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Preparing for Starfield

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Starfield, the first game in a brand new series from Bethesda Game Studios, is coming to PC and Xbox in November and while that may seem to be a long way off yet, we're already excitedly preparing for the release. 

Update 12 May 2022: Bethesda has announced on Twitter that Starfield has been delayed until the first half of 2023. 

If you haven't heard about it yet, Starfield is going to be the debut entry in an entirely new franchise and marks the first single-player RPG released by BGS since Fallout 4 all the way back in 2015. The details of the new game world and story have not been fully revealed yet and we've been eagerly following the "Into The Starfield" video series as it teases more and more information about the upcoming title. 

What we do know is Starfield will be using an updated version of the Creation Engine which has been used to power Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 (which is in itself an evolution of the Gamebyro Engine used by older titles). Todd Howard has also confirmed in an AMA on Reddit that Starfield will have full mod support, which is great news for our community!


So what are we doing to prepare for Starfield? Glad you asked! We're slowly ramping up our efforts to create a community space for Starfield. This is comprised of a few parts:

  • Starfield Modding Discord - We could have simply added Starfield channels to our main server, but this time around we felt it would be far better to separate the Starfield discussion into its own server. There are already some interesting conversations happening there, including early planning of a Community Patch for the game. If you're interested in modding Starfield, please do check it out. 
  • Starfield Modding Forums - We've created a new forum category where you can talk about the game, modding or even share your ideas for mods.  
  • Starfield Modding Wiki - While it's pretty barebones right now, we plan to use the site for Starfield to serve as a hub for important information about modding which would otherwise be lost to obscurity in forum posts, Discord servers or Reddit threads. 
  • Starfield Game Section - Coming November 2022. We'll be opening the doors on the site section to share your mods, images, videos and collections for Starfield.

That's not all, we're also actively engaging with our friends at Bethesda to learn more about the game and get more modding-specific information that we can share with mods authors, tool developers and the community to allow us to work together to create a modding community that could rival the ones for their previous games. 

Are you as excited as we are for Starfield? What kinds of mods would you like to see? Join the discussion on the forums. 

Don't forget to wishlist Starfield on Steam or join Constellation on Bethesda's website to stay updated. 


  1. julia581
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    Fu​ck m​e ha​rd he​re -
  2. deleted2534698
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    • 22 posts
    • 0 kudos many bugs are modders expecting to need fixing...this time?
  3. nymphatica
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    Elder scrolls 6 won’t exist in my lifetime it seems maybe I’ll be like 60 years old playing it… if I was an investor I would pull out.. this studio is unproductive and becoming overrated. Todd Howard is a hack. 
    1. TrickyTrack00
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      With recent events and another delay, yep, very much agreed
    2. sewerrat5150
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      That is an interesting perspective, but here is something to think about.
      1) At least they are making a game.
      2) If the game or game type is not for you, then don't buy it.
      3) You have not spent any money on the game or any time making a mod for the game.
      4) The game is not even released yet, and all you can do is b&@*$ and complain. If all that you want to do is take out your frustrations and complain, then do it somewhere else. 
      5) If you think that you could do a better job then go for it, otherwise shut up and grow up.
    3. Thegoldengirl64
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      I have been waiting a looooooong time; - being 60 next year. :-)
    4. MrKit
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      I am already 60 years old and a HUGE Bethesda fanboy (I guess that would be FanGeezer by now) having almost forgiven them for Fallout 76. And even though I am DESPERATE to play The Elder Scrolls VI and Fallout 5, they don't owe me a thing. It's up to them to take their time and create whatever their vision is. Then, it's up to us to buy it or not buy it, play it or not play it, mod it or not mod it. My visions is not theirs and as long as they deliver whatever they advertise, they are semi-fine by me. I'd rather have better games that I wait quite impatiently to play than rushed junk for which I over pay. 
    5. Pellape
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      I am 60 and I plan to play it when I am 70, no doubt.  I even begin classes next autumn as a 3d Designer student, finally  :D. I have plans to build a cool planet base for crafting or even try to make the Mandolorian Space Ship. We see when exporters comes out for Blender as I guess it will require a new NIF version (again). I did start with Blender 2005, for Morrowind and later made stuff for Oblivion but never for Skyrim, but I ported some Skyrim stuff to Oblivion never the less (with permissions of course from the specific authors)...  ;)  I cannot stop thinking about how to build a moon base, if they are not cool already that is, with a more round deign. We see.  Here is one of my latest 3D stuff I made:

      And latest for Oblivion?

      I am extremely excited to see what we can do with Starfield really.   :D   More excited over this than I am over TES 6 right now as I played TES since 1996 TES 2 Daggerfall and I need a break from it   ;)

      Here is my latest and biggest mod project ever if you wanna peek at what might be possible to make?  The Legacy of the Champion and I wanna make something similar for Starfield, no doubt.  :)  That mod is loosely based on the ideas behind The Legacy of the Dragonborn but with my own designs, mostly. I bet the whole Skyrim modding community will start making stuff as soon as we get our hands on the Construction kit, but do remeber what did happen 2011, nothing, well Skyrim came out but Construction Kit was released first 2012-2013... :/ So honestly, if Bethesda do the same again, We might not be able to mod this game until 2024-2025, not proper. Do recall that some low level editors was released 2011 that broke a broken game. Skyrim SE is exetremely stabile but it sure took years for Bethesda to fix all issues + the unofficial bugfixes of course. We still need Construction Kit to be ablke to make proper bugfixes never the less. The game will be full of bugs in September and Todd Howard will be yelled at again  :D
    6. JImi303
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      Other studios flop and flop time and time and again even battlefield is ass now and cod just did a little better w warzone 2. I play madden and 2k and every year those games are the same and there is little fun to be had unless you enjoy the sport. Best single player game to release in the past 5 years was Hogwarts lol, I hope find some way to enjoy the 100+ hour of gameplay for the vanilla game and the mod community that provides a mass amount of content for Bethesda games :) 
    7. JinixElder
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      Yeah I know the feeling, I'm waiting and still may not make it ...I'm 81 already!
  4. ItalianHunter99
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    pls someone could create a 3D model of Camina Drummer (The Expanse) for Starfield ? i want to play as Camina !
    1. sleneesh
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      that'd be so dope. 
  5. azizkhabbaz1990
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    Someone make Vehicles 😍
    1. Centerman
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      Someone definitely will. Probably within the 1st month of release.
  6. jrrydha98
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    Better be some good UI mods to install because the UI from the demo gameplay looks just as ugly and soulless like Skyrim. Why do Bethesda always design everything with white and black? and weapon menu is also just white shapes of guns???. That is so trash and lazy designed 
    1. Etteragicrq
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      I like the minimalistic UI way more, and its very on point actually. You don't need any distraction in your interface, that's a bad way to do it
    2. daxoss
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  7. Tkiyo
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    We have any way of knowing what kind of PC is needed to run this at 120 frames in 8k? Gotta think ahead for those mods.
  8. huhwhat23921
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    Where's the starfield game section? Game is in early access
  9. Mephisto279
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    I cant wait for Star-Rim to get underway! 
  10. Terodescocado
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    Hello community of mods, I need you to add a mod of the dog from Fallout 4 please, if you can I would be very grateful, sorry that I used the google translator to request this because my English is not very fluent, thank you very much and good luck with this new raid, see you all in Contellation crew!
    1. Etteragicrq
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      Was about to write the same. Would be nice to meet good ole Dogmeat again. Though, I bet there'll be pets in the vanilla already, but you never know for sure