada to match the volume and sound distance of ISFX.
This will only work if you have "Project Nevada - Equipment.esm" or else the game will crash. If you don't use it, then you don't need this plugin.

Example load order:
(--ALL DLCs using merged--)
Improved Sound FX.esp
Improved Sound FX - Weapon Sharing Fix.esp <--- (Don't use this if you have WMX/WME/FOOK)
Improved Sound FX - Merged Major DLCs <--- (Don't use this if you have WMX/WME/FOOK)
Improved Sound FX - GRA

(--PLACEMENT if you don't have all DLCs--)
Improved Sound FX.esp
Improved Sound FX - Weapon Sharing Fix.esp <--- (Don't use this if you have WMX/WME/FOOK)
Improved Sound FX - DM.esp
Improved Sound FX - HH.esp
Improved Sound FX - HH Sharing Fix.esp <--- (Don't use this if you have WMX/WME/FOOK)
Improved Sound FX - OWB Sharing Fix.esp
Improved Sound FX - LR Sharing Fix
Improved Sound FX - GRA

Delete the sound folder
Or files that came from this mod.

wep folder is where all sounds for weapons are and fx, phy, ui folder are the effects sounds.

Sound Credits
-Samu Sinervo

Recommended Sound Mods
AG Weapon Reload Sounds: Changes reload and jam sounds

Power Armor Soundified: Footstep sounds when you are in power armor.

Change Log
-Fixed errors with Old World Blues DLC with WMX, WME, and FOOK weapons, caused by load order change
-Fixed LR sharing fix load order

-Lonesome Road: Weapon volume changes and sharing fix for SMMG (Improved Sounds FX - LR Sharing Fix.esp)
-Fixed load order issues with compatibly patches for WMX, WME, and FOOK
-ESP for Project Nevada's new weapons to match gunshot volume and sound range with ISFX

-Created new gunshot sounds for LASR, Plasma Defender, Plasma Caster, Plasma pistol, Multiplas, and Gauss Rifle.
-LASR and COB Sniper now affected by OWB Sharing Fix
-Gunshot volume changes to energy weapons and some npc gunshots
-Removed WMX changes in base OWB Sharing Fix

-Added Sharing Fix for Old World Blues
-Added WMX version for Old World Blues
-Sharing Fix compatibility for WME
-Gunshot volume changes to following weapons to match with the rest of the weapons
(Shotgun Lever-Action, RCW, Hunting Rifle, Anti Material Sniper, Brush Gun, Caravan Shotgun, .44 Magnum, 10mm pistol silencer, Sniper silencer)

-Redone 10mm pistol distant gunshot.
-Fixed a miss named file for 9mm distant gunshot
-Fixed a mistake with 45 pistol missing silent gunshots when HH sharing fix is not used
-Sharing fixes compatible with WMX

-New sounds for DLC weapons (Dead Money, Honest Hearts)
-45 pistol now uses its own sounds rather than using the same as 9mm pistol
-Changed 9mm distance gunshot.

-Weapon Sharing Fix plugin is now compatible with patch 1.3 (Apr 26)
-Redone marksman rifle, carbine assault, .22 SD Pistol, and hunting rifle
-Smoothed out cutoff sounds of brush gun, cowboy rifle, smg 127 gunshots
-Minor EQ change to sniper silence and varmint rifle
-Gunshot volume adjustments in all esp files
-Fix .22 SD pistol not making any noise

-Weapon Sharing Fix is now compatible with patch (Dec 14)
-Fixed a mistake with 3rd person Sniper Rifle gunshots using distance sounds
-Changed some distance sounds (pistols, snipers)
-Changed some gunshot sounds (Carbine Assault, Marksman Combine, Sniper Rifle)
-Added a more bullet impact and bullet whiz-by sounds
-Minor volume changes to main plugin

-Replaced old silencers
-Sniper and varmint rifle silencers, 10mm and 12.7mm, .22 silencers will now use their own sounds. (added new sounds and esp changes)
-Added sounds for assault combine that was sharing sounds with service rifle.

-Added plugin 'Weapon Sharing Fix'
Removes sharing of weapons that used the same fire sound (This Machine and sniper, Light Machinegun and SMG, Service Rifle and varmint Rifle) and changes the dynamite equip sound to unarmed. Added new sounds for the split weapons. This plugin should be merged if you are using any mods that change the weapons
-Increased volume to some 3rd person gunshots to better match 1st person volume.
-Smoothed out fire loop for minigun.
-Increase impact and explosion sound attenuation curve and distance
-Minor reduction to volume for pistol laser gunfire distance
-Assault Combine and Sniper Rifle distance crack changed.

-Added some missing impact sounds
-Added plugin 'Gunshot Distance Tweak':
Base gunshot sounds will be heard louder at a further distance until the distance sound effects takes over. This is a attempted workaround/fix for a bug with gunshot sounds disappearing when at a certain distance away. This will also make combat less quite from medium range.
This mainly changes the attenuation curve and not distance.
-Added distance sounds for energy weapons
-Normalized/increased reload and jam sounds (esp)
-Fixed some distance gunshots using the old sounds

-Tweak certain gunshot weapon volume
-Increased bullet, plasma, laser impact sound volume
-Increased explosion, laser beam, and bullet whiz-by volume
-Pistol silence and SMG silence now use their own sounds
-changed one of the silencer sounds
-added changes for modded silence for rifles and hunting rifle
-poison/addicted sound reduced

-All conventional weapons gunshots are now replaced
-Changed some sounds from v0.1
-Fix lever-action sound delay mismatch
-Added missing chamber release sound to 357 revolver gunshot
-Added plugin to: fix some guns sharing the same sound and increased gunshot volume to most weapons.

Enhanced Blood Textures: