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NWN Console Commands Version History

12 Mar 2021 v2.3

Bug Fixes
- Addresses an issue where items are listed under the wrong Group, which also resulted in Groups not
  having any listed items.

- Restore a RBTray minimised instance of Console Commands when an attempt is made to start another
  instance of the Tool.
- All hard-coded values, such as web addresses, have been moved to an external file that is stored
  on the web. This ensures that if values change, NWN Console Commands does not need to be updated.
- The About NWN Console Commands window has been updated to provide additional information and an
  improved layout.
- View Version History has been added to the See More menu.

03 Jan 2021 v2.2.1

- The Group dropdown list uses the correct colours when the mouse is moved over the list or clicked
  when darker Theme colours are applied.

23 Dec 2020 v2.2

- Theme Colours can be selected by clicking Change Text Size and Theme Colours from the See More

Bug Fixes
- Addresses an issue where the user is not notified when an existing command is selected from the
  command list. This results in the Command Entry dialogue only allowing a Close request to be

- The background colour of items highlighted by searching have been rationalised when clicking on
  items in the list or other areas of the application.
- The default Groups have been updated to include additional Associated Console Commands.

28 Oct 2020 v2.1

- Import Definition Files added to Show More menu, which allows you to import and customise the
  lists of Console Commands, Item Codes and Creature Codes.
- An option has been added to the Group Manager to specify whether Group Names are automatically
  prefixed with a sequence number.
- You can use drag and drop to change the order of numbered Group Names.

Bug Fixes
- Addresses an issue where Group names could be selected from the list of Console Commands.

- Additional information has been added to the list of Console Commands.
- Group and Console Command information has been moved from the user Settings file (user.config) to
  standardised definition files.
- An option has been added to the See More menu to specify whether to restore the window position
  and layout when you start NWN Console Commands.
- Command names are assigned automatically when a Command, Item Code or Creature Code is selected.
- Uninstalling NWN Console Commands via Programs and Features provides an option to delete the Data
- Double clicking a Group Name in the Console Commands list opens the Group Manager.

- Data Folder validation is performed when NWN Console Commands starts and includes removal of any
  orphaned (unused) Notes files.
- An optional Notepad++ Definitions File User Defined Language is included in the NWN Console
  Commands download file and can be imported into Notepad++ for viewing Definitions File formatted
- The Console Commands Starter Pack included in the NWN Console Commands download file has been
- The About NWN Console Commands dialogue includes User Group Names and Console Commands revision
- Group Names are restricted to using Windows file name legal characters. When updating from
  pre-version 2.1, existing Group Names are renamed as part of the migration process.
- The ReadMe file has been updated to reflect various changes.
- The 'See more' menu has replaced 'Options' to improve compliance with Windows interface

07 Oct 2020 v2.0

- Add new commands by selecting an entry from a list of documented Console Commands.
- Add dm_spawnitem commands by selecting an entry from a list of Spawn Item Codes.
- Add dm_spawncreature commands by selecting an entry from a list of Spawn Creature Codes.
- A search box has been added to the Command Names, Console Commands, Item Codes and Creature Codes
  lists to make it easy to find what you are looking for.
- Change Search Highlight Colour added to the See more menu.

User Interface
- The Options menu has been renamed to 'See more' and the size of dots on the ellipsis icon has been
- The appearance of group or category names shown on lists has been changed so that the font size
  and colour can be changed.
- A context menu (right-click) has been added to the Commands Names list.
- The Notes Toolbar is only shown when editing Notes text.
- The line thickness between the Command Name list and the Notes area has been increased to make it
  easier to move.

- Many dialogues have revised or additional explanations to clarify how they should be used.

28 Sep 2020 v1.1

- The feature to specify automatic closing of Console Commands has been removed.
- A complete revision of how users specify Chat Window usage.
- Options Menu items have been re-ordered.
- You can view the revised Read Me using the Options menu.
- A Console Commands Starter Pack is included in the file you downloaded and can be loaded using
  Import Commands in the Options menu.
- The contents of the clipboard are shown in the status bar to simplify keeping track of the
  commands you want to paste in Neverwinter Nights.

23 Sep 2020 v1.0

- This is the initial release of NWN Console Commands.