Neverwinter Nights 2

About this mod

Enter a world with a growing new Empire.
Into a time where the magical formulae are rewritten.
And the warrior's blade is not the weapon it once was.
Search both the depth of your soul and the lands of Althéa.
For the path that leads you to your destiny.
And forges a new way for the rest of the world to follow.

Permissions and credits
The Althea Campaign: The Scroll (The First Day).


The Scroll is a traditional D&D story set within my own campaign called, The World of Althéa. The campaign was first written in the late 1980's and was moved to NWN2 when it became available. As the campaign is now available to both existing PnP players and newcomers, there is a choice of backgrounds to choose from.  Newcomers should choose option 2 (Althéa History & Background: (link is external)): This module has taken years to write and has around 50 +/- 10 hours gameplay.

The Darkening they call it ... A dark shadow that moved across the world two years ago now, robbing the peoples of their skills and abilities.
Even magic was lost! But almost two years have passed since that time and Althéa is slowly starting to recover under the new power that calls
itself the Empire, ruled by some Emperor that few, if any, have ever met.

But what does that matter to you? You live in New Edgeton, a sleepy village far north from the capital of Boran where, if you could ever get there, everything worth doing takes place. The capital city of the lands is a good four days travel south from the village. The problem is, however, even if you wanted to travel there, there is no way now ... not since the coming of the Barrier!

Two weeks ago, life in the village was simple, easy ... normal. Then, out of nowhere, a huge barrier sprang up around the village ... and the
village became far from normal. The local dignitaries, slow to respond as always, did even less when they realised that supplies could still be
passed through the barrier and that the villagers would not starve. The problem is, however, nothing living can pass out again!

So, is this it? Stuck in New Edgeton for the rest of your life? Just when you had decided to travel to Boran to learn more about the up and coming
Empire. No, you decide to do something about the Barrier yourself, and then, maybe, if you can earn enough gold in the process, you will be
able to take that trip to Boran ... and try to learn more about the Darkening too. After all, for you, life is just beginning.

There is a mystery to unravel. Will you be the saviour of the village or just a nobody? Encounter mysterious people along the way, and travel farther
than you realised was possible considering the circumstances. Encounter murder, demons, monsters you never knew existed! Survive or die in
intense battle, using magic or items you create to combat such. Discover mysterious texts and puzzles along the way, and overcome them with a
clever mind or simply find the tool you need to bypass them. Finally, learn the truth about the strange barrier and save the village from entrapment!

This module has been a long time coming and I thank everyone for their patience. I also thank everyone who has helped bring this project to fruition, and you for downloading and playing. Please leave any constructive comments if you do play that I may be able to use to help improve the gaming experience in my later modules. Reviews of your experience make the whole building process worthwhile!

The Scroll has been through some extensive beta testing, so that hopefully the player will not encounter any issues. However, the module also comes with my patching system, which can fix the majority of issues that may have crept in if the need arises. The Scroll is the first of (hopefully) three modules that make up the Althéa Campaign. (BLOG: (link is external) ) Be sure to contact me via the forums or email (in the manual) if you experience any problems and I will prioritise any fixes required.