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A general expansion for the vanilla game - new items, mechanics, locations, encounters and story.

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Mighty (mini) Mod of Doom is a general expansion for the game, aiming at making the experience of playing Neo Scavenger richer and more fulfilling, without straying too far from the native game-play.

The mod aims to utilize the expanded item variety to make the game more challenging and exciting long-term, add new stories and "fix" certain balancing issues in the vanilla game, as well as to expand the game in the areas it felt a bit "underdeveloped" to the author.


- over 150 new items
- over 45 new crafting recipes
- 19 new scavenging locations
- expanded story content (260+ new "story boards", including a new DMC places, quest and a town up north)
- various smaller additions: new campsites, scavenging accidents, NPCs and more
- many balancing and game-play changes


The full list of changes and additions can be found at the mod's official thread on the Blue Bottle Games forum.


It also includes two mini-mods, by the same author, titled the Fields of Dead and the Sage's Pages.

Fields of Dead mini-mod expands the way that corpses work, by adding bones and skulls as an additional product of the decaying process and the butchering.

Sage's Pages expands the loot by adding various books and papers. Most of them are worth almost nothing and are best used as a sad kind of fire fuel. Few might be worth taking to the nearest market, however.