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Added: 08/03/2014 - 08:53AM
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Last updated at 8:39, 8 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 8:53, 8 Mar 2014

I decided to code a player housing system for NWN2 to release for the public. Simply because, as far i know, none has been released yet for the public community. Atleast not the way i have done it.

This is still somewhat Beta, i recommend to NOT use it on an live server just yet. It needs some testing first, i don't have the capacity and the players for some serious testing.

You also need: MySQL Connector 6.8.3 for the Plugin to work.

Key Features:
- house interiors get instanced
- house panel GUI for the player and DMs
- several smaller GUIs for easier moving, rotating and buying placeables and various other stuff.
- NWNX4 and MySQL is used/needed
- you can also set up an garden area with an trigger for the exterior near or arround the house. And yes players can even place placeables there.
- persistent storage system (includes storing bags filled with items).
- tax system
- Plugin is included for the Player Housing System which gives you the ability to quickly create player house areas and furnitures. It also includes an configuration screen for the Housing System. There you can for example switch on/off the TAX System.

There is no manual included yet, so here is a short install instruction:
- copy the leg_house.dll into the Toolset's Plugin folder
- copy the leg_house.hak into your documents hak folder
- import the .erf into your test module
- save module
- open the Plugin's Configuration
- enter your database settings, test connection and then hit finish to use the default settings.
- save module then compile
- if you get an compile error, save module, reopen it, compile again and then save
- setup some house types first, (File - Edit House Types)
- setup template areas (simply create a new interior area with one door and one "Legends House Waypoint Interior".
- select both the door and the waypoint then go to the Plugin File/Edit Template, choose a type and hit finish.
- create an exterior area with some house building, you need one door and one "Legends House Waypoint Exterior".
- (this is optional) if you want an garden for the house use the "" and draw a square or something near or arround the house.
- select everything, the door, waypoint and the optional trigger (it doesn't matter if you have also selected the house/building placeable). As long you didn't select more than one door or more than one waypoint it will work.
- while the stuff is selected, get to the Plugin (File - Edit House) and change the settings, or just simply click finish with the default values.
- set up some Furnitures in the Plugin (File - Add/Edit Furnitures), should be somewhat self-explanatory (it creates a placeable and item)
- save the module after you are done with the furnitures.
- place some of the new Furniture placeables in an shop area or just simply in the exterior area for quick testing (so the player can buy some furnitures)
- place the deed seller (+ the deed_shop) somewhere, so the player actually can buy a deed.
- place the warehouse npc somewhere (so the player can pick his stuff up if he sells or looses an house)
- place some gold on the ground to pickup for testing.
- fire up NWNX4 with your test module
- once ingame, buy some furnitures, a deed and go with those to the player housing door to claim.
- to add friends to your house, copy the key in the House Panel (use key on yourself to open the House Panel) and give it to another player who then has to click on the door with the key
- to move the furnitures, use the key on the furnitures
- play arround with the tools and let me know of any bugs or exploits