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  1. skyranger-1
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    If you have a problem caused by a recent version of NVSR:
    1. Find your NVSR ini file. See the "Master" section at the top of it. Disable features from there (by changing ones to zeroes) until your problem goes away. If you can change all the ones to zeroes and your problem remains then likely NVSR was not at fault. Re-enable features that weren't the cause of your problem.
    2. Post here. Describe the problem. Tell me which line in the "Master" section was associated with the problem. If you have used a previous version of NVSR that did not cause the problem, let me know about that, including which version it was.

    and optionally, 3. If you're feeling industrious, try finding the section of the NVSR ini associated with the particular feature you're having trouble with (not all features have ini sections, but many do), and try adjusting its settings to see if they have any effect on your problem.

    That will at least give me a fighting chance of figuring out what went wrong. Hopefully.
  2. sorrowzs
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    my game doesnt load after installing NVSR in MO2 (nvse opens and then it shutdowns itself) and when i unmark nvsr the game initiates.

    several weeks ago i installed TTW then after 2 weeks i uninstalled it but when i installed new vegas only again the only thing that doesnt work anymore is the nvsr somebody knows why? i did a clean registry and a proper uninstall of TTW so idk what could cause the problem

    yes my windows is W10
  3. keithapple
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    idk what kind of black magic you did but strange things occur:
    Playing New Vegas with this mod:
    On GT 630 no difference vs Vanilla, with bunch of mods especially weijiesen's it's just choppy at times. Shadow and effects like Depth of Field and Reflections are disabled.
    On the same bunch of mods, after i put in 8GB of RAM and changing to GTX 750 the game is as quick as Quake III: Arena on any up to date hardware 10 years after its release. ALL EFFECTS ARE PUT TO HIGHEST POSSIBLE (while Antialiasing and Anisotropic remain on 2 samples)
    On GT 630, Skyrim with bunch of mods can play reasonably stable in 30-45 fps
    On the same bunch of mods, after i put in 8GB of RAM and changing to GTX 750 the game stutters to unplayable level as i look around even though the fps dramatically boosted to 60 fps. Culprit most likely point to how GT 630 has 2GB but GTX 750 has 1GB (though on a faster RAM bus and frequency).

    I'm on Windows 7 SP1 x64 all the time btw. Resolution is 1366x768.
  4. EpicWaster4
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    OK, so what happens if my Data Folder has a file named "nvse" already? I'm using Vortex and my current mod manager. Can I name it something else? Or do I have to use a different mod manager? Thanks!
    1. EvilOssie
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      You already have NVSE installed, but dbl-check it...inside that folder should be another folder titled 'plugins', and inside that should be your NVSE-dependent plugins, .ini files, etc. If the plugins folder isn't there, you have an incomplete NVSE install and need to make the plugins folder. If it is there, just follow the install instructions on the front page here.
  5. Brad852
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    For anyone who is having issues with either poor stability or persisting stutters when using settings commonly found to be recommended on here for use post Windows 10 update, for me it was guaranteed crashing upon death and general crashes in various different scenarios this is what mended all of my issues and my game now runs smooth and is stable.
    TLR - Set iDefaultMode to 3 under CriticalSections, ensure that bUseOverrides is 1 under the aforementioned section, finally delete "Spin = 6000" under the 3rd CriticalSection of the OverrideList. If it doesn't work make sure that the settings under Master are as follows:

    bManageFPS = 1
    bHookCriticalSections = 1
    bHookLightCriticalSections = 0
    bHookHashtables = 1
    bReplaceHeap = 1
    bReplaceGetTickCount = 1
    bLogToConsole = 0
    bFastExit = 1
    bFlushLog = 1
    iSchedulingResolution = 1
    bReplaceRandom = 1
    bExperimentalStuff = 0
    iMainHookPoint = 1 

    Many guides recommended disabling bHookCriticalSections, in my experience this causes severe stuttering when moving around the wasteland though enabling it causes awful stability with the game often crashing. Another common recommendation is to set iDefaultMode to 1 as otherwise the game wont even load past the menus when bHookCriticalSections is enabled, however, I found that if you set iDefaultMode to the original value of 3 but disabling overriding then the game will launch just fine and stop but now the stuttering issues begin to occur once again, this is because the first override improves performance significantly so with overrides disables it does not come into effect, but enabling overrides will cause the stability issues. The problem lies with the 3rd override in the list with the line "Spin = 6000", removing this brings back the stability without the sacrifice of performance.
    I hope my findings can help some others, I spent a very long time trying different combinations of settings and narrowing down what the problem could be. It may be worth noting that I do also use ENBoost and the NVSE memory patch.
    1. moonman3km
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      I tried all those steps but I am still getting stuttering when cells are loaded in.
    2. nik2012
      • member
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      Show entries from your sr_New_Vegas_Stutter_Remover.ini and which version of your windows 10 is using
      windows 10 creators update -?
      windows 10 fall creators update -?
      windows 10 april 2018 update -?
      windows 10 october 2018 update -?
    3. hinatahyugaftw
      • member
      • 21 posts
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      Stutter remover does not remove all stutters, so @moonman3km make sure you are making a merged patch or bashed patch so its easier for ur game to load in ur mods because that also removes stutters. Also brad's post only applies if ur game is crashing because windows 10 is glitchy with nvsr u gotta disable some core parts of nvsr to get it working but that keeps the stuttering.
    4. hinatahyugaftw
      • member
      • 21 posts
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      OKAY THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your advice helped. I also followed what nvsr said in its text folder for fps management and for breplaceheap if u have 4gb patcher. For me I have windows 10 version 1607 (anniversary update 14393.1770) and I can confirm that this can help. My stutters are removed and my game wont crash after going through many areas over and over again, I tested for 50 minutes. Usually it will make u crash with windows 10 around 20-30 minutes if u keep fast traveling repeatedly and going into cells/areas over and over again. Mine did not crash at all. Thank You!

      ps: Make sure if u have a heavily modded game or have over 20 mods to make a merged patch/bashed patch. Bigger mods even require it. having a merged or bashed patch will decrease stuttering aswell.
      I have around 90-100 mods too.
      I got like 86 esps/esms enabled.

      My specs are gtx 970
      i5 4690k
      8gb of ram
      and what evers.
    5. Honesty
      • member
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      @Brad852 -

      Kudos given.

      I was honestly on the verge of uninstalling New Vegas today. I have been modding Bethesda games (and been playing/modding NV since 2010) for years, butthe game just did not play nicely with Windows 10 (silly how some people couldn't get it to run well on W7, but that happened).

      Some of it was my fault (PSA to others here: I don't care who's dogmeat told you so, but this engine version was not meant to load 4K textures) - I had a bunch of very large, high resolution textures (some 4K). I had since downgraded to 2K stuff, and applied your solution above.

      Ran around the wasteland, where I noticed certain assets loading up would stutter me before -- nope. Not this time. Like, *NOTHING* at all also. Not even a smidge of a stutter. It was completely, flawlessly perfect.

      Now, I won't expect to *never* get a micro-stutter once a blue moon. I mean, this happens even on Skyrim (SE) and FO4 (depending on the situation, location, size of textures and whats going on in that particular scene). Once more, this is FONV. It would be expected to happen, at some point(s).

      But, for now? This is beautiful. Thanks again -- looks like NV gets to stay installed.
    6. gamergeektwo
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      God bless you for this, I almost gave up on NV but this fixed my problem.
    7. ZeAfroGentleman
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      As a regular commoner who doesn't really know what to do, can you show me what exactly you have currently in your NVSR ini file. So I can copy that over? Kudos to whoever does this for me. It would help me out a lot, seeing I want to stream the game from start to finish on my Twitch, and I figured it would be absolutely amazing if my game was stable, and performed well on my PC too. I already posted my specs somewhere down the line, but they are:

      CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10Ghz (4 CPUs) (which is overclocked to 3.4Ghz now).
      GPU: AMD Radeon RX 580 Series 8gb.
      Ram: 8gb DDR3.
    8. Kazuya482
      • member
      • 672 posts
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      Wow this actually works. Great stability AND performance returned.

      This should be spread around more and on other sites if this isn't already common knowledge.
    9. hinatahyugaftw
      • member
      • 21 posts
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      If you followed GamerPoets fps and stability guide for new vegas DO NOT CHANGE your iaudiocachesize or imaxsizeforcachedsound. This will make NVSR CRASH YOUR GAME AGAIN. I have tested this thoroughly. This warning only concerns people who have followed Brad852's post on how to fix nvsr with windows 10
    10. rief
      • premium
      • 18 posts
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      It doesn't work for me :(. I really would like to know WTF is going on with windows 10.
    11. Dizzyfatpigeon
      • supporter
      • 87 posts
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      ok. dude, dude...DUDE


      I have been playing and modding this game for nigh on 6 years, and your fix above has finally fixed the random loading stutter I get when moving around the wasteland.

      I can't explain how many things I tried to stop this, as the type of stutter I had was very nondescript and hard to google around for...and almost 3 complete new pc builds did it for me with this fix

      even though there isn't a whole lot going on, it would stop for almost 2 seconds at a time when moving almost anywhere in the wasteland.

      stutter is totally gone, especially cell to cell, I honestly cannot describe my thanks right now

      out of memory error from moving indoors to outdoors? fixed (sometimes using up to 6GB of VRAM)
      annoying 2 second stutter when loading a new cell? fixed

      I promise you, I have probably one of the, if not thee most visually heavy games out there
      4K with a heavy enb, and an insane number of texture mods (for stress testing purposes)

      the only way I can induce stutters is by setting my player speed to crazy amounts (player.setav speedmult xxx for those who want to test too)
      300/500 but the stutters there are then are a given, sometimes it will freeze, but it will always come too with a 7200rpm HDD

      the fps will now drop as the gpu struggles (as it should) rather than horrible stutters.

      this is the best EVER my game has performed.
      This post needs to be mounted on a golden plaque somewhere in the wasteland and real world.

      Few more questions though:

      What would LOD gen mean for any of these variables, will performance be affected?
      With the new added stability, would it be too cheeky to start tinkering with uGrids distances?

    12. lautasantenni
      • member
      • 414 posts
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      You sir are amazing, and this needs to be on a sticky note. This is VITAL INFORMATION!

      My game went from crashing every 5 minutes to being stable for hours on end.
    13. hinatahyugaftw
      • member
      • 21 posts
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      it doesnt touch that stuff dizzy, that just depends on ur pc for ugrids if it can handle it loading a bigger area.
    14. ReCoNzEIRE1996
      • premium
      • 5 posts
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      I had an issue where New Vegas was almost crashing with repeating audio whenever I opened the pause menu before making these changes, after playing around for 30 minutes it seems all of my issues with stutter/crashing have gone(for now). I will check back in after playing for a few hours and see how I fare. But for now thank you for your fix.

      EDIT: 8 hours in, stutter is back and boy it is not kind.
      2nd Edit: Yeah, after trying other settings nothing works as well as these, guess I gotta live with these, not perfect but definitely the best settings, cheers.
    15. Kais666
      • member
      • 2 posts
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      Real works, thank u very much!
  6. silentmark666
    • member
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    This mod was causing the game to not even start up on windows 10
  7. Maxson20
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    OK so I had some problems with this mod but the problem was this doesn't work with vortex. if you use vortex the game crashes every 15 min or so I think vortex installs the mod in the wrong spot, idk. you need to manually do this mod.
  8. brightshade782
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    For me this mod causes an audio stutter, upon closing the game via any method. This happens even when it is the only mod installed on a clean game install.
    1. wellden
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      • 2,960 posts
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      Try setting this in your Fallout.ini (or custom if using MO2) worked for me when on win 10. Now on secondary pc with win 7
  9. VariableEagle
    • member
    • 126 posts
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    In response to post #59278591. #59313181 is also a reply to the same post.


    Please refer to my ini file mod to fix in 2018

    Did you seriously spam four pages worth of posts in this thread just to the same link?
    I'm also very skeptical of your ini edit. NVSR's critical section hooks and heap replacer are why it's not working well with Win 10. If you disable those sections, then yes obviously it will stop crashing but you're not getting the performance benefit either, since you disabled the meat of the plugin. I'm pretty sure that setting bReplaceHeap in the master section to 6 defaults it to disabled, since they're supposed to be boolean toggles. Setting the heap algorithm to 6 is supposed to be done in the heap section. Can you link this Russian page where you read about this trick? I have never heard of anything like this "variable multiplier" being used in any context in any gamebryo game.
    1. Bottletopman
      • member
      • 1,465 posts
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      lol he's deleting comments containing any semblance of scepticism or questioning the Buzzfeed style title and phrases used, especially ones pointing out the bReplaceHeap setting.

      For the record though, the primary settings are more or less what RoyBatty told me to use after I asked for help regarding parkinsons ironsights. I can't say the same for the settings further below though.
    2. RoyBatterian
      • premium
      • 8,575 posts
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      It has placebo settings like bReplaceHeap = 6 , doesn't listen to feedback from people who know what they are talking about, and deletes people's posts questioning it... GOOD FORM.

      Ignore it/him.
  10. wallefan1
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    Anyone know a fix? This is my Stutter log:
    hook_GetTickCount bPreserveDC_Bias=1 Sync=0ms bForceResolution=1 bPreserveHighFreqComponents=0 bPreserveHighFreqComponents=0
    replacing libc rand(), srand()
    Critical Sections mode 3 (staggered prioritization)
    hooking LCS functions (partial hooks, 3, 1000)
    used 38 hashtable size overrides
    hook point 1: hooking call to main game function
    timeBeginPeriod: 0 -> 1
    timeEndPeriod: 1 -> 0
    1. Sixxtysixx
      • supporter
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      A fix for what problem exactly? Whatever it is, a common fix related to your log is to go into the NVSR ini, find the line bHookCriticalSections = 1, and change the value from 1 to 0. It seems that setting can potentially cause problems with newer/modern systems. For more in depth, and probably better settings, check out the next post below by redmaxblower. If you aren't already, you should also be using NVAC and the 4GB patch.
  11. Gavwav
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    Since this mod has been completely ruined by Windows 10 and will lead to eminent frequent crashes, I would recommend deleting it, uninstalling all your mods, clean installing your entire game and then follow this video.

    Basically, the guy shows you how to install his own 4GB Patcher and his custom Fallout INIs. On top of this, you may have to adjust your settings in the NVidia Control Panel (ensure that your gaming driver is selected in the FNV Launcher Options), update your driver via GeForce Experience and also reduce your game resolution as a last resort. However, I would say these are the main options to try as there were many other fixes I had to carry out. I was able to get in touch with the the user who uploaded the video via the comment section and he was willing enough to help run me through getting the game to run smoothly without the stutter remover (you can find my comment easily in that video since it's got like, 28 replies as of now). While it may be an annoying chore, I would recommend taking the time to read our conversation. This guy is such a genius when it comes to gaming performance and he deserves more recognition. So far, I'm able to run the base game with minimal stuttering (even though it is still slightly present, but not on a bothersome level). I'll get round to installing my mods step-by-step without reducing the games current performance and see where that gets me.
    1. redmaxblower
      • supporter
      • 144 posts
      • 36 kudos
      I'm a huge fan of Carinth, his ENB hosted on MoDB is the only one I use.

      I also use the .ini files he includes with his 4gb patcher; with a few tweaks added from EesArrBee's: "Fear and Loathing in New Vegas" guide.

      However, his 4gb patch is a bit cumbersome to use and as soon as I install texture packs and mods like Project Nevada, AWOP, etc. I get crashes.

      Glad it works for you though.