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A starting adventure for level 1 characters. The first module in a larger, multi-chapter campaign.

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Story Synopsis: The Western Heartlands have been beset by bandits. Roads are unsafe and caravans are being robbed and burned. There are also rumors of a strange necromancer cult lurking in the shadows. Dark forces are gathering...

You arrive in the small fort town of Triel looking for work, but before long you become embroiled in town's events.


The Darkening Sky (Prologue) is an adventure for characters starting level 1. You will achieve level 4 by the end of the prologue.

You should create a new character at level 1 to play this campaign. This is not a class or race specific campaign. Feel free to play with any race/class you desire.

This prologue is part of a larger campaign that is currently in-progress. This part of the story is very much a PROLOGUE. It is a very SMALL, basic story to get things started (and it was my way of learning the NNW2 toolset). However, everything that happens in the prologue does tie into the larger story in the subsequent Chapters.

Combat has been tuned to be reasonable for HARDCORE mode. Combat will thus be easier on Normal difficulty.

Some notes about the companions:

A) Several companions are introduced in this prologue. At certain times in the story you will experience cut-scene conversations with them that reveal part of their back story or character. You cannot initiate conversation with them (other than to add or remove them from a party). When Chapter 1 arrives, this will change, and you will be able to query your companions for more details.

B) Companions cannot be romanced in the prologue. That will change as Chapter 1 arrives.

C) Companions may be multi-classed if you so choose.

D) Companions are not mandatory, but you may find certain situations very difficult to deal with if you do not have at least one companion with you.


A) DO NOT put points into crafting! There is no crafting in The Darkening Sky. Unique magical items are handled with a custom "Artifact" system in The Darkening Sky.

B) SAVE OFTEN! The Darkening Sky does NOT use auto-saves.

C) Speech options like Diplomacy/Bluff/Intimidate are useful in The Darkening Sky world.

D) When visiting a merchant, the party member with the highest Appraise skill is used when determining prices (this is different from the vanilla version of NWN2 where the PC's skill is always used). So if you don't want your player-character to spend precious points in Appraise, feel free to have a companion put points into Appriase instead.

C) The Load Screen Tips will ocassionally make mention of a "Sequencer" for buffing faster. This object is not found until the end of the prologue. Eldritch Knights and other caster types with many buffs will find this item particularly useful when Chapter 1 arives...