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Allows you to open your farm's storage box list and factory storage from anywhere. Also provides hotkeys for switching your item bar with the first row of your inventory and turning storage pages.

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Note: if you're upgrading to 0.6.0, please reset your hotkeys for previous and next storages, as they will conflict with the default page turning hotkeys

This mod sets customizable hotkeys for inventory management:

  • A hotkey that opens your storage list from anywhere (default: the letter b)
  • A hotkey that opens your factory storage from anywhere (default: the letter n)
  • A hotkey that switches the items in your toolbar with those in the first row of your inventory (default: Tab)
  • Two hotkeys that switch to the previous and next storage in the storage list (default: w and s)
  • Two hotkeys that switch to the previous and next inventory page (default: a and d) - use with shift to change storage page

To install this mod, use Unity Mod Manager.

Hotkeys can be customized from the UMM menu. They must follow this convention (taken from the Unity site):

Letter keys:a, b, c…
Number keys:1, 2, 3…
Arrow keys:up, down, left, right
Numpad keys:[1], [2], [3], [+], [equals]…
Modifier keys:right shift, left shift, right ctrl, left ctrl, right alt, left alt, right cmd, left cmd
Special keys:backspace, tab, return, escape, space, delete, enter, insert, home, end, page up, page down
Function keys:f1, f2, f3…

If you want to complain or ask for help or help me test my mods, you can visit my Discord server.