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: Almraiven . 05.30.06 Public Release by PJH :

*** Updated on December 15, 2010

My thanks to you for downloading and being interested in playing
this adventure.

This module was created for a single player first level Wizard
or Sorcerer of any sex.

The adventure takes place within the nation of Calimport on the
eastern shore in a port city known as Almraiven.

Almraiven is a full city adventure and is the first installment of
two modules.

Contact information :

E-mail : [email protected]
Forum : Fester Pot
Web :

--[0]-- T O C <---- :

[00] Table of Contents
[01] Software Requirements
[02] Hardware Requirements
[03] About the Module
[04] Introduction
[05] Currency
[06] Clothing
[07] Reagents
[08] Build Suggestions
[09] Experience
[10] The Database
[11] Build Notes


Almraiven requires the following :

+ Neverwinter Nights 1.69

+ Shadows of Undrentide

+ Hordes of the Underdark

+ Almraiven Hakpak
- almraivenhak.rar
- Install jts.hak to your NWN\hak directory.

+ Almraiven Music [RECOMMENDED]
- almraivenmus.rar
- Install all .bmu files to your NWN\music directory.


Do not attempt to play this module with an integrated graphic card.
This means that the graphic card you have is built into your
motherboard. Almraiven uses many placeables and an integrated
graphic card may not be able to keep up with the high demand.

1 GIG of memory is suggested.

128MB Graphic Card no older than the 2001 GeForce 4600 TI cards.

200 megs of hard drive space.

--[3]-- ABOUT THE MODULE <---- :

+ Single player.

+ Wizard or Sorcerer.

+ No death respawn.

+ No familiars.

+ Light to no combat.

+ Estimated 6+ hours of gameplay.

+ 35+ side quests.

+ Resting available in your home, inns or at designated locations
on the street.

+ Three henchmen available via quests.

+ Intended for brand-new characters with 0 experience. Characters
are stripped of the default starter items and are given items
related to the module.

+ Do not begin the adventure with a favorite character that has
personal items. Items are not stored for pick-up after the
module is complete and will be lost when the character begins the

+ There are four cutscenes during the game that you cannot break
out of.

+ There is slight mature content in the module. You will encounter
prostitution, substance abuse and sexual pleasure slaves. In no
shape or form can you manipulate or make use of this during the
module but they are there on the street and mentioned in dialog.

+ Attacking NPCs for the fun of attacking NPCs will break the

+ Breaking out of a conversation may create problems. Just go
with the options and always complete a conversation properly.

--[4]-- I N T R O D U C T I O N <---- :

"The dark silhouette of the High Tower looms ahead, reaching upward
like the many jagged rocks and dead trees that surround the area.
For many years it has been home to you and it is within those walls
you were taught the arts of the arcane by Bakadah, your master. It
is on this night that your training comes to an end and your
acceptance into the Auren Society of Weavers is at hand.

The Auren draw their power from a weave that spans into the Land of
the Dead. It allows such members to grasp a better understanding of
the spirits that roam that realm and use it to their advantage. As
of late the weave has felt tainted, as if it has been soiled in
some way. Even your assistant Charles, who you summoned from the
Land of the Dead, complained of headaches and the like. The dead
should not do this.

It is this very taint that has awoken the Council of the High Tower
from their slumber in tombs they have remained within for
one-hunded and sixty years. On this night your first assignment
is to come from Bakadah, an assignment given directly to him by
the Council of the High Tower.

You have been chosen. Your time has come."

--[5]-- C U R R E N C Y <---- :

The currency in Almraiven are small colored gems of various sizes
known as Dinars. Their size, color and shape reflect a specific

--[6]-- C L O T H I N G <---- :

Many folks you will come across during your exploration of
Almraiven will react to how you are dressed. Some many not care for
the cloth and stitch you wear, while others may only give you tasks
to do because of how you are dressed.

Below is a general list of particular types of clothing you can
wear and that will generate a reaction from the NPC you are
speaking with.

Street-side : -----------------------------------------------------

Typical for those who live on the street of the city. Wearing
street-side cloth and stitch can bring you many benefits as well as
information when you mingle with the poor. Some street-side you will
meet in the game will not ask you for dinars when it comes to
learning something and may also provide information that you may
otherwise never be able to learn.

Of course, the other side of the coin is that many folks in
Almraiven will simply ignore you or ask you to leave them alone. As
someone dressed as a street-side, you will also stink and look very

Street-side cloth and stitch cannot be bought in a tailor shop.

Loomer and/or Enclaver : ------------------------------------------

Typically known as a Loomer or Enclaver, these remarks will come
from those folks you speak with that recognize cloth and stitch
worn by those from the Enclave Ward.

It is high quality cloth and stitch which does not come at a cheap
price. For this, many who are poor and notice a Loomer or Enclaver
may approach you asking for dinars or even keep information from
you until you pay the price.

The Enclave Ward is well known for its particular style in clothing
due to Mani, a tailor found on Loom Avenue.

Stinker, Ruby Warder : --------------------------------------------

If one is called a Stinker or Ruby Warder it's because they are
wearing cloth and stitch from a part of the Ruby Ward known for its
Werefolk population.

Reactions will tend to be very vocal and some folks simply will not
care to speak with you at all.

Weaver, Auren : ---------------------------------------------------

In Almraiven, the colors of the Auren are not well known. Only a
small number may notice the colors from the High Tower. Some will
speak to you about it or they may not care at all. There might be
those that warn you not to display the colors of a society that
does not reside in the city.

If by chance you happen to come across cloth and stitch from one of
the arcane societies in the city, reactions will tend to vary. Some
may not care, some may lie about who they are while others may ask
for your assistance. In rare cases, you may even be attacked.

Other : -----------------------------------------------------------

Cloth and stitch not mentioned above will not have any sort of
reaction but that also means you may or may not be missing out on
particular dialog options, side-quests and information.

--[7]-- R E A G E N T S <---- :

Reagents are very important in Almraiven as they are required to
mix and brew potions that will assist you during the adventure.
Some spells will also require reagents so the weave can be
complete and the energy of that weave released. Failure to have
a reagent for a particular spell will mean the spell simply will
not be cast.

--[8]-- B U I L D S U G G E S T I O N S <---- :

Male or female, doesn't matter.

Any race is now supported. Human, Half-Elf, Dwarf, Half-Orc and
Elf will receive an Auren Quarterstaff which offers special
abilities to the player. Halfling and Gnomes will receive the
same special abilities except on a pair of bracers as the latter
two mentioned races cannot equip a quarterstaff.

Wizard or Sorcerer only.

Do not waste your time on any skill that allows you to brew
a potion, make wands, weapons, armor, etc. Brewing Potions is
done via scripting at your Brewing Station within your laboratory.

An overall good character may not suit the style of adventure
although there are plenty of good aligned jobs and tasks you
will come across in the module. The reason I suggest not playing a
full blown good character is that you are required to mutilate the
dead during your adventure and command the undead.

You should at least take an offensive spell or two that you can
use to help you through some of the encounters you will come
across. Magic Missile and Burning Hands are an excellent choice
because they do not require reagents to cast.

Charm Person and Scare are also welcomed as they are used in many
conversations and can be used as an alternative to skill checks.

Skill checks are also made during conversations or descriptive
conversations that will appear from time to time. These include
Spot, Intimidate, Bluff, Persuade and Lore. You will not be
given choices based on these checks but rather, they are rolled
behind the scenes. If you are successful, the message,

"You use a skill. . ."

will appear above your PCs head, opening up new dialog options
or possibly giving you a better chance at a reward or information.
If you fail, the conversation simply continues but you are never
told if you failed. Just roll with the punches.

There are many merchants that sell a wide variety of weapons
as well as armor. Feel free to build your character as you see
fit. If you enjoy casting and using a bladed short sword, do so.

--[9]-- E X P E R I E N C E <---- :

You will receive experience during your adventure. Particular
points of interest that will earn you experience :

Avoiding Combat
Using a Skill
Brewing a Potion
Learning Something New
Receiving a Side Quest
Advancing the Investigation
Completing a Task
Solving a Puzzle
Surviving a Dangerous Task
Saving Someone
Reading a Book/Studying
Summoning a Labratory Assistant

Do take the time to explore and speak with NPCs. They will give
you side quests that can help you gain more experience and also
open up new regions of the city for you to marvel at.

--[10]-- T H E D A T A B A S E <---- :

Almraiven will create a campaign database in your NWN\Database
directory. These files should not be tampered with or deleted.
Information will be stored to the database during your adventure
behind the scenes.

When you've completed the module, your character will be exported
and particular events you encountered during the adventure will
be stored.

If you play the module for a second time, the database is cleaned,
allowing you to begin all over again.

You will be unable to play the second installment of your adventure
if you have not completed Almraiven. If you accidently delete the
Almraiven database, you will have to begin and complete the module
if you want to play the second installment.

--[11]-- B U I L D N O T E S <---- :

v1.0b released to beta testers on March 24, 2006.
v2.0 public version released on May 30, 2006.

! = Fixed.
+ = Added.
x = Removed.
* = Completed.
# - Latest NWN Patch.

Thanks to the following for offering to beta test,

Hugie, Aristan and Calgacus.


Last known major update : December 15, 2010 ::: DL# : 13,234

* Almraiven Hakpak updated!

* Patched module to 1.69.
* does not include changes to ambientmusic.2da

- Removed the scripted quill written by Leon (a.k.a. strannik). With
new SetName() functions now on every NPC, the Naming Quill is no
longer required.
[revised from September 15, 2006 update]

- Removed the only two alignment shifts in the game to be more
consistent with the rest of the module and the choices the player
[requested by Vetch and Alabore]

! Fixed The High Tower to make it match more toward what the Auren
Society of Weavers are.
* Cosmetic changes only.

+ Added miscsmall/thin for spell components to stack within
player's inventory. This should lower the amount of space and
reagent bags required for lugging around so many reagents to
cast spells and brew potions. Items now stack to 10 before
creating another inventory icon.
[requested by a number of players over the years]

+ Added changing Auren Society Robe description when player
levels letting player know what powers the runes are giving
when the robe is worn. Robe also changes description when
the robe is removed and the runes no longer are active.
[requested by CheeseshireCat]

+ Added changing Auren Society Staff or Bracers description
when player equips Quarterstaff/Bracers, letting the player
know what powers the runes are giving when used. Description
also changes when the Quarterstaff/Bracers is removed and
the runes no longer are active.
* Bracers are offered to Gnome/Hafling characters ONLY!
[requested by CheeseshireCat]

+ Added fix to alley windows not being illuminated.

August 27, 2008

! Fixed Tale of the Ruby Red side-quest on Loom Avenue.
[reported by a number of players over the years]

! Fixed a bug with Lamu always respawning on Horseshoe Lane even
if already robbed by player.
[found while preparing for Shadewood release]

! Fixed a bug with chest in basement of Springwine Jones Estate
that would continue to give a journal entry.
[reported by Azarr Kul]

! Fixed an issue with Domon Bin not taking player if they happen
to be wearing an Evelyn Society of Thinkers robe. Captain of
the Blood Runner also does this, so Domon Bin was fixed to
allow player, otherwise if player spoke to both captains,
they had no way of getting to the Forest of Mir.
[reported by Silvius]

! Fixed an issue with Tin quest that would break if the player
spoke with NPC while not wearing street-side clothing even
though player met required NPC. By doing so, option to speak
and complete quest with the NPC became broken.
[reported by Paradoxical]

! Fixed an issue with potion brewing, which allowed player to
place in multiple reagents and brew potions. Problem was,
it would leave reagents behind, allowing the player to brew
more potions over and over again. A large experience sink
tank for doing nothing.
[found while preparing for Shadewood release]

September 15, 2006

* Updated module to v1.68.

! Fixed color of Weather Worn Cloak given to player in the High

! Fixed cloak colors on merchants.

! Fixed Arra's Home sequence bug that still could cause the
sequence to abort, trapping the player inside.

+ Added new SetName() function that allows player to customize
NPC names to their liking via a scripted quill written by
Leon (a.k.a. strannik). Custom NPC names are then remembered
when player returns to all areas.

+ Added new SetName() function to NPCs that crossed multiple
areas which the quill could not track, such as Gimyr, Arra,
any ship captain, or NPCs located in the street during the day
and a tavern/inn during the night.

+ Added Runner's End information to Luanu that forces the player
to learn of street. This is to ensure the player knows of
Runner's End and can advance the investigation. Some players
opted not to do any side quests that told them of Runner's End,
making the main plot come to a hault and forced the players
to take a side quest that lead them to Runner's End to advance
the plot even if they did not want any side quests.
2827 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by Steve Savicki]

August 6, 2006

! Fixed a bug on the cave door in Nightwatch Wharf. If player
closed the door, a script fired locking the door, keeping the
player out and unable to complete the Something in the Works
1704 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by ElodieMoulin]

August 1, 2006

! Fixed a variable being set on PCSpeaker instead of FirstPC that
caused a conversation option on either Flaux or Luanu from being
1597 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by laisee]

July 3, 2006

! Fixed a variable not being set on Kara when player received the
Rotten Rilley side-quest. Player was unable to enter the Lilac
Loft due to this bug.
1160 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by WaterRabbit]

! Added Lilac Loft password to Rotten Rilley journal once player
learned it from Kara.
1160 downloads when fixed was issued.
[reported by WaterRabbit]

June 23, 2006

* Updated module at 6:24PM EST to fix a conversation bug on Bakadah
that surfaced when he checked to see if you picked up all the
books in the High Tower. Even if you had one, the conversation
would fire the next node and Bakadah would think you had all
three books. Script was fixed to now make sure all three books
are in the inventory of the player.
779 downloads when fix was issued.
23/06/2006 @ 6:24PM
[reported by spacerat]

+ Added Halfling and Gnome availability to the module. Although a
player could create such a character and play Almraiven, they
would not be able to use the Auren Quarterstaff and gain the
special abilities that came with it. Now any Halfling or Gnome
receives a pair of bracers with the same abilities.
[requested by Steve Savicki]

June 15, 2006

* Updated module at 10:30PM EST to fix major bug with Flaux if
player did not have the required twenty-five dinars for the
Laboratory Assistant quest. When the player had the dinars and
returned, the option to select either Spectral's Call or the
Blood Runner was not available.
450 downloads when fix was issued.
15/06/2006 @ 10:30PM
[reported by Khazad_Dhum]

June 2, 2006

* Updated module at 3:45PM EST to fix major bug with books from
the High Tower. Reported by two players on the module page.
39 downloads when fix was issued.
02/06/2006 @ 3:49PM



Last known update : December 15, 2010 ::: DL# : 13,234

! Fixed The High Tower to make it match more toward what the Auren
Society of Weavers are.
* Cosmetic changes only.

! Fixed a few journal entries.
[reported by Casz & CheeseshireCat]

! Fixed a few spelling issues module wide.
[reported by Casz, fire&ice, The Smiling Knight, Taltamir & Calgach]

! Fixed a report of trigger not firing if player has summoned creature
with them when exiting the sewers with Falis Goodmane.
* Applied trigger fix from Shadewood.
[reported by BernUnit & Miara`Lei]

! Fixed a conversation loop crash on Rilari when returning her stolen
goods during the day outside of The Diving Dolphin on The Villa.

! Fixed dinar reward sink on Ulip which allowed player to quit the
conversation, start it up again and receive the reward over and over
again when helping Ulip out.
[reported by Calgach]

! Fixed all door names that used the TAG of the door, as well as
added descriptions to all doors that did not have any.

! Fixed script on waitress of The Everburning Log not to open the
door where Flaux meeting takes place. This would cause events to
occur that the player may not want if they closed the door as per
the instructions given by Flaux.
[reported by CheeseshireCat]

! Fixed all glowing mushrooms in the Old Ward to non-useable
placeables and used updated glow script from Shadewood. This
will prevent the mushrooms appearing when the player hits TAB
and still retain their illumination.

+ Added comments by Purdee if player goes on a tour of Loom Avenue
and returns home with Purdee, for whatever reason.

+ Added transition fix to keep Creepy Creep inside player's home
rather than following player into the street and killing the NPCs.
[reported by Miara`Lei]

+ Added the ability to pass time/rest to midnight and noon on beds.
[requested by Taltamir]

+ Added OnExit script to Medusa Lair to destroy all remaining
creatures once player completed task.

+ Added reaction for showing Fade's Calling Card to specific
NPCs who mention this particular NPC in conversation.
[requested by CheeseshireCat]

+ Added script to OnSpawn of Almraiven Residents who walk
the street to keep them from bumping into each other and

+ Added automatic auto load of Shadewood at the end of
Almraiven. Shadewood will start only if player has downloaded
it and included it in their \modules directory.

+ Added bonus experience at the end of the module for those
players who got through Almraiven without drawing attention
to themselves as a member of the Auren Society of Weavers.
[requested by Rosie]

+ Added check to NPCs on Horseshoe Lane regarding Demon of an
Old Man quest to see if player already met Sila on
Caravan Run. If so, journal updates and player can skip
the entire investigation on Horeshoe Lane to learn where
Sila now resides.
[requested by GerbenS]

+ Added the ability to pass time in the Blood Runner if
player happens to get caught on board when the crew
[requested by GerbenS]

+ Added reaction to worn Silver Necklace on Gewia the Wererat
found inside the Diving Dolphin during the evening on
The Villa.
[requested by GerbenS]

+ Added reaction to Jaer once Werefolk Lair has been cleaned
out as she was hunting and guarding a home they used as
a hideout.
[requested by GerbenS]

+ Added reaction to Kalum, Velho and Venda once player has
learned how to use the orbs in the Chamber of Thought.
[requested by GerbenS & Vetch]

+ Added variable check on Wundra's Home to check if player
has Belladonna and Remove Curse scroll before the Werefolk
attack. If so, player no longer has to enter the home,
speak with Falis and exit to trigger the Werefolk attack.
* This does not change the events of what happens next!
[reported by OliverH & Taltamir]

+ Added a few more conversation options to drive player

+ Added fix to alley windows not being illuminated.

+ Added snakes to the floor of the Medusa Lair that now
slither across the floor during the chase.

August 27, 2008

+ Added new and improved Spell Conversation scripts from Shadewood
to Almraiven for Scare and Charm Person. Said options would
appear even if player did not memorize them. This will also fix
the Scare bug on the guards by Springwine Jones Estate.
[reported by sepman1]

+ Updated Auren Society Robe script from Shadewood to add
consistancy between both modules. Now when player levels up,
script will auto fire instead of previous versions of Almraiven
that required player to unequip and equip robe to gain the
new level bonus.

+ Added some variables to store to Database file. Nothing major
that will ruin the experience of previously played versions
of Almraiven.

! Fixed "man" on Domon Bin to as player would be
called "man" even if playing a female character.
[reported by Faramac]

! Fixed an issue with experience sink on Ulip, which allowed
the player to continue to receive experience by saying
Farewell in the conversation.
[reported by Calgach]

! Fixed an issue with Darwien's Dissapearance quest where
Annex could not be found if player saved Wundra instead.
Conversation options are now available to tell Annex
that Darwien could not be saved.
[reported by Grylock]

! Fixed Sorcerer's Friend on Caster's Claim 3rd Level inventory.
Offered Wisdom +1 instead of Charisma +1.
* if player has bugged version going into Shadewood, item
is stripped on entering Shadewood and proper amulet is
provided in player's inventory.
[reported by Mizar]

! Fixed Rotting Boards blocking Abandoned House on Horseshoe
Lane. Variable would only be set when boards were physically
attacked. Now takes into account any damage.
[reported by Atlas]

+ Added more Bird Seed in Almraiven due to player requests on
finding it difficult to locate the only Bird Seed in the city.
[requested by Elhanan]

September 15, 2006

! Fixed duplicate Naming Quill from being spawned in Home chest.

! Fixed Flaux conversation bug that allowed the player to
learn about another laboratory task even if already
completed a different task.

! Fixed Animated Candle in Home from displaying reading animation.

! Fixed a bug with script taking away more than one Remove Curse
and Belladonna when either Wundra or Darwien are healed.
2827 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by taltamir]

! Fixed a conversation bug with Rilari when returning her stolen
items. If player spoke with her during the day and was on the
Childhood Memories quest, player would not have the option to
return those items.
2827 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by taltamir and ElodieMoulin]

! Fixed exporting character at end of module. 250xp was rewarded
to the player AFTER the character was exported, not before.
2827 downloads when fix was issued.
[reported by Riona]

! Fixed Wundra from not getting removed from her home, even if
Werefolk have already taken her to the sewers below.
2827 downloads when fixed was issued.
[reported by ElodieMoulin]

! Fixed Lilac Loft password and returned option to enter the
building via a conversation and not a listening pattern.
Too many players reported problems getting inside the building
using the listening pattern option. Now password appears in a
conversation if player happens to learn it along the way.

! Tweaked Nyla variable for Venom Within book and conversation
checks. Players reported not being able to ask Luanu or Flaux
about the Medusa Lair. Set all variables to store on module
and not on player.

! Fixed a bug that caused Luanu to respawn multiple times if
player saved a game in her home, then reloaded.

August 13, 2006

! Fixed a Scare conversation option on thief guarding the door
at The Shed. Option would only be available if the player DID
NOT have the Scare spell memorized.
[reported by Riona]

! Tweaked Liloc Loft entry. Made sure proper spelling of password
Asavir was checked. Double checked variables for allowing player
entry; modified one.
[reported by ElodieMoulin and amethyst347]
+++ repealed (See September 15, 2006 update notes)

! Tweaked a script check to see if player was dressed as a guard
in Springwine Jones Estate. Alarm would go off if player entered
the last room on the main floor, regardless of what player was
[reported by ElodieMoulin]

! Fixed a bug with Falis spawning multiple times at the Harbor Gate
if he was a companion of the player but the player left to do
other things in the city. When the player returned, a duplicate of
Falis was spawned. Could be repeated for multiple versions of
[reported by ElodieMoulin]

August 1, 2006

! Fixed spelling issues that popped up during play.
[reported by Tiberius209]

July 22, 2006

! Fixed an experience loop bug that popped up on Bakadah in the
High Tower that allowed the player to continue to receive 25xp.
[reported by QSW]

June 25, 2006

! Fixed a bug that surfaced on Snake Bite quest. If a player spoke
with Luanu, then Nyla, then returned to speak with Flaux before
reading the book Nyla gave the player, Flaux had the next
conversation option. This option should only appear after the
player has read the book and not before. This bug could only
surface in the order noted above. Nice catch!
[reported by bball69]

June 19, 2006

! Fixed a bug at the City Gate that caused any henchman to
continue to respawn, creating duplicate copies of itself if the
player left and returned to the area.
[reported by _MAU_]

! Fixed a bug at the Harbor Gate that caused Blood Runner NPCs
to continue to respawn, creating duplicate copies of itself if
the player left and returned to the area.

June 13, 2006

! Fixed a bug on Lamu that gave the player two sets of her
cloth and stitch when player robbed her.
! Fixed conversation option to ask for Annex in Everburning Log
even if player had completed quest.
! Fixed a bug with Arra's door not getting closed.
! Fixed a bug with giving a Custom Name to Jaer on Mandrake Route.

June 11, 2006

! Fixed a bug with Annex not spawning at the Everburning Log
or in The Villa if player found Darwien and saved her. A
variable was set early that created this bug.
[reported by JackStorm]

June 10, 2006

! Fixed a bug with Arra's Haunted Home quest. If the player
entered the home near sunrise, the sequence would stop at
dawn, trapping the player inside of the home if the sequence
wasn't completed yet. Added a variable check so sequence
continues if player is inside of the home and the sun has
risen before the player completed the cycle.
[reported by Azarr Kul]
! Fixed a bug with Raf in Springwine Jones Estate. If player
received the Basement Trip quest but turned around to kill
Raf, the quest remained incomplete.
[reported by Azarr Kul]
! Fixed a bad journal entry that was given to player when they
picked up their corpse in Spectral's Call.
[reported by Azarr Kul]

June 8, 2006

+ Added option to rob Lamu when received Lamu's Escort quest.
+ Added Bumps in the Night side-quest.
+ Added "I'm free!" comment to Mephit Male on Caravan Run as it
would seem, sometimes he'd be outside of his cage. Instead of
fixing this bug, I simply added life to it.
! Fixed a street map report with Chelim that was incorrect.
! Fixed a bug on Lamu that gave the player two sets of her
cloth and stitch when player robbed her.

Week of May 29 to June 4 ::: v2.0

| Uploaded Public Release to

Week of May 22 to May 28 ::: v1.9b

- Removed Lamia's Mark shop and moved it to street on Caravan Run.
+ Added Firiem to Fisherman's Grill.
+ Added Firiem's Prison quest.
+ Added listen pattern to Lilac Loft instead of using conversation
for entry with password. Provided by Jeremy Glassford.
* Completed Firiem's Prison quest.
! Fixed game ending bug with Flaux if player took the Blood Runner
! Fixed bad journal entry if player used magic during Hastelet
Ambush on Horseshoe Lane.
! Fixed stuffed parrot on the Blood Runner.
! Fixed a few glitches on Waters.
! Fixed Firiem's spell casting order.
! Fixed bugs introduced by updating to 1.67.
! Fixed loop bug with Twilight Tavern bartender.
+ Added rest zone to Rosetyl Street.
! Fixed Almraiven Investigation journal entries.
! Fixed a bug in Twilight Tavern that kept Vorbin from spawning.
! Fixed a bug with Tin side-quest not being able to get completed.
! Fixed a bug with the Assassination Attempt quest.
+ Added street sign map notes to areas that had none.
+ Added map note for Fisherman's Grill.
! Fixed boat deed having gold pieces reference instead of dinars.
! Fixed a bug with Shayla Shay not spawning in if player completed
main quest but continued with side-quests.
! Fixed Gimyr loop on Fisherman's Grill bartender.
- Removed all music associated with Forest of Mir module.
! Fixed an area loading bug that crashed the game on Gypsy Roseway.
* Completed final laboratory assistant conversation.
* Completed final hakpak rar file.
* Completed final muspak rar file.
* Completed final notes to almraiven.txt file.

Week of May 15 to May 21 ::: v1.8b

+ Added Blood Runner Crew to the Blood Runner when day arrives.
! Fixed a conversation bug with Eldowen in Twilight Tavern.
+ Added two parrots on Benhi's Express.
! Fixed Springwine Estate door from remaining open if player
cast knock to enter building.
+ Added final conversation with Bakadah in home.
- Removed all beta tags in NPC names.
* Completed final laboratory assistant conversation.
! Fixed a color bug on Rotten Rilley.
! Fixed a journal entry bug on Jaylen.
+ Added bonus experience if player meets bartender a second
time after returning from beneath the Green Drip.
+ Added invisibility check for Ambush Mage trigger.
+ Added stolen goods to be sold at the Gifthouse.
+ Added parrot to the Blood Runner cabin.
! Fixed a knock spell bug inside Springwine Jones Estate.
! Fixed pillow case location inside Springwine Jones Estate.
! Fixed bonus load experience for the Medusa Lair.
+ Added Darkness effect in laboratory.
+ Added Game Ending Options journal at end of module.
! Fixed keys not being able to be sold to merchants.
+ Added conversation option for player to ask about Bejala's Key with
+ Added conversation option for player to ask about Horgar with
Twilight Tavern owner.
+ Added conversation option for player to ask about a captain with
Silver Circles innkeeper.
# Updated to patch v1.67.
+ Added Rings, Throwing, Ranged and Amulets created by Sharon Tipton.
+ Added end to Stolen Swordfish quest if player did not locate thief.
+ Added conversation options on Ulip for Assassination Attempt quest.
+ Added Charm Person and Scare Spell choices to Ulip's Assassin.
! Fixed a bug with Horseshoe Lane NPC being on two streets at the
exact same time.
+ Added nereng's Seagull script to Dock Ward and Harbor Gate.

Week of May 8 to May 14 ::: v1.7b

! Fixed a conversation bug on bartender of the Green Drip if
player was wearing Evelyn Society Robe.
! Fixed custom name option on Eldowin in the Twilight Tavern.
! Fixed conversation bug on Eldowin not continuing Elusive Eldowen
quest if player was investigating it.
+ Added a rest zone in Springwine Jones Cellar.
! Fixed sitting bug in Everburning Log with Caravan Run family.
! Fixed Black Sands bulletin board.
+ Added Luma to the Spitting Camel if player escorted her to the
- Removed DEBUG comments from Substance Lifter script.
+ Added a check to Basement Trip quest to fail if player kills
Springwine Jones guard that gave the quest.
+ Added *hic* to Springwine Jones guard after player hands over
ale or wine to let the player know they're waiting for something
to happen.
! Fixed a bug with Wundra's Wonder quest repeating conversation
if player exited house before learning of substance lifter
side-quest and then tried the door a second time.
+ Added Scare spell options on outside Kingscourt guards.
! Fixed Bejala conversation options on NPCs located on Caravan Run.
! Fixed a conversation loop bug on Flaux.
! Fixed a conversation bug on Wenuth's contact.
+ Added Orange Stripe option on Goblin within Jar of Flies.
! Fixed a conversation bug with Caravan Run Gnome.
! Fixed conversation bug with Gimyr.
! Fixed a bug with Commoner faction that surfaced with Lilly
faction on Cuttback Kat Alley.
! Fixed bad map note for Everburning Log on Horseshoe Lane.
! Fixed bad map note for Water's Edge on Caravan Run.
! Fixed a few minor issues with the Medusa Lair.
! Fixed a bug with Guard Dog becoming hostile to player in cellar
of Springwine Jones Estate even if player was invisible.
! Fixed a bug with Elusive Eldowen side-quest.
+ Added CampaignInt to save information at end of module.
+ Added The Wooden Deck on Rosetyl Street.
! Fixed a bug with Twilight Tavern waiter.
+ Added Invisibility Scroll at Caster's Claim.
- Removed [CP], [SL], [TP] and [T] map notes once player uses
and completes particular potion in required area.

Week of May 1 to May 7 ::: v1.6b

! Fixed a few merchants who were neutral to player.
! Fixed part of Olsen's conversation that looped.
! Fixed spelling of Soldolphon to Soldolphor.
! Fixed Orange Stripe journal entry.
! Fixed part of Veldrin's conversation that looped if player did
not understand Elvish.
+ Added female voice to summoning of Laboratory Assistant if
player is female.
! Fixed missing sound placeables during summoning of Laboratory
+ Added conversation option regarding Chamber of Thought
entry to NPCs on the street of Benhi's Express.
! Fixed a side-quest ending bug during Wundra's Wonder that
popped up in Wundra's Home.
! Fixed a conversation error with Walvis on Benhi's Express.
! Fixed a few areas that doubled the NPCs if player saved
and then loaded the game again.
! Fixed a bug that spawned Falis twice in Wundra's Home.
! Fixed a bug that made Kingscourt guards respawn even if
player killed them.
! Fixed conversation loop with Azuv.
+ Added bonus experience in Medusa Lair that counts down
based on number of times player reloads.
+ Added Evelyn conversation options on Green Drip bartender.
* Completed Rosetyl Street Human Male inside Twilight Tavern.
+ Added Charm Person and Scare Spell choices to street-side
on Cuttback Kat Alley.
+ Added Nightshade corpses around city if player completed the
Cuttback Murders Quest.
* Completed Raulen conversation if she's waiting inside Twilight
* Completed Eldowin conversation.
* Completed Elusive Eldowen side quest.
+ Added Benhi's Express day NPCs to Weeping Willow during the

Week of April 24 to April 30 ::: v1.5b

! Fixed error with speak string for Falis in Volothamp.
+ Added Antidote potions to laboratory in Volothamp incase
player is diseased while in the Forest of Mir.
! Fixed a description with small copper ring in Forest of Mir.
+ Added skill checks and spell options to gain passage to
Forest of Mir.
* Completed Elven Male on Benhi's Express.
* Completed Bookworm: The Elvish Language.
+ Added Elusive Eldowen side quest.
x Removed DEBUG comments from Twilight Tavern randomized
music player.
+ Added waitress and bartender to Twilight Tavern.
+ Added Blood Runner sailors to Twilight Tavern.
! Fixed Arra's door.

Week of April 17 to April 23 ::: v1.4b

! Fixed Shayla Shay comment in Forest of Mir.
! Fixed bug at Harbor Gate that caused NPCs to spawn over and over
again if player happened to save in that particular area of the
module. When player reloaded, duplicate NPCs would appear next
to the original.
! Fixed boundary boat. It should now vanish when captain does.
! Fixed Ghost faction that caused some NPCs back in Almraiven to
become hostile to player.
+ Added auto save to One Copper Inn.
! Fixed spelling errors in bloody note and a few books found in
the Forest of Mir.
! Fixed doors in One Copper Inn from constantly opening and
! Fixed a possible bug with Twilight Tavern door.
! Fixed Spectral's Call faction as all Spectral's Call guards
were currently under the Commoner faction.
+ Added a rest area on Kingscourt.
! Fixed a game ending bug within the sewers if Falis got trapped.
+ Added map pins to Springwine Jones Estate.
+ Added a few goodies to Springwine Jones Estate.
! Fixed a bug with Falis getting double spawned in his home.
! Fixed Mysterious Room quest to be highest in importance.
! Fixed a bug that caused Annex to become available to player
at Harbor Gate or West Gate, even if Annex quest was never
completed by player.

Week of April 10 to April 16 ::: v1.3b

! Ran Hans Olsen spell checker on all conversations, journal
entries, item and npc descriptions.
! Fixed a faction with hostile attacking commoner faction.
! Fixed patron comments for Piked Boar during the day.
+ Added a map pin for The Shed when player learns of location from
Piked Boar owner during the day.
+ Added cost to spell book.
x Removed double spot check experience on Room 88 within the
Spitting Camel.
! Fixed an error with Wundra if Falis died in the sewers during
his quest.
! Fixed infinate experience loop with Elthorian if player saved
Wundra and Falis died in the sewers during his quest.
! Fixed description on Firefly Lanterns.
x Removed Clock Puzzle DEBUG code.
! Fixed game ending bug that surfaced if player killed all the
guards in Spectral's Call.
x Removed Tin from Benhi's Express if player reported his location
to Olsen.
+ Added a runner in The Villa that will pay player dinars for
helping Olsen find Tin via Rotten Rilley quest.
! Fixed Kingscourt NPCs from spawning in naked.
+ Added auto save to Kingscourt.
! Fixed another bug with chest in Spitting Camel.
! Fixed yet another issue with CBA faction.
! Fixed spawning of sleeping NPCs on Cuttback Kat Alley from
remaining on street if day/dawn.
! Fixed bug on Wundra's door.
! Fixed issue with Guard Dog faction on Kingscourt.
+ Added knock ability to locked doors in Springwine Jones Estate
just incase player would rather use magic vs. dialog/sneaking
+ Added conversation check on guards inside Springwine Jones
Estate to see if player is wearing servant outfit. If not,
they sound the alarm and attack.
+ Added three extra guards to enter Springwine Jones Estate from
outside if alarm has been sounded.
+ Added check to see if player has triggered alarm in Springwine
Jones Estate. If so, the guards do not respawn on Kingscourt.
! Fixed bug with Guard Dog conversation trigger. Even if the
alarm was sounded and the Guard Dog is hostile to the player,
the conversation would still begin. Now the conversation simply
will not fire.
! Fixed bug with Annex spawning in The Villa even after Darwien
was turned into a Wererat.
! Fixed Auren Robe and Auren Ring from being able to be sold.

Week of April 3 to April 9 ::: v1.2b

! Fixed Malevolent spelling error through entire module.
+ Added conversation with Bakadah for player before heading
to the Forest of Mir.
! Fixed Almraiven Investigation journal to remind player that
they must speak with Bakadah before leaving for the Forest of
+ Added Binding of Spells book to Twelve Orbs.
+ Added total cost to a few books still being bought for only
one dinar.
x Removed DEBUG notes in homemade potions.
! Fixed conversation loop bug with mage in the Piked Boar.
+ Added a rest trigger in High Tower so player can memorize
spells before arriving in Almraiven.
+ Added conversation to owner of the Piked Boar to check if it's
day and if the player is on the Suldophor Refugee quest.
+ Added Charm Person and Scare Spell choices on female at The Shed.
! Fixed some faction issues...again.
! Fixed issue with a room at The Shed.
+ Added script to return Irena's Blood sample if player attempted
to drink it. Some testers drank it, the potion was gone and it
broke the main plot.
+ Added script on Gypsy Roseway to destroy NPCs spawned in the
area on exit.
+ Added extra conversation to Brynlo on The Villa.
* Completed the Cuttback Kat Alley Murder quest.
* Completed Laboratory Assistant Halav.
+ Added boat on Forest of Mir Boundry for ship captains to use as
they leave.
x Removed testing items in areas scattered through the module.
+ Added auto save points at the Harbor Gate and West Gate
! Fixed an error in the Mysterious Room journal entry.
+ Added a storage chest in Aunt Aries Laboratory and Abandoned Home
in Volothamp village.
! Fixed spelling error on Olav and Astrid graves in Forest of Mir.
+ Added flavor text in Volothamp, Forest of Mir, Cave.
+ Added map note to Volothamp and Western Passage incase player
cannot recall where to dig for the corpses of Olav and Astrid.
! Fixed description of Efreetum Society Robes.
! Fixed on note found in Abandoned Home within Forest of Mir.
+ Added Lore check to runes in Volothamp Crypt.
+ Added Lore check to runes in Western Passage Tower.
! Fixed a bug with Springwine Guard Dog.
! Fixed the Spirit of Volothamp Journal Entry as not to give away
so much information about Aunt Aries.
! Fixed bug with Wundra that stopped the player from completing
Wundra's Wonder quest if Falis happened to die during the
+ Added auto save on The Strip.
! Fixed CBA faction...again!
! Modified Black Sands bartender conversation to fix Something in
the Works quest.
! Fixed found spelling errors.
! Fixed a quest ending bug on Nyla's Door.

Week of March 27 to April 2 ::: v1.1b

! Fixed Caravan Run family from spawning incorrectly within any
inn they were directed to by the player.
! Fixed Caravan Run family father and mother from standing while
sitting at an inn.
+ Added conversation one-lined dialog to Villa NPCs standing around
+ Added Lore check to magical runes on Spectral's Call entrance.
x Removed bad journal entry on Villa gnome.
! Fixed Olsen in the Spitting Camel from spawning again even after
Tin Quest was completed by player.
+ Added dialog option to the owner of The Shed on Gypsy Roseway
regarding Lilly Lynn via the Suldolpor Refugee Quest.
! Fixed Gimyr from respawning at the Fisherman's Grill even after
he has left for the night.
! Fixed a few journals that are given to the player in the Forest
of Mir.
! Fixed Lilac Loft door password to Asavir. Player now has the
possibility of learning it from a street-side on The Villa or
from a crazy woman on Horseshoe Lane.
! Fixed Auren Society of Weavers ring to plot so player cannot
sell it.
! Fixed items in Everburning Log that were sitting on the floor
instead of sitting on the tables.
! Fixed bug with Human Female on the Villa from giving player the
Childhood Memories quest if the player is wearing particular
cloth and stitch. As it was, only being naked would give you
the quest.
! Fixed Human Male street-side on Caravan Run that had a bad
! Fixed Coiled Quelzarn door to auto unlock at night.
+ Added a light near Grobo on Benhi's Express.
+ Added Radiance encounter on Benhi's Express.
+ Added Nightshade and Thief whispered conversation on Loom
! Fixed spawning of sleeping NPCs on Caravan Run and Horseshoe Lane
from remaining on street if day/dawn.
+ Added Firefly Lantern merchant on Benhi's Express.
! Fixed double journal entry being handed out during Rilley's
conversation at the Lilac Loft.
x Removed all wooden material from R'taalin Armorers.
! Fixed journal entry for Demons of an Old Man. Spelling of
Mera was Messa, which was incorrect.
+ Added auto save trigger on Benhi's Express.
+ Added two new Purdee encounters on Loom Avenue.
! Fixed Twilight Tavern door to auto unlock at night.
+ Added items to Ambush Mage on Loom Avenue that can be picked up
if the PC kills him.
+ Added passcode for My Contact journal.
! Fixed One Copper Inn bug with trigger that gives PC a journal.
There was no check to see who entered the trigger, so sometimes
an NPC would trigger it even if PC was still in Almraiven.
! Fixed Cloak of Almraiven notes.
+ Added another update to the Almraiven Investigation journal.
! Fixed experience loop bug with a chest in the Spitting Camel.
! Fixed spawning of sleeping NPCs on The Villa from remaining on
street if day/dawn.
+ Added level abilities on Auren Society Robe.
! Fixed faction with Half-Orcs in the Black Sands that caused
rouge on Cuttback Kat Alley to become hostile.
+ Added PC sitting during campfire scene with Shayla Shay.
! Fixed Half-Orc in the Black Sands from spawning again, even if
he was killed by the PC.
! Fixed bug with Gimyr re-appearing on Caravan Run if by chance
the player talked to Luanu, then to Nyla, then read Nyla's book
and then spoke to Flaux instead of returning to speak with Luanu.
! Fixed spelling and grammar issues reported by Beta Tester Alex.