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Dynamically changes weather during the day depending on current season

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Normally the weather is set once every morning and stays until you go to sleep.
But with this mod the weather will change during the day dynamically.
It offers:
  • change weather according to the current season
  • change weather only to weathers that will match (e.g. it will never change from sunny to rainy, but from sunny to cloudy and than to rainy (maybe))
  • weather changes depend on percentages (that's why maybe)
  • enable/disable dynamic weather during festivals
  • always have sunny weather on player's birthday (can be toggled in UMM menu)
With this mod it is possible:
  • that it will rain in spring
  • to have overcast weather in summer
  • or that it can snow in autumn
... but it will mostly be the usual weather depending on season.

You can activate/deactivate dynamic weather for every season in UMM menu.
The weather change percentages can be edited in settings.xml.

Unity Mod Manager -

How to install the mod
  • Download the latest version of this mod.
  • Use the Unity Mod Manager to install the downloaded zip file. (See UMM page for details)
  • Run the game

***If the game is updated, open UMM and install the Portia profile again.***

How to use the mod
  • Load up a save.
  • Pause the game by opening any menu (so the mouse cursor is available)
  • Use Ctrl + F10 to open (or close) the Mod manager
  • Ensure this mod is enabled on the right - Status should be green.
  • Click on "Dynamic Weather" to open options menu
  • Adjust settings as desired
  • Click "Save" and close the UMM menu

(Possible) Known Issues
  • not fully compatible with "Better Immersion" mod (but works) - "Better Immersion" will be patched later when "Dynamic Weather" isn't "alpha" anymore - seems to be working meanwhile
  • the weather changes are instant within 1 second as there is no smooth weather transition feature in the game

  • nothing