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Henesua -original by Layonara Project Team

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(NWN 1 Scripts) This is an upgrade of the AID system by Layonara to work with NWN v1.69. AID enables Interactive Fiction style play via chat text. It parses emotes spoken by the PC for commands to execute on objects in game.

Permissions and credits
by The Magus aka Henesua
original by Layonara Project Team

This is an upgrade of the AID system by Layonara to work with NWN v1.69. The AID system parses emotes spoken by the PC, looking for certain verbs to use as actions. *looks around* for example will provide a list of nearby objects that respond to AID commands. *pushes crate* will initiate the push command on the nearest crate set up to work with this system. This is essentially a means to bring Interactive Fiction style play to NWN.

For detailed documentation on how to work with the AID system in your module go to Layonara's NWvault page for AID.

Version 3 is installed differently than Version 2. See below.

Implementation in a new module:
  • Create a new module.
  • Import AIDCore_v300.erf into your module.
  • Set your module's OnPlayerChat script to aid_corelisten

Implementation in an existing module's OnPlayerChat event script:
  • Open your module.
  • Import AIDCore_v300.erf into your module.
  • Insert the following code in the Main() function of your OnPlayerChat event script:
  • ExecuteScript("aid_corelisten", OBJECT_SELF);

I have also integrated this system with DMFI v1.09. If you are interested in using that, please see my DMFI patch, import that project, and follow the instructions.

More Reading: Bioware Social Thread

v3.0.0 (2011 dec 29)
  • All functions extracted to an include to enable this system to be used with any chat system - including DMFI.
  • Listeners no longer required
  • aid_corelisten runs from OnPlayerChat event
  • Parsing of "emotes" improved.
  • Better pre processing of emote text in Main() of aid_corelisten
  • More efficient and extensible handling of emote text in new function: AIDParseEmote()
  • IsIgnoredWord() is used for determining which words to ignore when looking for a direct object instead of processing the emote string twice. (this shows the path for additonal improvements: creating word lists in functions to check against by word type (eg. prepositions, indefinite articles, adjectives, etc...)

I have approached the Layonara team (but not been able to reach the original author) about this redistribution of their code, and they are happy to see this project getting attention again as long as I continue to give credit for their original work which I have done to their satisfaction.

I give everyone my OK - including the Layonara team - to redistribute these improvements to the AID system as long as credit is given to me for the improvements I have made.

My improvements to AID if they continue are very likely to eventually result in a complete rewrite of AID's parser at which point I will consider renaming it and releasing it as my own work with credit to Layonara for the first stab at trying Interactive Fiction style play in NWN. With all due respect however, my inspiration for this project extends beyond Layonara to the bright lights of the Interactive Fiction Community, the creators of Inform, and of course INFOCOM whose games I still play from time to time from my computer's command line.