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The world is dying. Escape is all that's left to us.

(A single-player module, set in a mid-apocalyptic fantasy world.)

Permissions and credits
The world is dying. Escape is the only hope we have left.

It has been nineteen months since the Great Prophet Imri announced his findings; that the sun's heat, steadily dwindling, would soon ebb beyond all use. That society as we knew it would soon collapse.

In the ensuing chaos, a great pilgrimage of travellers, refugees, and citizens departs for the equatorial lands, desperate to reach a warmer climate and claim a few years more of heat and life.

Amongst them is an escaped house-slave, recently fled from the great northern nation of Thisk...

Starting level: 1-3 (starting at 1 is absolutely fine, and makes sense for the character)
Description: A mixture of high fantasy, high technology and post-apocalyptica. Heavy focus on character skills and stats to overcome challenges in different ways. Companions & influence included.
Crafting: I haven't included a crafting system for now (I'm not sure I've found a way to make it fit the 'everyone is fleeing for their lives' setting) but Craft skills can be used for extra dialogue options and to accomplish quests in alternative ways - in future chapters, they can be used to assemble legendary items as well.
Companions: 4 companions (rogue, druid, fighter, sorcerer), all non-mandatory and missable.

== Release ==

I've gone through a few patch updates in the past week - and have hopefully fixed most significant bugs, but there may be a few remaining. If you encounter any, apologies - please do let me know so I can fix them!

Thanks for playing- really hope you enjoy it.

== Installation ==

Installation should be straightforward; every folder is labelled according to where its contents should go. The 'Pilgrim' folder is the Campaign file.

I've also included a readme with some tips and hints, and a character guide with a bit of lore to help you out.

== Credits ==

- The Rogue Dao team, whose Purgatorio music I heavily relied on
- The RWS team for their All-In-One tilesets and props
- Barry the Hatchet for his Weapon and Shield packs.
- Dann Pigdonn for the Visual Breath Effect
- Acme Studios for their Assault and Hattery
- Lilac Soul for all the easy scripting, without which I wouldn't have had a chance
- GeorgeBurnet, BowShatter and SleepAndWalk for testing, feedback & some really helpful spots