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Markus "Wayne" Schlegel's new interpretation of the legendary RPG of 1988.

One of the top modules of NWVault comes to Neverwinter 2 Nexus.

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Pool of Radiance Remastered combines the plot of TSR's legendary RPG with the later cannon material (novel, campaign set) and the electron game enigne to a new interpretation of the old classic. 

Released in 2007 PORR quickly became one of the top modules on Neverwintervault. Along came several awards:


Pool of Radiance Remastered tells the story of an adventurer, seeking his fortune in the ruined city of Phlan. This once marvelous and rich trading city at the Northern coast of the Moonsea was overrun by a monsterous horde just decades ago. Civilization has established an outpost in the ruins and daring adventurerers slowly explore the ruins for treasure and ... answers ...

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