My Time at Portia

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Allows for customizable quick access to kissing, hugging and massaging!

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This mod allows you to kiss, hug, or get massaged at the press of a key!

The mod now also works with pets, and should play interactions specific to Pinky, Scraps, and QQ.

It also optionally replaces the teeter totter engagement event with an interact game where you have to perform the right interaction within a time limit. It's not a difficult game atm, just a chance for some date-time intimacy. The event will only change if you have all three interactions unlocked for the given NPC. Since Ginger can't do the teeter totter game, she can't do this one either, but I'm trying to fix that.

The following options are customizable:

  • MaxInteractDistance: how close you have to be for the interaction to take place (default: 2m)
  • HugTime: How long a hug should last (because it works differently) (default: 5s)
  • HugKey: Key to press to hug (default: "right" = right arrow)
  • KissKey: Key to press to hug (default: "left" = left arrow)
  • MassageKey: Key to press to hug (default: "down" = down arrow)
  • HugRelationshipMin: The minimum relationship type needed to hug (default: PrimaryLover - primary is supposed to mean initial, I think)
  • KissRelationshipMin: The minimum relationship type needed to kiss (default: DeepLover
  • MassageRelationshipMin: The minimum relationship type needed to hug (default: NormalCouple - couple = married)
  • AddRelationshipPoints:  Whether to add relationship points when performing a quick interact (not limited to daily limits!)
  • ReplaceTeeterTotterGame:: Whether to replace the teeter totter game with an interaction game.

If the animations seem too slow, use the Instant Actions mod to speed them up!

Install this mod using Unity Mod Manager.

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.