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  1. Dorksis
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  2. emeraldminer299
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    The file size for these textures compared to landscape and plant textures make me realize how few weapons there are and how small the models are.
  3. pmahoney1337
    • member
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    I have the detailed normals texture pack which mainly deals with landscape textures and such, but not weapons. Will this mod conflict with it?
    1. Trajan90125
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      totally unrelated, but DT is the tits
  4. NicBSCardoso
    • member
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    Is it compatible with WMIM?
  5. iamagenius1
    • member
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    Will this conflict with Antistar's Weapon Mods Expanded? I used a similar mod back in Fallout 3 the original and that worked fine.
    1. Brandon007
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      I wish to know the answer to this as well...
    2. DonProtein
      • supporter
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      It won't.
  6. Ness92
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    • 299 posts
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    what a hekk when i try to drag textures folder to data folder it keeps coming up a diagnostic message saying unexpected end of archive at the end of message, this is wierd i never had this problem before.
  7. mnelson999
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    Awesome mod -- I'm surprised that this is not more widely known. Using this in conjunction with WRP and together they look great.
  8. Boerner
    • member
    • 358 posts
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    Still works great.
  9. Al99
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    Does this apply to Ranger Sequoia ?
  10. Das Great
    Das Great
    • member
    • 23 posts
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    It is a while since I have said or mentioned anything, but this will conflict with anything that changes the weapon textures, nothing else. This in turn means that landscape textures will not conflict, nor will mods that change weapon states.

    To be absolutely certain of none to as few conflicts as possible, install all other mods over this one, as frogs345 stated before.

    Seeing as Arenovalis has made actual re-textures, I would highly recommend his mod in lieu of this, or in conjunction.

    I may or may not make more mods/update in the future, due to the bad habit of not advancing further than conceptual projects.