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Lets you set the appearance of bottles in your inventory to see their contents at a glance.

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TLDR: This mod is for players who want to be able to see what the bottles in their inventories contain at a glance.

One of the few remaining "issues" NeoScavenger still has after reaching version 1.0 is that bottle containers (plastic water bottles, Corna Cola bottle and whiskey bottles) have only one set appearance when full (water bottles look like they're full of water, cola bottles show they are full of cola, whiskey bottles appear to be full of whiskey) no matter what their actual contents is.

While this doesn't matter for other container types, the fact that bottles are the main way players carry liquids (most importantly, water) means that it be immersion-breaking at best to see your precious last whiskey bottle of water showing brown whiskey, and potentially life-threatening at worst, when you "use" a bottle that looks like its filled with water, only to find it was actually holding cola and you just gave yourself a sugar crash by mistake!

This issue is not really fixable, though, even by the developer, since all containers have only two visual states ("empty" and "has something inside"), and cannot change this based on what the actual contents are. This is almost certainly why, despite requests, this has not been fixed; it would take a major reworking of the game engine for one small and (although annoying) non game-breaking bug fix.

Because this still annoys me, though, I came up with this workaround to allow the player to "set" a bottle to display the appearance they wish. While this not being determined by the contents is hardly idea, I could not think of another way to implement this.

Thus, with this mod, a player can use the new "pen" tool item to craft and "label" any of the three bottle types (plastic, cola, whiskey) so that their appearance matches what the player plans to store in them. Note that if you label a bottle "cola" and then put water in it, it will still have the "cola" appearance unless you re-label it again; this is unavoidable due to the way the mod - and game engine - works.

For those wondering why I added the minor annoyance of needing a "pen" to craft the various bottle re-labels, it was because if you could just craft using the bottle by itself, it would clutter up the crafting list enormously!


With this mod, you can "craft" any bottle into a version that shows a different "full" appearance besides the default ones. Such a "labeled" bottle functions identically (weight, value, capacity, crafting) to the regular version, apart from its icon appearance.

To label a bottle, go to the crafting screen and craft a "pen" item with any single bottle (water, cola, whiskey; empty or full) and choose the label (appearance) you want for the bottle.

Now, when you put anything in that bottle, it will have the correct matching appearance!

If you decide you want to store something else in that bottle later, craft it (with a pen) again and choose a different "label".

Note: all label recipes show up in the crafting recipe list with the tag "label".

Pens can be found while scavenging, however, you will always find one (in 100% condition) in the first urban hex you visit. They can also be bought from the Junk Store and C-Store.


Unpack this mod to your NeoScavenger folder (it should end up in the subfolder "Mods"). The included "getmods.php" file will activate the mod automatically.

For expert users, also included in the package is "getmods.BottleMod.php", a backup in case you accidentally delete the new "getmods.php".


Included is a "compatibility patch" for use with Kaaven's MmMoD mod. If you use that mod, copy "getmods.MmMoD+BottleMod.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php". You will now be able to label bottles to match the new liquid types (brine, detergent, milk, soup, stock) added  by MmMoD, as well as label (i.e. change the appearance of) the new vodka bottle that MmMoD introduces to the game.

This mod should also be compatible with Chiko's NeoScav Extended mod, though it doesn't yet include any new bottles or liquids from that mod. For those who don't wish to edit their "getmods.php" files manually, the included "getmods.Extended+BottleMod.php" can be renamed and used to play both mods together.

There is also a "compatibility patch" for use with Layarion's Overhaul mod. If you use that mod, copy "getmods.Overhaul+BottleMod.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php".

Alternatively, if you want to use this mod with my Fishing Mod, copy "getmods.Fishing+BottleMod.php" to your main NeoScavenger folder and rename to "getmods.php".

Most recent compatibility (as of writing): NSE v3.8, MmMoD v0.91, Overhaul Mod v1.6h, Fishing Mod v2.01.


Bottles can be labeled unlimited times, however pens lose 0.1% condition with every use (to simulate ink). If enough people dislike this "realism", I'll remove the "degrade on use" for pens. Let me know what you think!

My "pen" item graphic is pretty rubbish and little more than a placeholder; if anyone would like to contribute a better-looking one (say, a disposable plastic "Bic" type), please let me know and it will be gratefully included in this mod, with full credit to the artist.

Finally, I've tried to properly implement random treasure tables, but this is truly tedious and eye-destroying work, so I'd very much appreciate if folks could either check and let me know if pens now show up corrently when scavenging!


I still plan to implement proper compatibility with Chiko's NSE mod, taking into account the new bottles and liquids that mod adds to the game. It's a fair bit of work, though, so it might take a while!

Also, if I ever find the time, I'd like to try and also include Kaaven's MmMoD "glass jar" in this mod, allowing the player to "label" it and thus have it show its contents (pickles, nuts, berries, etc.).

Aside from the above Help Needed and Future Plans ideas, though, I consider this mod "finished" (at least in terms of vanilla game compatibility) as it stands, unless anyone finds any bugs (please let me know!), a future NeoScavenger version renders it in need of updating, or another popular mod requires a new compatibility patch be added.