Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 70 : New possibilites

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The author of the Race Menu mod has been busy updating one mod, releasing another and finding ways to make new and exciting mods a real possibility. Find out how in this video.

Thumbnail image for this video is 'The Second Wind' courtesy of TheRequiem.

Download links for reviewed mods:
CharGen Extension
NetImmerse Override


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  1. TheFearmaker1
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    I wish there was a mod that adds like a epic One Handed Hammer that looks like it should be two handed
  2. Khenta
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    I just released a mod that allows you to cover up certain parts of the skin with chainmail or another texture using Body tattoos and RaceMenu.

    Check it out!
    1. elkatracho23
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      yo is the mod only for pc or it also can be done on xbox 360?
    2. Ethang123
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      You can't get mods on xbox 360
    3. TheFearmaker1
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      You can but you can get banned lol wouldn't recommend it either
  3. 1BloodKnight
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    Hi Gopher i got a question and i need som help 2 install a mod its the (Another Daedric Artifacts) and my problem is that the weapons r kinnde of mest upp they r balck and gott some tiny colerfull sparks on them, and even som times wenn i go in 2 my inventory it can crachs my game some times wenn the weapons r ther and i dont know how to fix it plizzz help me
  4. AeonAvatar
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    Hey Gopher, I'd love if you did a video tutorial for us dumber/lazier mod users on how to easily set up the Lootification mod:
    It's supposed to sort out all your installed weapon and armor mods to be properly distributed in the leveled lists, WITH enchantments added like they are to vanilla weapons, but it seems a little complicated to set up, and you always explain things in a way that makes it easy.   It involves sort of registering all your weapon and armor mods with it.

    I would especially like to know if it would work with SkyRe and the Reproccer, and how.  I was going to install it, but then it wanted to overwrite Reproccer files, so I cancelled and played it safe lol.

    Thanks for any help man, and it would be awesome if you made a video about this.
  5. seanxx
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    Is Bilbo'sshort sword STING possibly possible now ? That would be beyond cool
    1. stridiculous
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      The first thing that came to my mind.
    2. Kursan
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      Its already available and more, you should check out "Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons"
      Fantastic work!
    3. deleted1308005
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      But.. What.. I don't even..

      How is this related to Sting?
    4. Elementroar
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      Because you know his sword only glows around goblins. The NetImmerse Override could possibly be used to make a sword only glow when around certain actors theoretically. Or make the animation pulse faster when those actors get closer.

      In Elder Scrolls-verse, I guess the equivalent would either be Rieklings or Orcs.
    5. ROFLynn
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      I keep thinking about Falmer myself. Imagine going into an unfamiliar cave and suddenly, blue glow. You've been warned. You'll either be fighting (or fleeing from) Falmer in this cave.
  6. Vysh
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    A while back Wyldtats and I were trying to figure out a way to get glowing tattoos for his Noiral, but I wasn't smart enough. I was also toying around with a way to combine my mods Glowtastic and Animated Weapon Enchants into an Animated Armor Enchants mod, but again, wasn't smart enough to make it work. Maybe this can bridge the gap to genius.

    One thing I love about modding is how it can inspire other folks to do something better or slightly differently, and they start making their own mods.
  7. BrabbelKP
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    Not sure if you can change the complete texture with this method, but I think different textures for items is a feature planned for AV (Automatic Variants), SkyProc opens a lot of possibilities too.

    Speaking of SkyProc, has anyone thought of creating a SkyProc mod to unify all the mods that add warpaints, eyes and hair to the character-creation? That would be kind of cool to reduce load order, ensure compatibility with stuff like custom races and prevent having the same new things multiple times.
    1. Gudiomen
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      Even if complete textures aren't possible, it's clearly able to overlay multiple shapes, patterns and gradients of varying opacity. So it should be possible to give armor a damaged, battered or worn look. Or to give characters wounds, boils and bruises without changing the underlying skin. Great possibilities by any standards.
    2. Sepherose
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      Dynamic scars. That would be awesome.
    3. hayden295
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      Dynamic scars would be very interesting. If you do not successfully block a attack maybe a small chance a scar will appear. Then if you want to get rid of scars. Face Merchant in Ratway, or Healing Ritual Quest. It would really expand the possibilities for Immersion gaming.
  8. tony1991
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    Glowmaps are saved in the .nif, it's a model thing, not a texture thing. So you couldn't change color, but you could have it where the normal texture is all black thus disabling glowmaps, then the script changes to a glowmapped texture thus illuminating the item. Just my $0.02
  9. whismerhill
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    hum it opens up new possibilities but they are all bunched up in a submenu ? not very practical
    I think I still prefer ECE
    seems more advanced to me for now

    opinions ?
    1. trzcinaj
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      Those are different kind of mods so you can't really compare them. One is Race Menu interface overhaul and the ECE gives you a whole lot of new character creation options. Not to mention that they work together almost flawlessly too.

      If you want to compare ECE to something then compare it to RaceMenuPlugin and CharGen Extension as those give you a new options during character creation too, but both of them are optional and not needed at all.
  10. NerevarineKhajiit
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    There's another mod that allows something similar to netimmerse override. Model manager allows you to use an MCM to select between texture mods for weapons and armor.
    1. Sepherose
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      Model manager is for out of game mod installation, NIO is for in game dynamic alteration of the textures on models.