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This collection consists mostly things found in a large hardware
or warehouse store, plus a few odds and ends.

To accomodate all of the incorporated models, this set is being
distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike
Non-Commercial 3.0 United States license. This means you are free:

* to share to copy, distribute and transmit the work
* to remix to adapt the work

Under the following conditions:

* attribution You must attribute the work in the manner specified
by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that
they endorse you or your use of the work).
* share alike If you alter, transform, or build upon this work,
you may distribute the resulting work only under the same or
similar license to this one.
* non-commercial - You may not use the material for commercial


The following lists the credits for models that have been ported
for this set.


NC -- Non-commercial only
P&C -- Personal & Commercial license
RFL -- Royalty-Free License


* 3D cabinet by revellii (TurboSquid, RFL)
* 3D Gift Box by Alpine-Digital (ShareCG, NC)
* 3D model Basin by 2DHD (TurboSquid, RFL)
* 3D model Capstan D free by Andrys13579 (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Airbase Control Tower by Vadelrey (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Arabhouse1 by ERLHN (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Armed pickup truck by YEYEYE (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Birdcage horror style model by Wing13 (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Birthday Cake by naynaybuggins (Models-resource, NC)
* Chair by Colorado Stark (OpenGameArt, CC0)
* Chair by RealBeam (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Chinese Guardian Lion Statue 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Chopping Board by Jay-Artist (BlendSwap, CC-BY 3.0)
* Coffee Grinder by kenprol (BlendSwap, CC-BY-NC)
* Construction Light Set by PagDev (OpenGameArt, CC-BY 3.0)
* Cosmic Origins Spectrograph by NASA (Free to use)
* Dartboard Cabinet Low Poly Free 3D by 3dyard (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Drawer [Game ready], BlenderGE (BlendSwap, CC-BY)
* Duffle Bag (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Dwarf 2 low res by Andromeda_vfx (TurboSquid, RFL)
* Explosive Barrel (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Farm Tractor (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Flag stand by Mahus (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Flat column 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Free Barricade by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Free Bucket by Rakshi Games (OpenGameArt, CC-BY 3.0)
* Free Car Bumper Stand by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Free Container by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Free Dumpster by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Free Measuring Meter by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Free Oil Tank by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Free Tower by Rakshi Games (OpenGameArt, CC-BY 3.0)
* Free Wooden Park Chair by Rakshi Games (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Frutas by COBO90 (Blend Swap, CC-BY)
* Furnace by AndrijaAlp (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Guard Tower & Sandbag 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Hall column 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Hazmat Tube by mTonic (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Industrial Fan 3D model by Dennis Haupt (hum3d, NC)
* Ladder (low-poly) by Nestop (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Lowpoly barrels by ead12 (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Lowpoly Build10 by ERLHN (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Lowpoly Build11 by ERLHN (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Lowpoly building LPBldX13r by ERLHN (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Low Poly Space ship pack by Psionic Games (Freeware)
* Low Poly Water Tower by Soulzero (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Mailbox by PagDev (OpenGameArt, CC-BY 3.0)
* Metal office file cabinet set 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Military Props Pack by JAC3D (iambadga.itch.io, CC-BY 4.0)
* Old Bed by COBO90 (Blendswap, CC-BY)
* Old Fishing Boat (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Old Metro Bus (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Old Motor Boat 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Old Milk Tank by COBO90 (Blendswap, CC-BY)
* Old Table 3D model by DocFloenz (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Outhouse by tbs4life (Turbosquid, RFL)
* PBR VR Ready Doormat by Tokyo Liu (OpenGameArt, CC0)
* Pirate of Malta by sintetigraf (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Post apocalyptic street elements by PostApContent (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Ruins by ERLHN (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Safe by bocko (sweethome3d, CC-BY)
* San Francisco House by bretwalda (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Sandbag Fortifications 3d model (CadNav, Free (P&C))
* Sci-Fi Display - Low Poly by grrroch (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Scifi Rocket Launcher by PancakeMan96 (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Simple White Flower Vase by claus007, (Blendswap, CC0)
* Small Old Tank by COBO90 (Blendswap, CC-BY)
* Solar panel 3D model by Marc Mons (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Table by Colorado Stark (OpenGameArt, CC0)
* Towel (sweethome, Cc0)
* Towel Rack (sweethome, Cc0)
* Tumb004.ZIP by Fworx (Turbosquid, RFL)
* weaponcrate_old_01 by Duion (OpenGameArt, CC0)
* Wooden Box 3D model by MoonShard GC (Turbosquid, RFL)
* Wooden Steps by Fman (Blend Swap, CC0)