Neverwinter Nights


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    Are these creatures available in-game? I'm not really sure what their purpose is... They are interesting and lovely though
    1. Mecheon
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      Sorry for the delay!

      There's no stats designed, but if you load up the Hak you can check their appearances in the toolset. Nothiing really matches up to anything inbuilt (Except the Grig). Primarily their purpose is for other people to tear open the hakpack and include them in their own projects if they need a certain creature, like a lot of the older creature haks you can find on the Vault. Its basically a massive homage to the packs Hydromancer used to put out which you could use by themselves, but were better served mixing together with other stuff

      I also realise it needs an update for Project Q compatibility in terms of the Naiad given they changed over the TNO waters which I need to fix up at some point...