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Fellout. Playing God and messing with weather since 2008!

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Fellout NV 1.4
Fellout got rid of the green in Fallout3 and is the 4th most endorsed mod of all time.

Fellout NV does more of the same from the same author. There may be no green, but there's sure a lot of orange.

Orange? Soft, warm, comfortable orange shades in the Mojave desert? This isn't a log cabin camp fire, it's one of the harshest places on Earth! Fellout NV replaces that orange with harsh, unforgiving and hot environments.

Fellout NV removes the orange tint from most areas and creates a realistic lighting environment. It does this indoors and out. Static lighting is usually a bit darker, but has a longer range (or a larger "pool") while ambient lighting is reduced - Check Freeside out at night.

The weather modes are overhauled and given realistic brightness, realistic colouring and realistic lighting. There's a night now (because the game sure didn't have any nights) which gets pretty dark, the daytime desert haze fades off into the distance naturally, hell you can almost feel the desert sun beating down on your neck!

See the readme for what's changed in each version.

Featured in PC Gamer's 25 Best Fallout: New Vegas Mods