My Time at Portia

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Using Unity Mod Manager this mod adds a variety of settings to alter the game play.

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Set-Up using Unity Mod Manager

This mod allows you to make the following changes to the game:

Item Max Stack :
Tired of having an entire chest just to hold your extra stone/sand/ore?  Turn this on to hold 99k items in each slot. After 10k the text rolls over to the next line, this is purely visual and does not seem to affect anything.

Unlock Skills:
Now you can select however many skills you want up in any category to 99 max.
The skills themselves have not been changed.
See picture for workshop item use reduction of 80% at level 16)
**** Be smart about this, a skill that adds 120% chance of something is no better than 100% chance ****
*** Still requires 5 points in a level to unlock the next ***

Plant Grow Speed:
Tired of waiting for a month for those special seeds or trees to grow?  This will make it go much faster.
***  The estimated time seen on the plant has not been changed.  The rate at which it counts done will tick by much faster though.  ***
*** Setting this high will cause you to run out of seeds pretty quick as you will be harvesting multiple times a day, a plant that takes 7 days to grow will finish growing in  7 hours at 24X speed ***

Power Production Multiplier:
This allows your generator to power more machines.  Crank it up to power your whole base on 1 or 2 generators.  Still need to place connective flooring for everything.

Fast Relic Collection:
When entering a dungeon, hunting for relics can be tedious.  This setting alters the collection radius from 2 to any distance you desire.  Set distance to 99 and turn on treasure finder to auto-collect everything in a radius of 99.  Make sure you have enough inventory space available.
Activate by turning on the treasure finder when in the ruins: "F" by default.

Commerce Missions:
This increases the max craft missions on the board to 10 and allows you to take as many as you want as the same time.  The base game limits you to 1 per day and 4 options to pick from.

Auto-Pet Animals:
Animals on your farm require petting every day to be happy.  On a larger farm with a slow petting animation, this gets tedious very quickly.  This setting automatically pets your animals for you every morning.

Farm Production/Poop Multiplier:
Multiplies any drops from the farm animals by this multiplier.

Fish Farming Food Use:
This reduces the food consumption of fish in the tanks on the farm.

Dungeon Dig Radius/Intensity Multiplier:
Modifies the dig radius by the setting, take tiny nibbles out of the rock or huge chunks at a time.
***   Not sure what the intensity actually does, it says something about DigVolume and DmgResults, but I haven't noticed much of an effect in game ***
***  The game treats mining very strange.  Ore mined is based on individual hits, NOT DIG RADIUS.  This means taking tiny nibbles out of an ore patch will yield much more ore than mining it out in 2 hits  ****

Fertilizer Use:
Reduces fertilizer use by this value.
***  Using the above grow speed does not affect the fertilizer drain.  A
plant will need 10X less fertilizer when it's growing 10X faster  ***

Fishing MiniGame - Reel Speed:
Got tired of playing the mini game trying to catch all the fish.  This let's you reel in fish much faster.
*** Does not affect the rate at which the stress builds in your fishing line, so you can reel in pretty much anything with impunity ***