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Changes the AI of companions so that they interact with their environment instead of just standing there when you tell them to wait. Version 2 keeps the original waiting AI, but has a Sandbox package that can be started through dialogue instead.

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This mod is now outdated. I recommend using tyron1234's Improved Companion Sandbox. It is based on my mod, but with both new and improved features. Check it out!


Original description follows.


Ever annoyed by the fact that if you'd let your companions wait, they'd just stand there like a statue? Now you can make companions go into 'sandbox mode', which allows them to interact with the environment.

Your companions will walk around, sit in chairs, lean against walls, or even harvest a nearby plant or dead animal for food. And possibly some other things.

Right now, there are two different versions.

Version 2:

Adds a new sandbox package to all the companions, and allows you to activate it by talking to your companions and telling them that they can relax. They will respond to this with their own voice, and a little gesture that is different for each companion.

The advantage of this is that the original 'wait here' command can still be used, so that your companions will still stand still if you need them to (for combat strategy reasons).

Bonus features: Companions will switch to casual clothing when relaxing (optional), and ED-E has a dialogue option that allows him to play New Vegas Radio.

Version 1:

The simple version, only replaces the 'wait here' package with the sandbox package. The advantage is that this didn't require altering the companions, so it is more likely to be compatible with mods that alter companions.
The disadvantage is that if you tell companions to wait while you're in a dangerous area, they might wander around a bit and do something stupid like walking over a mine.
When possible, I recommend using Version 2 instead.


V2: This version is more likely to be incompatible with mods that change something about companions.

When in doubt, load the other mod later than this one (so that one will definitely work) and then see if using the relax dialogue topic still makes the companions go into sandbox mode. If your companion just stands still right there when you tell them to relax, or they start walking home, it's very likely there's a conflict with that other mod that alters the companion.

If no compatibility patch is made by anyone for the conflicting mod, use Version 1.2 instead.

It should be possible to merge changes that other mods make to the companions with FNVEdit, if you know how.

V1: This version should be compatible with most other mods that alter companions, unless they also change the guard AI package.

Known Issues or Bugs

I'll mention it again: If your companion stands perfectly still all the time when told to relax, or starts walking home, this is because of a mod conflict.

Companions can use all kinds of furniture and 'idle markers'. This means they can sit in chairs, lean against a wall, or hang over a counter, but they can also do strange things. Like gardening, taking over the barman's job of cleaning plates, or other things you wouldn't expect. There isn't much that can be done about this, but it's all fairly harmless (and funny sometimes).

Companions unequip their helmets when they relax and change clothes, but if you come back to them later they may have re-equipped them. I have been unable to find a solution for this.


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging or redistributing any part of
this mod. If I do not respond within 3 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod, as long as you give credit where credit is due and include the unmodified readme.