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On your way to answer a call for heroes, you have an unusual encounter.

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Humble Beginnings is a mini-module (@ 10 minutes) designed for a new character.

I made this module partly to release something that is actually done and playable. It's just a short little encounter you can play as an initial adventure for a new character. It's not much, but I think it should be good to kill a few minutes and give a chuckle or two.

There is little or no combat, so character class is not an issue, though there is one part where rogues have an advantage. The dialogue, such as it is, includes options for good and not-so-good characters, though they will not affect your alignment.

Note to mod builders: feel free to incorporate this mini-mod into your own projects as an encounter, etc. If you use it, please give me credit.

Installation: Just unzip the .mod file into your C:\User\Documents\Neverwiner Nights 2\modules folder.

Updated 10/21/11: Resolved character export issue that some players were having. Character should now export one PC convo node before the mod end.

Updated 3/3/10: Changed the module ending script. Now uses ExportSingleCharacter() instead of ExportAllCharacters(); also diplays a message informing player that the character has been exported. No longer rolls the OEI credits.

Updated 12/3/07: I've added an ending script which will export the character and roll the OEI credits.

Updated 1/20/09: I've changed the conversations to NWN 1 style due to the tight onfines of the small areas. I've also fixed the problem with the end module script not firing correctly. Consider this a completed version, though perhaps not a "final."

Updated 1/27/09: Spelling corrections, added alignment shift, small dialogue additions.

Additional note: This module is now considered part one of a series I am working on. It will be a series of mini-modules designed to be played between adventures (e.g. play Part 1 first, then play other mods until you reach level 5, then play part two, etc). The parts will eventually unfold into a story of their own. Part two is under construction, part three is in planning.