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Adds BlackWolf backpacks to Johnson Nash\'s and OldLady Gibson\'s inventory. Perfect for realistic carryweight mods.

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Models- Balian
Mod Format- Bunsaki
Much thanks to them for the open permissions because I'm too lazy to make my own models when perfectly good ones exist.

Links to original Fallout 3mods

If you have and old version (0.1b or 0.1c)go to Johnson Nash or Gibson, and save and quit. Then delete the .esp, start the game, and save and quit again. Then load the new .esp, this will prevent a bug in which the carry weight of the old backpack is permanently added to your character.

Adds BlackWolf backpacks.

Primm- Johnson Nash
Novac- Old Lady Gibson

15lb Fanny Pack can now be worn with other backpacks.

Perfect for realistic carryweight mods.

I originally made this due to the lack of backpack mods in New Vegas for use with my personal mod. Only releasing due to open permissions provided on the original mods nexus pages.

Later version may possibly have new models to add things like rucksacks and the like. Depends on if I get into the details of how to make .nifs.