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Napoleonic Total War III is an in-depth modification of Napoleon: Total War. The product of 11 years of development brings you completely new gameplay features, battle mechanics, custom factions with historically documented rosters spanning the entire Napoleonic Wars, more than 10,000 new units, 2000 historical generals, 150 maps, and much more.

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NTW3 is developed mainly around the multiplayer aspect of the game, and so benefits from many new gameplay features, such as a faction point rating system to balance teams in online matches. Players can choose from playing the "Classic" way, or in "Hardcore" realism mode without aids like radar map and unit information (flags, morale bar). In addition, NTW3 has designed and introduced "Theatres of War" (ToW), a signature play mode adapted for larger multiplayer games. Each ToW represents a historical campaign or period of Napoleonic warfare, usually pitting France and her allies against the successive Coalitions that faced them, with each player in control of an Army Corps (AC), the archetypal organizational structure of this era - you can thus avoid ahistorical alliances, avoid repeating the same units, coordinate and complement your team's strengths and weaknesses and bring historical unit commanders.

Battles can take place on more than 150 maps, both historical battle maps and generic ones with various ways to deploy - to win you must either thoroughly defeat the enemy or capture and hold the key objectives. The battlefields are affected by the "fog of war": armies are hidden unless within spotting distance - you must reconnoiter the enemy and screen your own army movements to gain the initiative. You must use roads to march across the map quicker, unit speed and fatigue playing a crucial role as well.

NTW3 benefits from a truly encyclopedic regimental book: more than 10,000 unique units, thoroughly documented on all levels, from their regimental history - possibly the largest collection of Napoleonic regimental descriptions in the English language - to uniforms and customised unit abilities based on their historical performance. You can also choose from more than 2000 different commanders, who appear in battle as staff generals or as divisional/brigade commanders who fight with their unit.

Somewhat less supported but still present, the mod also offers reworked campaigns, of which the most recent is the Peninsular Campaign, designed and adapted for multiplayer play.

NTW3 is continuously developed and updated by the Lordz, and has an active online Discord community (, and a website ( which details all its features in more depth. We welcome all new players, and hope to see you on the battlefield!

Latest changelog (version 8.8)

  • New theaters of war
    • 3rd Coalition (1805)
    • Finland War (1808-1809)

  • Maps
    • Belgium renamed to Flanders.
    • Eight new classic maps: Bohemia 1-2, Egypt 3-4-5, Finland 2-3, Flanders 8.
    • One new historical map: Dürnstein (1805).
    • Austerlitz map heavily reworked.
    • Many rebalanced LOC points, deployment zones, buildings capacity.

  • AC combat generals: former automatic pre-selection removed; here is the new system (where N is the maximum amount of combat generals you can have):
    • Of all generals in the roster, N+2 are automatically and randomly selected.
    • Only those N+2 generals are visible and pickable, until cooldown and another random pick is made.
    • You can select from zero to N of them, in any order, in any place in your army build.
  • Increased fatigue from musket reloading.
  • Units descriptions and generals' biographies: more than 400 new or rewritten, all French and Austrian units, British cavalry.
  • New custom model for cavalry gloves, used for now by Austrian generals, cuirassiers and chevaulegers (1805).
  • Increased charge for C1/C2 cavalry.
  • Removed projectile trails.
  • Scenarios
    • All former scenarios removed, to be rebuilt more thoroughly by using army corps.
    • Austerlitz (1805).

  • NTW3 website
    • Factions: many corrected custom and new AC guides for 4th Coalition, Finland War,
    • Patriotic War and Hundred Days (by Blitzkrieg555).
    • FAQ: cavalry guide (by Nate).
    • FAQ: rules.

  • Austria: new simple cuirass for Austrian rank and file cuirassiers.
  • Brunswick: fixed Olfermann's uniform.
  • France
    • Many nicknames corrected.
    • Italy/1799: new mirliton model for light cavalry, non French line infantry cards displayed separately.
    • Orient, Desaix AC: added Lasalle.
    • 1805 to 1807 grenadiers: redesigned uniforms.
    • 1806 AC: fixed uniform for French grenadiers.
    • 1806 AC, Lannes: added the Bataillon d'élite and its commanders (Suchet & Claparède).
    • 1806 AC, Garde: added Dragons de l'Impératrice and their colonel (Arrighi).
    • 1806 AC, La Romana: corrected horse artillery card.
    • 1809 AC, Gouvion St-Cyr: reworked uniforms for Berg regiments.
    • 1809 AC, Sébastiani: fixed bug about staff general selection.
    • 1812 AC: lowered Oudinot, Garde, Victor and Augereau's AC faction rating.
    • 1812 AC, Beauharnais: removed bugged drummer from Croatian regiment.
    • 1815 AC, Garde: cards' sorting corrected. 
  • Holy Roman Empire
    • Shooting stats increased.
    • Reworked uniforms for heavy cavalry. 
  • Mamelukes, custom and AC: some changes in stats and sizes.
  • Ottomans, custom and AC: some changes in stats and sizes.
  • Persia: switched to imperial side (because of Russia).
  • Portugal
    • Teixeira AC: 12 pounders artillery added.
    • Better translations of units' names (thanks to Filipe).
  • Prussia
    • 1806 custom: corrected the absurdly high charge bonus value of a light infantry unit.
    • 1806 AC, Hohenlohe and Rüchel: corrections on the roster and stats (Nate's research).
    • 1815 AC, Thielemann: fixed dismounting issue with Thielemann.
  • Saxony
    • 1806 AC, Niesemeuschel: renamed to Zezschwitz.
    • 1806 AC: several historical corrections (Nate's research).
  • Spain
    • 1809 AC: many changes in stats and sizes.
    • 1809 AC, Del Parque: added Princesa and Navarra infantry. 
  • Sweden, custom: switched to coalition side.
  • United kingdom
    • Improved uniforms for the time span 1805-1811.
    • Star-rating reevaluated for some generals.
    • New units: 68th Foot, KGL light company, Battalions of Detachments.
    • Brown Bess stats back to version 8.6's values (also applies to allies using this musket).
    • Shrapnel guns improved.
    • 1815 AC: corrected flag, with St Patrick's Cross. 
  • United States
    • Custom: Switched to imperial side (because of UK).
    • Custom: completed all generals biographies (by Karlsson).
    • New music theme.