Pilgrim - Chapter 1 by Grog
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The world is dying. Escape is the only hope we have left.

It has been nineteen months since the Great Prophet Imri announced his findings; that the sun's heat, steadily dwindling, would soon ebb beyond all use. That society as we knew it would soon collapse.

In the ensuing chaos, a great pilgrimage of travellers, refugees, and citizens departs for the equatorial lands, desperate to reach a warmer climate and claim a few years more of heat and life.

Amongst them is an escaped house-slave, recently fled from the great northern nation of Thisk...

Starting level: 1-3 (starting at 1 is absolutely fine, and makes sense for the character)
Description: A mixture of high fantasy, high technology and post-apocalyptica. Heavy focus on character skills and stats to overcome challenges in different ways. Companions & influence included.
Crafting: I haven't included a crafting system for now (I'm not sure I've found a way to make it fit the 'everyone is fleeing for their lives' setting) but Craft skills can be used for extra dialogue options and to accomplish quests in alternative ways - in future chapters, they can be used to assemble legendary items as well.
Companions: 4 companions (rogue, druid, fighter, sorcerer), all non-mandatory and missable.

== Release ==

I've gone through a few patch updates in the past week - and have hopefully fixed most significant bugs, but there may be a few remaining. If you encounter any, apologies - please do let me know so I can fix them!

Thanks for playing- really hope you enjoy it.

== Installation ==

Installation should be straightforward; every folder is labelled according to where its contents should go. The 'Pilgrim' folder is the Campaign file.

I've also included a readme with some tips and hints, and a character guide with a bit of lore to help you out.

== Credits ==

- The Rogue Dao team, whose Purgatorio music I heavily relied on
- The RWS team for their All-In-One tilesets and props
- Barry the Hatchet for his Weapon and Shield packs.
- Dann Pigdonn for the Visual Breath Effect
- Acme Studios for their Assault and Hattery
- Lilac Soul for all the easy scripting, without which I wouldn't have had a chance
- GeorgeBurnet, BowShatter and SleepAndWalk for testing, feedback & some really helpful spots