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Revised Valen Flirtpack with 30 new flirts, missing love talks, David Gaider's cut poem, NPC reactivity, typo fixes, music replacers, custom meshes, & more.

Permissions and credits
Please note that I am not the mod author on any of the erf/hak files. I am merely sharing my HOTU modules which contain a collection of Valen romance add-ons plus my expanded work. The original files are wonderfully written, and I would hate if they were lost to the ages.

This mod contains:
1. 30 brand new flirts (10 late, 7 mid, & 13 early) for the Valen flirtpack with 3 minor animations - 1 per each stage. Restores his cut poem written by David Gaider as a late stage flirt scenario.

2. Brand new early stage flirt tree (Pose for him.) with 6 responses.

3. NPC reactivity (Illithid dream lover, Illithid auction slave, Knower of Names, LG Aribeth, The Valsheress, Jansil the Apprentice, Lomylithrar the Rotting, & the Sensei's amulet). Additionally prioritizes some of Valen's interjections over the other companions.

4. Expanded dialogue (Ch2 deity love talk, Lith My'athar drow nobles, Arden Swift, Cult Elder, The Warden, freeing Argosus & the slaves on initial encounter, Dahanna's ambush if 1000g is given after persuading her you did all the work, & Mephistopheles if fully romanced & taint free). He will have the most to say in Zorvak'Mur due to his own history with slavery & the least in the beholder caves.

5. Syntax, punctuation, & typo corrections for the flirtpack, stage 6 baby love talk, and vanilla content.

6. A revised Ch3 that incorporates the ever-elusive mimic and baby love talks plus a revised Ch2 with an expanded deity talk. The aforementioned dialogues were rebuilt in the Aurora toolset to work alongside the original flirtpack and new flirts.

7. New epilogue armor for Valen. Plus, a custom book (about you!) in Valen's inventory along with some others.

8. Ambiance makeover for the Hellbreath Tavern and consummation room - meshes vary between the 2 mod versions. Adds a kitchen inside the Hellbreath Tavern & stairs inside both the Pub House and Hellbreath Tavern for immersion. During the Ch2 drinking date, you can say you'd like to get to know him better by renting a room and during the Ch3 consummation scene, you actually do rent a room for the night. You can also potentially state the morning after consummation you'd like him to get you breakfast. Alas, both environments have no meshes to suggest so, which was why they were added.

9. Minor music track changes. Adds music to the Ch3 consummation scene from the Premium Module Wyvern Crown of Cormyr.

10. Optional replacer pack (Valen romance expansion plus mesh & music replacers - EE only): PC head replacers are for female elves, half-elves, & humans - mixture of Aribeth variants + Lisa’s custom heads. Armor and underwear replacers are for all races & include torso physics. Additionally, swaps Arden Swift, Fallen Ones, & Puzzlers meshes so they no longer use Valen’s head. Music replacers affect roughly 1 track in Ch1, 7 tracks in Ch2, & 8 tracks in Ch3 for exploration & combat variety. Features OC and PM (Witch's Wake, Tyrants of the Moonsea, Darkness over Daggerford, & Wyvern Crown of Cormyr) songs. I got tired of hearing the same tracks over and over again but still wanted to retain the original feel of the modules. This is a conservative change and does not touch major themes or boss battles. 

With these files, you are covered for the entirety of Valen's romance (vanilla and modded) - Ch2 & Ch3 flirts, Ch2 deity banter, Ch3 mimic banter, Ch3 baby banter, additional NPC reactivity, etc.  No need to access the toolset, just plug and play. Enjoy!

1. Download and extract via winrar. 6 total files - 4 erfs & 2 modules. (Optional version is EE only - 3 haks, 4 erfs & 3 modules for 10 total files. Pick only 1 version to use.)

2. Drag & drop the erf files into NWN Diamond\erf (1.69) or Documents\Neverwinter Nights\erf (Enhanced Edition). If you don't have one, please make one. 

3. Drag & drop the mod files into NWN Diamond\modules (1.69) or Documents\Neverwinter Nights\modules (Enhanced Edition).

4. Delete/move out the XP2_Chapter2 and XP2_Chapter3 files found in your nwm folder: NWN Diamond\nwm (1.69) or Neverwinter Nights\data\nwm (Enhanced Edition). This ensures that the game will launch the modded modules (which contains the Valen romance add-ons) during act transitions. Otherwise, your game will just load the vanilla chapters. If installed correctly, Ch2 and Ch3 are greyed out under HOTU's Campaigns section. *VERY IMPORTANT!*

5. If using optional file, in addition to the above steps you’ll also need to drag & drop the hak files into Documents\Neverwinter Nights\hak. Drag & drop the extra mod file as outlined in step 3 and delete/move out XP2_Chapter1 as outlined in step 4. Ch1 should be additionally greyed out under the official campaign section. Start the game via the “Local” tab. 

Tip #1
: Run the game with DebugMode 1 active to see where triggers fire (yellow highlights in DE, doesn’t apply to EE). Open the console via the ` key. Reload a prior save if nothing happens. *Be wary of haste outside of combat as hasted PCs may miss triggers.*

Tip #2: Run the game with no other mods. This mod can be possessive/temperamental at times and does not react well to additional add-ons, overwrites, etc. The optional version with new meshes and music being the exception.

Tip #3: The pub scene is pretty fickle and at times it would launch, and other times it wouldn't. Having no other mods installed may help (tip #2). If you want to see his drinking date without losing progress, make a beeline for the Lith My'athar Public House right when Ch2 loads and speak to the bartender. Click slowly, clicking too fast can cause scripts to not trigger. When the table transition launched, my PC was sitting at an angle while Valen was standing/sitting.

The consummation scene in the Cania tavern launches consistently in EE, though sometimes your henchman may spawn in the room as well. Diamond Edition fires correctly. Rent a room for the night line only displays after his romance is committed. Speak with the dragon tavernkeeper.

Tip #4: Valen has 3 phases to his flirts: early, mid, & late. They can revert when Valen is summoned via the Reaper in Ch3. Manually reset them accordingly via the command console `DebugMode 1:

dm_setvarint AudValenStage_Mid 1
dm_setvarint AudValenStage_Late 1

When asked to select a target, click your PC. You may need to do so again when the romance is committed in order to activate the final flirt stage. *If left untouched prior to his love confession, it will automatically set from early to late stage.*

Tip #5: Have Valen die and resurrect him for a sweet conversation in Ch3. Romance must be committed to see the dialogue (tell him you love him and ask if he would do the same for you).<3

Tip #6: During the mimic talk, Valen's dialogue will drop if there isn't another henchman recruited. It's scripted to include an interjection from either Aribeth, Deekin, or Nathyrra. Have a full party for this part.

Bug #1: Fade to darkness bug after Ch3 consummation still present, just rest to reset.

Bug #2: Reaper unable to summon henchman in Ch3. This is a known vanilla bug. Henchmen need to have been removed from party (via dismissal or upon PC death) or perished once in Ch2. This has been pre-existingly identified and isn’t due to the mod.

Bug #3: Ch2 is not transitioning to Ch3 upon the Valsheress' death. Click the escape key to exit the unending Mephistopheles cutscene. A rothe beast may spawn momentarily beside your PC in the Gatehouse (Diamond Edition only, EE transitions fine).

Celowin for their Part X: Henchman tutorial in the NWN Lexicon
Auddi for their Valen Flirtpack erfs with additional credits to Shades, Aeryn, Cylis, and Dagger
Mel213 for their Valen Flirtpack modules which helped me to understand the flirt's conversation trees during the creation process of this mod
Anaria Bladeflight for their mimic dialogue fix erf
Shir'le E. Illios for their stage 6 romance fix and deity dialogue fix erfs
Dartagnon for their Rotex - Women of Fantasy hak with additional credits to Lisa
BearThing for their Aribeth Anniversary Head Pack hak with additional credits to Zoligato, Dark_Brood, Torlack, Lord Emil, Discreet Software, Wayland, Colin Semple, Danmar, and Eligio Sacateca
Lord Exodus for their Aribeth's Head for Player Characters hak with additional credits to The NWN Community on, lllSnakeeyeslll, LordEmil, Dark_Brood, and Zoligato
& BioWare for Valen<3