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This award winning mod by the author of Wyvern Crown of Cormyr continues the Wanderer series where the Wanderer I left off, as you struggle across the Wilderness to implore the wizard Ungoli to come to the aid of Wahgir against the Black Hand's invasion.

There is now a book available in the same world: Firstborn.

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Part II of the Wanderer starts where part I left off: in the house of Marlin Vror, the headman of Mithri; where he details your mission. Unlike part I, you or not based on the village, you will be setting out on a journey. You will need to prepare yourself properly: cures and ammunition, and Raise Dead if you are taking henchmen with you, and if you should decide to trust them…

This module is a little different to part I - you are on a mission rather than based around a village. Many of the systems you encountered in the first part are developed further in part II, but you are also now able to take up to four henchmen with you - characters with their own opinions and personalities. You also have a number of additional controls available to you in order to get the best out of the henchmen.

You can play this module standalone if desired. As with part I, systems and skills are developed further than vanilla, with alignment, deity, and skills all having additional impacts.

It is well worth reading the non-spoiler section of the readme before starting, in order to get some idea of the additional choices you have.


Note: Part III was never completed as the Premium module programme took precedence. Ultimately it doesn't particularly matter as this module is pretty much self contained.

Please do post comments on your experience.

There is now a book available in the same world: Firstborn.