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This is an addon that includes several new dialogues and \"flirt options\" for Valen Shadowbreath.

Permissions and credits
In the style of various Baldur's Gate NPC mods, this addon aims to bulk up Valen Shadowbreath's already considerable conversation file with new dialogues, ranging in rating from Teen to Mature content.

Installation: Unzip the two mod files, place them into your NWN Directory\ Modules folder, and begin a new game as you would a new module.

The official forum thread for this addon can be found at http://www.petalsandthorns.com/thorns/index.php?f=133

If, for some reason, you are unable to open the toolset to install the erf files, please contact me at Petalsandthorns.com by posting in the above linked sub-forum or by sending me a private message there. My handle there is Auddi.

Compatibility - This mod contains the Deity Dialogue fix by Shirl'e Illios. Downloading that file on top of this mod will result in an overwrite. The Mimic Dialogue fix is untested.

UPDATES: Current verision - 1.1

1.1 Changes (You may need to start a new game to see these changes)

- The talk in the Lith My'athar Public House should now fire correctly, and should now only be available if Valen is in your party.

- *Many* flirts have been recoded, so you should now see the various random responses as intended, instead of getting the same response over and over (note that some flirts were designed to only have one response.)

- Corrected a slew of typos.

- The darkness effect should now be removed after completing the tavern talk in Chapter Three.