My Time at Sandrock

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Mod Manager and Framework that provides shared functionality for all of my mods.

Permissions and credits
Discord Channel: Your Time at Sandrock
QQ群: YTaS Public (372721234)
Donate/赞赏: 爱发电 (Paypal) / 支付宝(二维码) / 微信(二维码)


For graphic tutorials, please refer to the images above or in the "Images" tab.
If you have already joined the official discord, you can also take a look at this topic.
A fresh installation is recommended.

  • Download BepInEx from Optional Files if you don't have.
    You can also download it from Github if you're encontering any issues. Unzip it to the game folder /My Time at Sandrock/.
  • Create folder plugins under /BepInEx/, and then Download Framework from Files and unzip the .dll to the /BepInEx/plugins.
  • Choose the plugins (prefix with "Ytas") you need on other pages, download and install them by unzipping the .dlls to the folder /My Time at Sandrock/BepInEx/plugins.
  • After installation, confirm that you can open ModManager by pressing F4. Change the keybind if there are conflicts.


  • If you have Restored Dev Consoles installed, pressing F4 will open the jet pack by default.
  • Please assure that you've remove the existing BepInExConfigManager.dll or BepInExConfigManager.Mono.dll under the folder "plugins".
    These files may cause ModManager to fail to load.
  • Ytas series plugins support Chinese and English by default, the first launch will be automatically selected according to the system language.
    You can edit it in Framework, fill in "Chinese" or "English", and it will take effect after reboot.It is known that Russian users will be assigned to Chinese for unknown reasons.


图文教程请参照上方或者 Images 中的图片。
如果你已经加入了官方discord,也可以看一看 这个话题

  • 如果没有安装 BepInEx,请从 Optional Files (可选文件)中下载并安装。
    如果打不开,也可以在 Github 里下载,下载后解压到根目录 /My Time at Sandrock/
  • 在 /BepInEx/ 文件夹下新建文件夹 plugins,然后通过 Files 一栏下载最新版的 Framework ,将 .dll 文件解压到 /BepInEx/plugins 文件夹下。
  • 在其他页面上下载并安装需要的功能(插件名前缀为Ytas),这些单独的 dll 解压到 /My Time at Sandrock/BepInEx/plugins 文件夹下。
  • 确认安装完后,启动游戏后按F4确认能够打开 ModManager,如果存在按键冲突请修改按键绑定。


  • 如果你安装了 Restored Dev Consoles,按 F4 会默认打开飞行器。
  • 请确认 plugins 文件夹下是否有 BepInExConfigManager.dll 或者 BepInExConfigManager.Mono.dll。
    如果有,请将其删除。这些文件会导致 Mod Manager 无法正常呼出。
  • Ytas 系列插件默认支持中文和英语,首次启动会根据系统语言自动选择。
    你可在 Framework 中进行编辑,填写"Chinese"或者"English",重启后生效。目前已知俄语用户会被指派到中文,原因不明。